How to learn Java? What technology should be mastered in learning Java?

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learn java technology mastered learning

From a zero basis point of view , every last JAVA Engineers learn from scratch , They are not born to JAVA; Study JAVA It's a long and painful process , because JAVA There's a lot of knowledge about , And it's not very simple , It's going to take a lot of your time and energy on it . And there's a situation where technology is constantly updated , In the changing times , The mastery of mainstream technology is also a lasting lesson .

Study JAVA It's like taking a driver's license in a driving school , Combine concept with practice , You can't just drive and know nothing about traffic rules , Just knowing the traffic rules and not being able to drive , It's like when driving school takes subject one , First you have to understand the basic concepts , Have a certain programming ideas, and then a practical exercise , The actual exercise is subject two, subject three , Finally, the interview stage is subject 4 , Be familiar with some basic concepts , Then combine the knowledge learned to show your talent to the interviewer , Start your show time!

Study JAVA What technology is needed , How to learn ?

《2020 newest Java Basic video tutorial and learning route !》

The first technology you have to master is JavaSE, He is learning JAVA The basis of , Just like we build houses , The beginning of every house is to lay the foundation first , If the foundation is not firmly established , So this house can't stand the wind and rain . We learn JAVA It's the same thing , After laying a solid foundation, the next step of learning can be carried out , In order to advance some JAVA Framework knowledge of ; Finally, put JAVA After the knowledge of the framework is thoroughly understood, it can correspond to , Familiar with the basic development process of a project and the technology often used in the project . The frame we talk about is just like the basic frame of a house , And what we have to do is to brick the frame , Decorate the walls , Install water and electricity , Improve the security and usability of this framework . There are also many people asking what secondary development is , In fact, the simple point is that your house is too old somewhere , Or there's a line down somewhere , The decoration style is not what you want , And then you make a transformation of the house , To meet the standards of your stay ; So redevelopment is when you have built a basic framework , You make a modification to the framework as required .

So we're learning JAVA How should I learn when I am in school ? In the process of learning, we will certainly encounter many problems , How can we solve this problem ? Now let's listen to the opinions given to you as a person from the past .

For you as a beginner , Should be reported with an open mind JAVA The language gnaws away , It's up to people to believe that you can learn it well , The process is not as simple as you think , If you want to take it down completely and quickly , That's one word : To make ; Every day 8 Hours or more of study time , Add an ADHD personality , There's a hand that doesn't knock code for a second , Then you're not far from success .

1、 And java On a never break up love

Study JAVA Although the journey is hard , But his salary is very good ; In normal code , If a keyword is typed in, you may not care why he writes like this , Just know it's JAVA How to write internal regulations , So that's not enough , To really understand it, you have to go deep into it , Instead of thinking that it can run like this and the result is OK .

In my learning JAVA When , One of the things teachers often say to us is : hold JAVA As your girlfriend , Get to know your girlfriend's personality 、 Work style and every hair , Keep it in your hands all the time . If you can't do this , Maybe one day it will run away with others , I have a piece of grass on my head , It's been a long time , In the end, I didn't see my profit , And then the other people try hard to get the beauty home .

2、 Strive + diligence = Return

My personal experience , There are several diligent students in our class in University , During the University, all kinds of awards and awards belong to these students , Because of my hard work and hard work in University , So in their junior year, they got the enterprise's offer.

So how do they usually do it ? First of all, they don't play games in school , I don't go to the library every day , Just in the dorm, typing the keyboard , You knock Q、W、E、R, What others knock is 26 Letters ; Your computer interface is full of Summoner Canyon , Other people's computer interface is full of English code ; What other people think in their heads is why bug? How to repair it bug? Your head is full of line to line killing , When can we operate a wave of sky show ; Others are eating and drinking during the final exam , enjoy “ the happiness of a family union ”, You recite your answers all night in your final exam , miserable ; Other people's college papers can be finished in a day or two , Your graduation thesis hasn't been finished for months , And it doesn't have to go through ; Others graduate from college and earn tens of thousands a month , You're still worried about getting a job after college ; Someone else will buy a car and a house in a few years , You can borrow the flowers you don't have in a few years . That's the gap , Little by little , At the end of the day ; That's the reality , Other people's efforts have been rewarded , Your hard work is worth a thousand points for the king of the canyon , But what's the use of that ?

