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JavaScript background

Web The front end has three layers :

  • HTML: From the semantic point of view , Description page structure
  • CSS: From an aesthetic point of view , describe style ( Beautify the page )
  • JavaScript: From an interactive point of view , describe Behavior ( Realize business logic and page control )

The development history

JavaScript Born in 1995 year . brandon • Eyki (Brendan Eich,1961 year ~),1995 At Netscape in , Development apart from JavaScript Language .

JavaScript By netscape company (Netscape) The invention , It was originally named LiveScript;1995 year 12 Month and SUN Company cooperation , Because of the need of marketing , Renamed as JavaScript.

later Sun company By Oracle Acquisition ,JavaScript Copyright Oracle all .

remarks : Due to the Java This language is very popular , So in order to be a big player , Just change the name to JavaScript. Like “ Peking University ” and “ Peking blue bird ” The relationship between .“ Peking blue bird ” It's just the side of “ Peking University ” Big .

At the same time, there were other web languages , such as VBScript、JScript wait , But later they were all JavaScript Beat , So now in the browser , Running only one scripting language is JavaScript.

1996 year , Microsoft to seize the market , Launched JScript stay IE3.0 Use in .

1996 year 11 Monthly Netscape will JS Submit to ECMA( International Organization for Standardization ) Become an international standard , Against Microsoft .

JavaScript It's the most used... In the world Scripting language .

JavaScript The development of : Be on the upgrade

2003 Years ago ,JavaScript It is believed that “ The cattle hide is fresh ”, Used to make ads on the page , Popup 、 Floating advertising . What's annoying , What is it JavaScript Developed . So many browsers have launched the function of blocking advertisement .

2004 year ,JavaScript Fate began to change . That year , Google is taking the lead in using Ajax technology ,Ajax Technology is JavaScript An application of . also , At that time, people began to improve the user experience .Ajax There are some scenarios . such as , When we search for words in Baidu search box , The smart prompt below the input box , Can pass Ajax Realization . such as , When we sign up for Netease email , Can discover whether the user name is occupied in time , You don't have to switch to another page .

2007 Jobs released the first iPhone, The year begins , Users have more access to the Internet , It's using mobile devices to surf the Internet . JavaScript In the mobile page , It's also indispensable . And this year , The Internet began to standardize , according to W3C Three levels of rule separation ,JavaScript More and more attention .

2010 year , People know more about HTML5 technology ,HTML5 There's something called Canvas( canvas ), The engineer can be in Canvas On the game making , What we use is JavaScript.

2011 year ,Node.js Be born , send JavaScript Can develop server program .

Now ,WebApp It's already very popular , Just use Web technology to develop mobile applications . The mobile phone system has iOS、 Android . For example, the company wants to develop a “ ctrip ”App, We need to recruit three teams , such as iOS The engineer 10 people , Android Engineers 10 people , Front end engineer 10 people . common 30 people , Development costs are high ; And if you want to change it , To change 3 A version . Now? , Suppose companies use web technology , use html+css+javascript Technology can be developed App. It's also easy to iterate ( As soon as the web page changes , All the terminals have changed ).

Although at present WebApp(Web application ) The experience in function and performance is not as good as Native App( Native applications ), however “ In a native App A part of it is embedded in it H5 page ” It's already a trend .

JavaScript Introduce

Easy to learn

  • JavaScript It's friendly to beginners 、 Simple and easy to use . You can use any text editing tool to write , You just need a browser to execute the program .
  • JavaScript It has interface effect ( by comparison ,C The language only has white background and black characters ).
  • JavaScript yes Weak variable type Language , Variables only need to use var/let/const To declare . and Java Declaration of variables in , Define... According to the type of variable .

such as Java The following variables need to be defined in :

int a;
float a;
double a;
String a;
boolean a;

and JavaScript in , There is only one way to define :

// ES5 How to write it
var a;
// ES6 How to write it
const a;
let a;

JavaScript It's the front-end language

JavaScript It's the front-end language , It's not backstage language .

JavaScript Run on the user's terminal web page , Not on the server , So we call it “ Front-end language ”. It's the interactive effect of serving the page 、 beautify , Can't operate database .

Background language It's running on the server , such as PHP、ASP、JSP wait , These languages can operate databases , All of them can do “ Additions and deletions ” operation .

remarks :Node.js Yes, it is JavaScript Developed , Now it can also be based on Node.js Technology for server-side programming .

