To what extent can I go out to work?

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extent work

The training class basically completed the required project , I'm packing my resume ( The trick is often used in training classes ) In reciting some common interview questions

Different enterprises have different recruitment requirements , Specific can be on the recruitment website to understand

General business Junior java Develop job requirements :

There are solid Java Developing language foundation
Master the mainstream open source framework ( Such as :Springboot,Mybatis,springMVC etc. )
be familiar with HTML/XML、JavaScript、CSS、Ajax And common JS frame ; Familiar with database system and SQL Programming ; be familiar with Linux operating system
Familiar with distributed 、 cache 、 Message and other mechanisms , Yes redis、kafka、storm、zookeeper Use  
have Java Application development experience , Experience in designing key modules in large and medium-sized projects

The interviewer will ask basic questions , Will ask questions based on your project , Can ask very shallow also can extend ask very deep , It depends on whether you are a fresh student in the interview , Or packaging 1-2 Years of experience , The difficulty of the interview questions is different

For example, this year's students have no work experience in the interview , A clear point , Ask to say it

What's the biggest gain of doing a project in school ?

  1. springmvc What is the execution process of
  2. The data parameters are in handler Handle
  3. mybatis What are the actuators ?
  4. mybatis How to implement paging plug-ins
  5. dynamic sql How to write
  6. Methods and sql How to bind First namespace
  7. Threads Process relationships
  8. State of thread 6 Kind of
  9. interipped
  10. notify all difference
  11. Thread safety Write Locking mechanism
  12. new Create string
  13. syn Lock escalation
  14. Can reflection get private information It needs to be set up setaccess
  15. Custom annotation
  16. The understanding of polymorphism encapsulation
  17. treeset How to go heavy compareto
  18. Array linked list difference
  19. serialize Deserialization
  20. Spring How to create objects for us A dynamic proxy
  21. Springbean Life cycle init aware
  22. Object scope
  23. threadlocal Privatization Thread isolation Underlying mechanism
  24. threallocalmap k v
  25. Spring How to solve circular dependency Three level cache
  26. linux Common use of ps -ef Process number kill
  27. Global search for a file find
  28. Dynamic view log tail f dynamic n How many lines at the end
  29. Database isolation level Read uncommitted Read to submit Repeatable Serialization
  30. Storage engine
  31. sql Statement execution procedure
  32. Execute first from

If it's packaging 2 The interview questions of the year or so :

  1. Talk about the evolution of your system , There is no full participation , Talk about the process from monomer to containerization .
  2. You've been in the middle of it , Let's talk about the overall architecture of the system . Including the upper business , Business Center , Data center , It's related to the operation and maintenance of the middle station
  3. say something spring Which design patterns are used in the design , What design patterns do you use in your actual work
  4. say something JMM The memory model of the memory model . say something volatile Well
  5. say something JVM The memory structure of it
  6. Suppose a 10 billion level traffic system greatly promotes high concurrency JVM How to tune ?
  7. say something JDK Medium CompletionService Well
  8. say something Executors Well , say something AQS,CAS Well , How to use it in practical work
  9. say something Java Medium IO Model bar. , How to use it in practical work
  10. say something Netty nucleus ⼼ Component bar , How to use it in practical work
  11. say something TCP The disconnection principle
  12. say HTTPS agreement SSL Encryption and decryption process
  13. Talk about how the cache architecture of your system is designed ? Let's talk about the cache elimination algorithm ? say something Nginx+Lua Multi level cache control mechanism
  14. How is database smooth expansion realized in your work
  15. say something mysql Index of database
  16. say something devops,pipeline How to package and deploy

Just came out of the training organization Java How can a programmer find a job without working experience ?

It's a waste of time :

At the beginning, dozens of resumes didn't work , Let's analyze our own problems first , It's impossible that so many copies have not been seen by enterprises , Or the resume is too bad , There's nothing real in it , Too simple , You have to revise your resume , Package yourself or improve your ability

Find your niche

During the interview , The interviewer will ask you about yourself , Learning experience , Work experience , If there is no work experience, it is basically around the foundation and learning situation , If you say nothing , It's just from training institutions , Interviewers interview all kinds of job seekers every day , At this time, his expectation of you will be smaller , There's also some skepticism about your resume , It's better not to talk about projects in training institutions , Datong Xiaoke , These are the projects that come out of the training

Find your own position , Know that you are interested in Java To what extent have you mastered your knowledge , What projects can I do , You'd better not write anything in your resume , Not all the parts of the project are written in , This is no doubt digging a hole for yourself , Find your own position and then go to a company with similar position , It's easier to find a job that suits you .

Must have certain interview skills

Communication is still very important , If it's a group after joining the company , To be able to integrate into . Some projects require teamwork

So brush more questions before the interview , A lot of interview questions , Frequently asked questions and interview questions from big companies , There are also answers , You can leave me a message if you want ( Avoid advertising )

When you come back from the interview, you have to make a reply

Attitude matters

The basic courtesy of going to an interview should be , It's basic to do the written test as well as the written test , The foundation is not solid , Some of the interviews are not needed , Go straight home


Java Resources column


There is a complete Java primary , Advanced corresponding learning routes and materials ! Focus on java Development . Share java Basics 、 Knowledge of principle 、JavaWeb actual combat 、spring Family bucket 、 Design patterns 、 Distributed and interview materials 、 Open source project , Help developers grow !

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