3、 Control yourself , Control the enemy

Who is the enemy , That is JAVA; learn JAVA It's like going to war , The so-called enemy is very powerful , When you shoot at it , It will also run out of the way to counter you , When you go through months of war , We know each other's mode of operation , No matter what kind of challenge the enemy sends out, you can deal with it freely , Then this enemy is not your enemy , It's your partner , And this partner will be with you all your life , Make use of each other , Realize your mutual benefit and win-win situation .

So is life , No matter you're at work 、 The school may have a family or a family , These will be your battlefields ; Work and daily tasks fight 、 Learning fights knowledge 、 Families fight economic pressures . So we can't relax ourselves , Life is like a battlefield , When you relax, you give someone a chance to attack you .

4、JAVA Language can never die

You know what the strongest weapon is ? you 're right ,JAVA Is one of them ! There are so many computer languages , But why JAVA Being able to stand out in so many languages ? Part of the reason is Oracle Company for JAVA Maintenance and upgrading of the language , And his usability , The other part is the user .JAVA It can bring convenience to social development , Then society will give JAVA Bring convenience . One of the words we often hear is that everything can be targeted , This is it. JAVA Characteristics , It's also its core idea , It's an object-oriented programming language , Not only absorbed C++ The advantages of , And abandoned C++ There's a lot of inheritance that's hard to understand 、 Concepts such as pointer ; therefore JAVA Language has two characteristics: powerful and easy to use .Java As the representative of static object-oriented programming language , Excellent implementation of object-oriented theory , Allow programmers to do complex programming in an elegant way of thinking .Java It's simple 、 object-oriented 、 Distributed 、 Robustness, 、 Security 、 Platform independence and portability 、 Multithreading 、 Dynamic and so on .Java Can write desktop applications 、Web Applications 、 Distributed system and embedded system applications, etc .

5、 Yes , as long as 996, You can't breathe

996 What is it? ? Yes , It's morning nine to nine , Six days a week means . Although this is the words of office workers , But if you're learning Java We should take this time as the standard to study , That's enough to make you stand on Java On top of it , This language will bring you immeasurable returns , Let your life turn upside down every day . Whether starting a business or making extra money in the future , This language is a good choice , In the Internet industry ,Java It's been killing a lot of people , Don't worry about its development , And don't worry it's going to go out .

How to learn from zero basis Java

We learn java When , The first is to have a simple understanding of the language through books and the Internet , But again and again, it seems that in the end nothing has been learned .

below , Let's talk about the learning process from my own personal experience .

In fact, I learned from junior development Java Of , At that time, we basically understood that JAVA Basic knowledge of , But because I'm too playful , Obsessed with online games , By the end of school, I will remember a HelloWord. In my senior year , The school has arranged a practical training for us , To put it bluntly, it is training , It's no different from training institutions , But we are very conscious , Every day from morning 9 From 1:00 to 1:00 in the morning , This lasted more than three months . I had an interesting appointment with my roommates , Collect your own hair , Look who dropped more , The more you drop, the better you learn .

Begin to learn , Two or three hundred people are sitting in a classroom , Every day more than an hour in advance to the classroom to grab the front position , Because I'm afraid I can't see clearly what the teacher wrote on the blackboard . The time of day is in the morning 9 Point to noon 12 spot , Afternoon 2 Point to 6 spot , evening 7 Point to 10 spot ; In the evening, the classroom will be closed at the specified time, so we must go back to have a rest , However, we will go back to the dormitory and discuss the knowledge we have learned today , Collision ideas , We all hope to find a good job together in the end , And then realize our freshman self driving tour in Xinjiang flag.

