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programmer road self study java


Time flies , be engaged in IT The industry has been more than two years . 16 year 11 I began to study by myself in September Java, From then on, we can start the road of self-study , Later, I taught myself big data during my internship 、python、 Reptiles, etc , Finally grow into an ordinary programmer . Looking back over , I remember the past all the way , There are beginners Java Complacency after mastering the fur , There is also a problem can not be solved when buried in despair . I wrote a hundred and ten lines of notes on school nights , Just to remember a knowledge point . I had an internship in the early morning , Walking on the road from the company to the station sign with dim lights , Singing their favorite nanshannan, celebrating growth .

Are you tired of self-study , I'll tell you not to be tired , Because I learned a lot on my way to self-study . You ask me if I am lonely , I'll tell you not to be alone , Thanks to so many people who helped me along the way .

A long time ago, I wanted to take my own experience as the theme , Record your own self-study path . In Zhihu and the ball group , I also met a lot of children's shoes that are full of desire for computers but confused as I was at the beginning . Hope that through a simple text form , Can help some people .

Whose youth is not lost

I'm not a bully , I was just a game addict . Not from a famous school , Just a college to college student . Before the University, although he was a boy who was highly expected by his teachers , But in college life, I finally became what I used to hate most .

I've been a junior college student for three years 、 Two years of undergraduate education . Failed in the college entrance examination, did not choose to repeat , I was hospitalized at the beginning of my freshman year , Come back, can't keep up with the pace of learning, began to give up 、 Go with the flow . game , Wasted three years of youth .

Later, in order to avoid the internship , Registered for the college entrance examination . The first days were perfunctory , One day, maybe from a look or a sentence of Xueba , Feel a look down . Since then , I began to teach myself mathematics 、 data structure 、 operating system 、 Microcomputer principle 、C Language is upgraded from junior college to junior college , Finally, I passed the college entrance examination .

In the vacation after the end of College Promotion , I tried to find a job related to computer , They all came back in vain , I have to go home and wait for school to start . In my heart at that time , I don't know if I have planted a seed of desire for the future .

Life gives you people you want to protect , It also gives you the motivation to work hard , Maybe it comes from other people's attitude towards you , Or maybe it's for life .

Java The road to self-study

The environment really affects a person .

16 year 9 month , Officially opened two years of undergraduate life . I thought my roommate was just like me , I'm a professional, I'm a game buffoon . Later I learned that roommates from various universities , All of them are free from entrance examination . Because I often take part in provincial competitions , We know each other . Since then , I feel the unprecedented pressure from my side .

I should have been hiding in the corner , Feel the darkness of the weak . But my roommate , I didn't isolate myself because of my skill . At that time, I was interested in Java More interested , They found me Java video , Teach me to take notes . Since then , I began to study by myself in the dormitory at night Java. about Java I'm a zero base , Specialized Java I'm basically playing with my cell phone in class , And the knowledge in books is not enough for work . So self study is a good choice .

Sometimes the net will open together , But most of the time it's rejecting them , They also joke that I'm not social , Said I secretly study and don't play games with them . I can only reply in a daily way : If I had been exempted from the exam, I would not have studied for a long time . Actually , They've been learning , Always in the game , I've been researching , I also follow their footprints all the way forward .

That's it , In the first year of undergraduate education, I insist on Java video , Basically more than two hours , Of course, I'll be lazy occasionally . At the same time, follow the video and type the code , Knock until you understand . And I've been taking notes , Remember everything , As long as you can make yourself understand .

Look at what you just started with Java note .


Looking back at these footprints left by self-study , messy , It doesn't help much , But that original intention and effort , Always inspire yourself .

today , You asked me if I had stopped studying Java? No, , Always learning .

You ask me what self-study has brought me ? A good study habit and a well paid job .

Self study method

Find a systematic learning video + Knock on the code + Make notes + insist

Video tutorial I'm looking at Java300 Set , Before you take notes, you use OneNote, It's for now Youdao cloud notes . In the process of learning , Develop the habit of asking more why and thinking independently , Form a set of completely own programming ideas .

Keep learning , Insist on acquiring new knowledge . Computer is an endless road of learning .

Java big family

In self-study Java In the process of , I will Java It can be divided into the following categories .

Java Basics

object-oriented 、 data type 、 aggregate (List/Map/Set)、I/O、 abnormal 、 Reflection 、 serialize 、 Design patterns 、JDBC database 、 Network programming 、 Design mode, etc .


servlet、request、response、cookie、session、Ajax、 Database connection pool 、 File upload and download, etc .

I have to make peace now JavaWeb It's a complete set of hand training projects , It's also familiar to everyone , Expected by all : Taotao Mall . The hand training projects in the mall are favored by beginners , It's all big Java beginner web It's a necessary weapon for knowledge burning .

Spring Family bucket


The first three are legendary SSM frame .Spring Responsible for managing the bean、SpringMVC Responsible for handling requests ,Mybatis Responsible for database operation . however SSM Too many framework configuration files ,Springboot Simplified a lot of configuration , Ever since Springboot, I don't have to SSM The framework , It's just like this .

