Docker developed with go was launched in this conference

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docker developed launched conference

The picture was taken at the Beijing Olympic Center

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2013 year 3 month 15 On the afternoon of Sunday , In Santa Clara in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara) At a technical conference of , One was dressed in black T The geek Engineer in the T-shirt is giving a lightning talk (lightning talk). Because only 5 Minutes of time , He speaks fast , With the same fast keyboard tapping , They talked and demonstrated their company's new software . After the speech , The speaker was immediately surrounded by many fans asking for a trial of the software . At that time, no one expected , It will be a landmark speech . The title of the speech is “Linux The future of containers ”(The Future of Linux Containers), The speaker is Solomon Hykes, It's a family called dotCloud The start-up company of CEO, The new software they released is called  “Docker”.

This conference is Python The global community gathering of languages PyCon,Docker The reason in PyCon It's starting from the top , Because in the beginning, we used Python Developed . In later versions , In order to improve the operation efficiency ,Docker Has been used Go Language rewritten .


Docker After release , To achieve unprecedented success , Spread to the global developer community at an extremely rapid rate , Become one of the most popular development tools in history .Docker Earlier versions are based on Linux Self contained LXC(LinuX Containers) Tool library , Provides a series of more convenient and easy to use tool chains , It greatly reduces the threshold for ordinary users to use containers .Docker and LXC There are different emphasis on it ,LXC The main purpose is to create multiple isolated operating system virtual environments for system administrators , and Docker Then find another way , More on the needs of developers , It encapsulates the application and provides an environment to isolate the application , Lighter and more convenient , So it's loved by developers .


Docker Can be a great success , Besides being easy to use , There is another one who has achieved great success “ Ace in the hole ”: Container mirror . The author is in 2015 The official account of the year 《Docker The core value of mirror image 》 Pointed out in , Mirror technology is Docker The core of software is , Including the innovation of image format and the distribution of image Registry service .Docker The company has a famous slogan :“Build, Ship and Run”, Translation is three verbs :“ structure 、 Transmit and run ”, The essence of application development is described concisely , The implied meaning is : Build a mirror image 、 Transfer and run mirrors , Everything is centered on mirror image .OCI The organization has three norms , Corresponding to the above three verbs respectively , That's the mirror specification ( structure )、 Runtime specifications ( function ) And the distribution specifications being developed ( delivery ). Currently, although these specifications have some different implementations , But the image specification is basically implemented with Docker The main image format is . thus it can be seen , Mirror image is the key technology of container application , A series of management work around the image will be an important part of the actual operation and maintenance .


stay Docker Before appearance , The author has been exposed to and used container technology , I've worked before Sun Company time , Be responsible for using Solaris The container of (Container) Technology makes the solution . from 2012 Year begins , The author is in VMware The company is responsible for Cloud Foundry Open source PaaS Technical promotion of the project .Cloud Foundry The project uses what is called Warden The container engine for running the application .Warden and Docker Is very similar , All are PaaS Container execution engine in the project , It's just Warden By “ bury ” stay Cloud Foundry In the project , Didn't like Docker That's how it's released independently . I came into contact with Docker after , The first feeling is amazing , The experience is quite smooth , It's much better than previous similar container solutions . I have a hunch that Docker It will bring a profound technological revolution , And then it was confirmed .


The author leads the team to Docker A study was carried out , Find that the container image is Docker The lifeblood of , But there was no good image management tool at that time . At some technical conferences , Many users also complain about the difficulties encountered in image management . For the pain points of mirror management , My team developed a container image management software , In the company after the internal trial has achieved certain results . This software is what we open source later Harbor Mirror warehouse .


Harbor The popularity of open source is far beyond our expectation . With the rise of cloud native applications , Container ecosystem is developing in full swing .Harbor The graphical image management function is unique , The key points of container application development and operation and maintenance are pointed out , In China, it has been favored by a large number of users , And the number of developers participating in open source projects is increasing . In becoming China's first to join the cloud native Computing Foundation (CNCF) After the open source project ,Harbor Working more closely with the global cloud native community , Strengthened right Kubernetes and Helm Support for . stay Harbor 2.0  in , And support OCI Mirror and distribution specifications for , Can manage all kinds of cloud native domain artifacts .


Currently deployed in production systems Harbor More than a thousand users , A large part of cloud native users in China use Harbor As a mirror image and Helm Chart Our product warehouse .Harbor From wechat group 、GitHub We have learned a lot about the problems that users have encountered , Part of the problem is that users are interested in Harbor The installation configuration and other aspects are not fully understood , There are also some due to incomplete or missing documentation .Harbor Community users need a reference book to guide Harbor Use of the system , However, there are no such books on the market . therefore , Zhang Guoxia, editor of Electronic Industry Press, invited me to write a book 《 Harbor Authoritative guide 》  The technical book of . The author and Harbor The project maintainers communicated , We all hope that this book can give a complete introduction to Harbor Every aspect of the project , Give Way Harbor Bring more value to users .

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Chapter and usage of this book

The first 1 Chapter Introduce the background of cloud native application 、 The principle and specification of product management based on mirror image , And the role of the product warehouse .

The first 2 Chapter summary Harbor Function and Architecture , To pave the way for readers to understand the following chapters .

The first 3 Chapter Explain in detail Harbor Installation 、 Deploy , Include the key points of high availability deployment , It also includes right Harbor An introduction to .

The first 4 Chapter Introduce Harbor Support and manage OCI The principle of the product 、 common OCI How to use the product .

The first 5 Chapter explain Harbor The principle of authority management and access control of , And related configuration methods .

The first 6 Chapter analysis Harbor Security policies that can be used in , Including trusted content distribution and vulnerability scanning mechanisms .

The first 7 Chapter Explain the mirror image 、Helm Chart Wait for the product to be in Harbor The principle of remote replication , And integration with other warehouse services .

The first 8 Chapter detailed Harbor Advanced management functions of , Including resource quotas 、 Garbage collection 、 Immutable products 、 Retention policy 、Webhook etc. .

The first 9 Chapter explain Harbor Life cycle management process , Including the backup 、 recovery 、 Upgrade steps and methods .

The first 10 Chapter carding Harbor Of API The method of using and programming examples are given .

The first 11 Chapter describe Harbor The mechanism of background asynchronous task system , And analyzes the working principle of its main source code .

The first 12 Chapter Gather and organize Harbor Integration methods with other systems and successful cases of community users .

The first 13 Chapter Introduce Harbor Management principles of open source community 、 Alarm mechanism and open source project participation , And look forward to the future direction of the project .

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