Every day at least 10 Hours to study , It took about four months to learn all the knowledge , And found a job as an intern , Then there is the face of interns being beaten down , And then the hard work of rising ; No one is easy , All successful people depend on their hard work and hard work .

The topic is a little far away , Let's start with the content , Let's take a look at what we should learn at the basic stage .

The first stage

from HelloWord To [‘H’,’e’, ‘l’, ‘l’,’o’] ( Array )

The second stage ( The key part of the point )


The third stage ( Focus on learning and use )


The fourth stage ( a key )

I/O flow

The fifth stage

Thread and network programming


JAVA Learning related materials

For beginners JAVA Is it difficult to learn ? a sheet JAVA Knowledge map, you can feel .

Zero basis transfer JAVA Is that OK ? Do you need a training class ?

You need to know ,IT All the big guys in the world started from zero , It's just that they're going a few years ahead of you . In fact, there is a huge problem in the transition : Time . Whether you're at work or at school , You are still faced with the problem of time , In school, you not only have to spend time learning your own professional knowledge , Still have to learn JAVA Knowledge ; At work, you have to work and study at the same time ; What you are facing at home is a learning atmosphere problem . But why are there so many successful career change people ?

First of all, we should arrange our time reasonably , Now that you plan to change your career, you have to do a good job in the great difficulties that you are facing . For some people who change careers , What they want more is to find a training class , But their own time and money has become a big problem ; Come back , It's much easier to take a training class than to learn by yourself , First of all , The training class has a learning atmosphere , second , The training course has its own management style , Third , The training class will arrange your study time . As for how to choose, it is my own personal will , But having someone around to guide you to study can make you less detours , Spend a lot less time .

Then someone will ask , self-taught JAVA At the very least, to what extent ? Let's take a look at the figure below

This is the requirement of fresh graduates , Generally speaking, the requirements are low , It's not very technical , It's all basic requirements . So learning java When , To be able to reach the standard of the enterprise is familiarity JavaSE, understand JVM, Then I have used the corresponding framework to do the corresponding project .

So I want to learn JAVA Find a job , Then the framework must be able to , The project should also be able to do ; The basic front-end knowledge also needs to know a little bit , Not at all , such as ajax、json I don't know about these things . Now the commonly used framework is springMVC、spring、mybatis and springboot. Of course, some authority authentication framework and cache also need to learn to use , These are your bonus points in the interview process .

After knowing a general requirement , Let's share a self-study Java Learning route of :

One 、JAVA The core

1、java Preparation of development environment ( install jdk)

2、Java Basic grammar

3、Java Conditional structure

4、Java Loop structure

5、Java Array

6、 Core object oriented

7、Java Common class library ( aggregate )

8、IO Stream input and output

9、Java Multithreading

10、 Network programming

11、 Advanced extension

12、 Project practice

Two 、 database (mysql)

1、 Use sql Build table

2、 Use sql Insert data into table

3、 Use sql Delete the data in the data table

4、 Use sql Modify the data in the data table

5、 Use sql Query the data in the data table

6、 union sql sentence 、 Advanced query

7、 Database transactions

8、 stored procedure

9、 Storage engine

3、 ... and 、JAVA Interaction with the database (JDBC)

1、 Use java The code connects to the database

2、 Use code to add data in the database 、 Delete 、 Change 、 check

3、C3P0、Druid Connection pool

Four 、JAVAEE frame













5、 ... and 、 Development tools and environment

1、 The project build 、jar Package management tools Maven

2、 Output log Log4j

3、 Cache database Redis

4、SQL colony

5、 Version management tools Git

6、Linux Server operating system and common operations

7、JVM Optimization and tomcat The optimization of the

8、IDEA Use

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