Microservices 、 Distributed

springcloud、dubbo. I haven't systematically learned Springcloud and dubbo, It's just a project , Learn about the registry 、 gateway 、 Fusing the drop 、swagger etc. .

In depth understanding of JVM

< In depth understanding of Java virtual machine > I've read this book many times , Don't ask many times , Ask three times .

First pass ( Just started learning Java): I feel so NB, It just doesn't make sense .

Second times ( I just started my internship ): Flowers are not flowers , Fog is not fog , understand !

Third times ( Work for a year ): One day I learned ! Also will sort out some of their own understanding to write out .

Multithreading 、NIO

bought <Java The art of concurrent programming >、<Java High concurrency programming >、<Java Concurrent programming practice > To learn about multithreading , I won't tell you until I finish reading these three books , Everyone should know .

NIO Mainly follow the video learning Netty.


Maven: Dependency management ;Git: Project code version management , wait . According to your own needs , You can learn big data 、Redis What? .

Here we set sail

First year of undergraduate , Dispelled the fog that had been shrouded in the game for three years , I've been studying steadily for a year Java. The next year I found Java My internship .

I'm finishing Java、JavaWeb and Spring The beginning of the internship . The internship period is one year , Before the internship , I finished learning in my off hours SSM frame 、Springboot etc. , By participating in the project, I learned about multithreading and JVM( Internship will focus on ).

Four years of self-study , Work hard on the road of computer , Many nights in four years are just for study . Not every effort can bear fruit , But to insist, there will always be a shining day . Although I didn't follow the track to become a serious Java Back end , But through Java Step by step, he has become a big data developer .

Zhihu problem summary

1. Introduction to reading Java Is that all right?

Was it , Reading is really not suitable for Java introduction , And fit Java Advanced . Why do you say that ? Books may be affected by length or typesetting , I don't write every knowledge point in detail , In the video, the teacher will teach you some unique skills , It's something you can't learn in books . And reading books can hardly arouse your desire to type code , Study Java Be sure to type the code !

2. Java Code editing with Notepad

Just beginning to learn Java I like to use Notepad To write code , Use java and javac Command to run , This leads to spelling mistakes or punctuation problems , Recommended here eclipse perhaps IDEA To write code , This avoids the most basic mistakes , So as to reduce the difficulty of learning .

When I was answering similar questions before , One of the children's shoes said : Just learned Java Handwritten code without Notepad , And using these prompt editors , So what if I ask you to write the code later .duck don 't worry , Don't say you can't get handwritten code , Even if it's true , Typing the code for so long ,public static void main(String[] args) These codes are not written yet ?Java Just 50 Multiple keywords , No memory at all . What we really need to remember is the code implementation ideas and logic .

3. Java Learn how much you can work

Basically finished school Java Basics 、web、SSM You can work . But finding a job doesn't mean stopping learning , In the development of large projects ,jvm And multithreading are essential knowledge .

4. Java There is no future ?

Any programming language will have its own future , What really has no future is man himself . A person engaged in Java Development , But only stay in the previous grasp of Java knowledge , Don't study deeply , I don't want to improve myself with the development of technology , What about the future ?Java Although the popularity will be surpassed by other languages , But it's hard to replace it right now .

5. Two months of self-study, no progress , give up ?

Java It's a more holistic language , Each part of the knowledge is closely linked . So study Java It's a puzzle process . When I started to learn by myself , I don't understand the concept of object-oriented , As you continue to learn , One day, it suddenly dawned . Now that I'm out of school Java Decision , Over the hardest part , Why don't you stick to it ? Study Java It's like practicing peerless martial arts , It's all years of accumulation and sublimation .

6. Senior studies Java Late

The official answer is : Any time to learn Java It's not too late . But to tell you the truth, , Senior studies Java It's not too late , As long as you work hard , Find the right way , Stick to it , I can study by myself in the first half of the year , I'm going to practice in the second half of the year .

7. Java Only for science students or smart people ?

In a word :Java For those who work hard .

8. Education is important

It's not necessary , But it's necessary , At present, most of them Java Development requirements are all undergraduate start , And many companies can only enter outsourcing .

9. About Java train

The economy allows + Want to speed it up + Strong pressure resistance, you can choose , The next article will write .

Looking forward to meeting you next time

This article records my self-study in University Java Some of my experiences and insights , Whether you think it's natural intelligence or luck , Or the clumsy birds fly first and the big ones become late , I hope I can help you .

18 Years after graduation , Stayed in a small city , Although not in BAT The top of the Internet , But we also know that we can't abandon ourselves. We still need to work hard , Let yourself go further . Learning big data 、Python At the same time , I've been sticking to it Java Learning from . Yes Java Be grateful , Keep exploring to grow . Later, I will write articles about training and internship according to my actual experience , Talk about how to become a big data developer during the internship period .

Looking forward to meeting you next time .

It's all about personal practice in daily work , From one's own point of view 0 writes 1, Make sure that you can really understand .

The article will be in the official account. [ The road from entry to giving up ] First episode , Looking forward to your attention .

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