Java reflection & dynamic agent

Java3y 2021-01-14 13:05:26
java reflection dynamic agent

// abstract class , Define generics <T>
public abstract class BaseDao<T> {
public BaseDao(){
Class clazz = this.getClass();
ParameterizedType pt = (ParameterizedType) clazz.getGenericSuperclass();
clazz = (Class) pt.getActualTypeArguments()[0];
// Implementation class
public class UserDao extends BaseDao<User> {
public static void main(String[] args) {
BaseDao<User> userDao = new UserDao();
// Execution result output
class com.entity.User

After a day , The interviewer saw that everyone was in a row . He added another question to me : It's said that reflection affects performance , Is there any way to reduce its performance impact ?

answer : You can use caching to store reflected metadata , The next time you use it, you can get it directly from memory . Use as much as possible High performance reflection framework ( It's all packaged for you , You don't have to do it yourself )

The article explains from the perspective of pure interview , So there are a lot of details that are unfounded .

In view of the feedback from many students, I didn't understand 【 On line interviewers 】 series , I did write an article to explain the basic knowledge , But some students just don't like to translate .

To give you a better experience , I also find out the basic articles ( I have also sorted out the important knowledge points e-book , Like multithreading 、 Set this kind of interview must test has long been turned into PDF Format )

I put these Upload to the network disk , You need to download it directly . It's done , I don't want to go whoring for nothing give the thumbs-up and forward No money .

link : password :3wom

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