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Project introduction

This project is through learning https://gitee.com/nbsl/idCardCv Post integration tess4j, Used directly without training , Of course , You can also use it after training . The project changes the original need to install opencv The process of , All use javaccp Technology refactoring , adopt javaccp Lead-in required c++ Library for development . No installation required opencv Added front-end control recognition area function , Add back end verification after identification , Page style mainly adapts to paid, Revised the later recognition process , user opencv Image optimization and region choice , Use tess4j Do numbers and x The identification of With the region in the style, crop the relevant area image in the background /idCardCv/src/main/resources/static/js/plugins/cropper/cropper.css







Have a problem

1、java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\Administrator.javacpp\cache\opencv-3.4.3-1.4.3-windows-x86_64.jar\org\bytedeco\javacpp\windows-x86_64\jniopencv_core.dll: Can't find dependent libraries My problem is that there is no c++ Running environment , I am here img/vc_redist.x64.exe Added in 64 Bit operating environment

ID card number recognition

Request address http://localhost:8080/idCard/index It's based on openCV This open source library . This means that you can get all the source code , And transplant it to opencv All supported platforms . It is based on java Development . It has a high recognition rate . When the picture is clear , The accuracy of number detection and recognition is in 90% above .

Required Software

This version has passed the test on the following platforms :

  • windows7 64bit

  • jdk1.8.0_45

  • junit 4

  • opencv4.3

  • javaccp1.5.3

  • tess4j4.5.1

  • tesseract4.0.0

Project update

1、 Previously used base64 Upload pictures slowly , Use webuploader The plug-in is used to upload fragments , When the network speed is slow, you can increase the speed , In especial paid Browsers use . The original page is changed to idcard_bak.html.

2、 The original project has a test image saving path , Unified update to configuration document .

3、 take opencv3.4.3 Upgrade to 4.3

Project address


added Java Hand training projects focus on the public

There is a complete Java primary , Advanced corresponding learning routes and materials ! Focus on java Development . Share java Basics 、 Knowledge of principle 、JavaWeb actual combat 、spring Family bucket 、 Design patterns 、 Distributed and interview materials 、 Open source project , Help developers grow !

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