Vibrant special purchases for the Spring Festival tiktok section, hundreds of good things to make the year more rich flavor.

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vibrant special purchases spring festival

1 month 4 solstice 20 Japan , Special purchases for the Spring Festival tiktok Festival “ Ingenuity and good quality ” Prefecture , Food together 、 clothing 、 A traditional craftsman in the field of sculpture, etc , We have carefully prepared hundreds of ingenious goods for users , And bring second kill price 、 Super live room and other benefits , Let's go shopping at home , Easy to buy new year's gifts .

In order to let users buy good goods 、 Happy New Year , The voice and electricity supplier specially invited dozens of ingenuity and tiktok masters. , Including fan maker sun Yaqing 、 Qiao Xue, a leather Carver 、 Deng zuru and others , Polish the new year's ceremony for users , Existing pastries 、 paper-cut 、 Embroidery and other traditional spring festival goods , There are also tiktok's exclusive sale of Jingdezhen tea sets. 、 High quality handicrafts such as Chinese chess .

 Vibrant special purchases for the Spring Festival tiktok section , 100 kinds of intangible cultural heritage to make the new year's taste stronger

Intangible cultural heritage craftsmen select 100 kinds of good things

at present , Hundreds of traditional handmade products are now in the market “ Ingenuity and good quality ” Special zone , Covering ceramics 、 Leather carving 、 Cakes and Pastries 、 dark-red enameled pottery teapot 、 Silver ornament 、 Embroidery 、 Flute and flute 、 Fan making 、 Jade carving and other categories , For users to choose , Meet the diversified purchase needs of everyone .

Among the many new year's gifts , Have 140 Years of history 、 Known as the “ Three wonders of Hangzhou ” Wang Xingji fan is particularly eye-catching . Sun Yaqing, the national representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage ( Tiktok account :“ Wang Xingji fan sun Yaqing ”) The short video released can be seen , Craftsman on thin film , Pull out thousands of holes with thin wires , Open the hollow fan , The long poetic and picturesque scenery of the full screen immediately unfolds in front of us .

Wang Xingji fan is one of the best handicrafts of intangible cultural heritage , Chinese chess is a model of combining tradition and innovation . from “ Qiao's handmade leather ” Inheritor Qiao Xue ( Tiktok account :“ Master of leather carving, master Qiao ”) A literary creation , Every piece of chess is a piece of leather that she grinds , Hand Carved , Chessboard and chess bag are also made of full head leather by hand , Every detail shows the ingenuity and ingenuity of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage .

Besides , New design 、 Exquisite and elegant Suzhou embroidery , Xiangshan cake with both traditional and popular flavors , Simple atmosphere but interesting and practical purple clay pot and other products condensing traditional crafts , Brought a unique flavor of the year .

Live broadcast of trembling helps tiktok inheritance

Activity period , Tiktok live with short live video and short video. , Show the process of making handicrafts , Sharing the historical and cultural value of intangible cultural heritage , And the craftsman story behind the inheritance of craftsmanship . Users can directly see , Pastry masters select ingredients and make fillings by hand , All the processes from hand milling until the cake is out of the oven , You can also feel it up close , An exquisite and small purple clay pot is made from selected materials 、 Ingenuity from design to completion .

at present , Tiktok has been on the topic “ Tiktok special purchases for the Spring Festival ”, Encourage craftsmen to show their exclusive skills under the topic , Share handmade new year products and festival memories . Outstanding topic participants will receive the support of tiktok million yuan traffic providers. .

“ Buying and selling is the best protection , Use is the best inheritance , Sharing is the best communication .” Voice tiktok electric responsible person said , Buying new year's goods is an important ceremony for Chinese people to welcome the new year , I hope these products can bring more flavor to users , At the same time, it helps to spread traditional culture and inherit intangible cultural heritage .

It is reported that , The tiktok has been launched. “ Jade bracelet Festival ”“ Treasure Festival ”“ Disc playing Festival ”“11.11 Tiktok powder ” And other special activities , Opening up a new channel for traditional handicrafts to go to consumers , Helping artisans in the tiktok growth and cash flow mode . meanwhile , Jitter electric providers have opened live broadcast business bases in several traditional processing areas of tiktok. , Provide resource integration for craftsmen and businesses 、 Training, marketing and other integrated supporting services , Also for users to explore more content and commodity characteristics of handicrafts .
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