JavaScript The composition of

JavaScript The foundation is divided into three parts :

  • ECMAScript:JavaScript Of Grammar standards . Including variable 、 expression 、 Operator 、 function 、if sentence 、for Statement etc. .
  • DOM:Document Object Model( Document object model ), operation Elements on the page Of API. Let the box move 、 Color change 、 Change size 、 The rotation chart and so on .
  • BOM:Browser Object Model( Browser object model ), operation Some functions of browser Of API. adopt BOM You can operate the browser window , For example, pop box 、 Control browser jump 、 Get browser resolution and so on .

Popular understanding is that :ECMAScript yes JS The grammar of ;DOM and BOM The browser running environment is JS Provided API.

JavaScript Characteristics

characteristic 1: Explanatory language

JavaScript It's interpreted language , It doesn't need to be translated into machine code in advance ; It's translation and execution ( Translation line , Execute a row ).

What is? 「 Explanatory language 」? See the next paragraph .

Due to the lack of implementation of the compilation step , So it's especially convenient to develop interpretive languages , But it's also a disadvantage that interpretive languages run slowly . But in explanatory language JIT technology , So that the running speed can be improved .

characteristic 2: Single thread

characteristic 3:ECMAScript standard

ECMAScript It's a kind of ECMA The international ( Formerly known as the European Association of computer manufacturers , The English name is European Computer Manufacturers Association) Develop and publish scripting language specifications .

JavaScript Developed by the company , The problem is that it is not convenient for other companies to expand and use . So this one in Europe ECMA Organization , Lead the development of JavaScript Standards for , named ECMAScript.

Simply speaking ,ECMAScript It's not a language , It's a standard .ECMAScript Specifies the JS Programming syntax and basic core knowledge , It's a set that all browser manufacturers follow JS Grammar industry standard .

ECMAScript stay 2015 year 6 month , Released ECMAScript 6 edition (ES6), The ability of language is stronger ( It also includes a lot of new features ). however , Browser vendors won't catch up so fast , It takes time to .

Classification of programming languages


Computers can't directly understand any language other than machine language , So we have to translate the language written by the programmer into machine language , Computers can execute programs . A tool for translating programming languages into machine languages , It's called a translator .

thus it can be seen , So-called “ translate ”, It refers to the instructions that can be translated into computer .

There are two ways to translate : One is compile , The other is explain . The difference between the two ways is The time to translate Different .

  • compiler : Before code execution , Translate all the codes at one time in advance , Generate intermediate code file , And then the whole implementation .
  • Interpreter : Translate at the same time , While executing ( Translate in time when the code executes , And execute immediately ). When the compiler runs in interpreted mode , Also known as interpreter .

The corresponding language , be called “ Compiler language ”、“ Explanatory language ”.

Compiler language

  • Definition : Translate all the code in advance , And then the whole implementation .
  • advantage : Run faster .
  • Insufficient : Poor portability , No cross platform .
  • Examples of compiled languages :c、c++

for instance ,c Language code file is .c suffix , After translation, the document is .obj suffix , What the system does is obj file ; Another example , java Language code file is .java suffix , The translated document is .class suffix .( Be careful ,Java Language is not strict Compiler language , I'll talk about this later )

Explanatory language

  • Definition : Translate and execute ( Translation line , Execute a row ), No need to translate in advance .
  • advantage : Good portability , Cross platform .
  • shortcoming : Slower to run .
  • Examples of interpretive language :JavaScript、php、Python.

Java Language

Java Language is not a compiled language , It's not an interpretative language . translation process :

(1) compile Code file first through javac Command compiled into .class file .

(2) perform :.class Re adoption of documents jvm virtual machine , Explain to perform . With jvm The existence of , Give Way java Cross platform .

Start writing the first line JavaScript Code

JavaScript Where is the code written ? This problem , It can also be interpreted as : introduce js Code , What are the ways .

The way 1: Inline

The code for

<input type="button" value=" Point me, please. " onclick="alert(' Qiangu No.1 ')" />

The complete executable code is as follows :

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
<input type="button" value=" Point me, please. " onclick="alert(' The way of the one 1')" />


  • Single or small JS The code is written in HTML In the event attribute of the tag ( With on The properties of the beginning ), Like the one on it  onclick Click on the event .
  • This way of writing , It is not recommended to use , as a result of : Poor readability , In particular, a large number of JS Code , It's easy to make mistakes ; When quotes are nested in multiple layers , It's also easy to make mistakes .
  • About... In the code 「 quotes 」, stay HTML In the label , We recommend using double quotation marks , JS We recommend using single quotation marks .

The way 2、 embedded

We can do it in html Page  <body>  Put... In the label <script type=”text/javascript”></script> The label is right , And in <script> Internal writing JavaScript Code :

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<script type="text/javascript">
// Write here js Code
alert(' The way of the one 2');
console.log('qianguyihao The way 2');


  • text For plain text , because JavaScript It's also a plain text language .
  • You can do more than one line JS The code writes  <script>  In the label .
  • embedded JS It's a common way of learning .

