Java Agent It's plug-in 、 pluggable .Skywalking There are three plug-ins for :

  • Bootloader : stay agent Of bootstrap-plugins Under the table of contents
  • Built in plug-ins : stay agent Of plugins Under the table of contents
  • Optional plug-ins : stay agent Of optional-plugins Under the table of contents

Java Agent Only enabled plugins All plug-ins in the directory ,bootstrap-plugins Directory and optional-plugins Plug ins in the directory will not be enabled . To enable boot plug-ins or optional plug-ins , Just put the JAR The bag moved to plugins Under the table of contents , To disable a plug-in , Just from plugins Remove from the directory .

Plug in Ecology


At present, there are only two bootstrap plug-ins :

  • apm-jdk-http-plugin It's used to monitor HttpURLConnection;
  • apm-jdk-threading-plugin Used for monitoring Callable as well as Runnable;

Description of the function of the boot plug-in , See : .

Built in plug-ins

Built in plug-ins are mainly used to support mainstream technologies and frameworks in the industry . Supported technologies & frame , See .

Optional plug-ins

Function description of optional plug-ins , See .

Plug in extensions

Skywalking Ecology also has some plug-in extensions , for example Oracle、Resin Plug-ins, etc. . This part of the plug-in is mainly due to license incompatibility / Limit ,Skywalking You can't package this part of the plug-in directly to Skywalking In the installation package , So it's hosted at this address : , Usage mode :

  • Go to , Download plug-ins JAR package
  • take JAR The bag was moved to plugins Directory to enable .

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