The way 3: Introducing external JS file

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<!-- Introducing external js file -->
<script src="tool.js"></script>

The above code , Still put it in body In the label , Can be used with embedded js Code juxtaposition .

in addition , Quote external JS Of documents script No more code can be written in the middle of the label .


We are in actual development , Basically, it's all in the form of 3, Because in this way , To ensure that html Document and js The documents are separate , It's good for the structure and reuse of code . Few people put a lot of js The code is jammed into html In the document .

JS Some simple grammar rules

Learning program , There are rules to follow , The program will have the same parts , These parts are a kind of regulation , Can't change , We become : grammar .

(1)JavaScript Yes, line break 、 Indent 、 Space is not sensitive . Each statement ends with a semicolon .

Code 1 :

<script type="text/javascript">
alert(" Today, blue sky and white clouds ");
alert(" I'm glad ");

Equivalent to code two :

<script type="text/javascript">
alert(" Today, blue sky and white clouds ");alert(" I'm glad ");

remarks : Add a semicolon at the end of each statement , Although semicolons are not necessary , If you don't write a semicolon , The browser will automatically add , But it will consume some system resources .

(2) All the symbols , It's all in English . such as Brackets 、 quotes 、 A semicolon .

If you use Sogou Pinyin , Not recommended shift Switch between Chinese and English ( You can set it in Sogou software ), Otherwise, it's easy to enter a semicolon in Chinese ; Suggest using ctrl+space Switch between Chinese and English input method .

(3) Case sensitive .


Let's not take HTML、CSS、JavaScript The annotation formats of the three are confused .

HTML Notes

<!-- I am a comment -->

CSS Notes

<style type="text/css">
I am a comment
font-weight: bold;
font-style: italic;
color: red;

Be careful :CSS Only /* */ This note , No, // This note . And the notes should be written in <style> It's only effective in the label .

JavaScript Notes

Single-line comments :

// I am a comment

Multiline comment :

Multiline comment 1
Multiline comment 2

Add :VS Code in , The shortcut for a single line comment is 「Ctrl + /」, The default shortcut for multiline comments is 「Alt + Shift + A」.

Of course , If you find the default shortcut for multiline comments inconvenient , We can also change the default shortcut key . The operation is as follows :

VS Code --> Preferences --> Keyboard shortcuts --> lookup “ notes ” These two words --> Change the original shortcut key to 「Ctrl + Shift + /」.

Javascript I / O statement

Pop up warning box :alert sentence

The first sentence we're going to learn , Namely alert sentence .

The code example is as follows :

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
alert(' Qiangu No.1 ');

alert( Translated into English “ alert ”) Use of : eject “ Warning box ”.

alert("") The effect of the warning box is as follows :

This warning box , stay IE The browser looks like this :

In the above code , If you write two alert() In words , The effect of the web page is : Pop up the first warning box , Click OK , Continue to pop up a second warning box .

Console output :console.log("")

console.log("") Indicates output... In the console .console Express “ Console ”,log Express “ Output ”.

stay Chrome Browser , Press F12 You can open the console , choice 「console」 bar , You can see the printed content .

console.log("") The effect is as follows :

The console is the Engineer 、 Where programmers debug programs . Programmers often use this statement to output something , To test whether the program is correct .

Ordinary people don't care about the console , But some websites have hidden secrets . One of the interesting things is , Baidu home console , Quietly put a piece of Recruitment Information :

After all, front-end people often use the console .

summary :alert() Mainly used to display messages to users ,console.log() It's used for programmers to debug themselves .

Pop up the input box :prompt() sentence

prompt() It is specially used to pop up a dialog box that allows users to input . Use less , Sometimes I use .

JS The code is as follows :

var a = prompt(" Please input something ");

In the top code , User input content , Will be passed to variable a Inside , And print it out on the console .

The effect is as follows :

prompt() In the sentence , No matter what the user enters , All strings .

alert() and prompt() The difference between :

  • alert() You can use it directly .
  • prompt() It will return the user's input . We can use a variable , To receive user input .


A digression , I have been working in the first-line Internet enterprises for more than ten years , I have guided many of my peers . Help a lot of people to learn and grow .

I realize that there is a lot of experience and knowledge to share with you , We can also answer the question through our ability and experience in IT A lot of confusion in learning , So in the case of busy work or adhere to a variety of collation and sharing .

I can share the latest front-end interview questions for free , It includes HTML、CSS、JavaScript、 Server and network 、Vue、 Browsers and so on , Help everyone learn and improve .

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