rocketmq-cpp-client Visual Studio 2019 compile

rocketmq-cpp-client yes rocketmq c++ Version of So we C++ Developers use this project


  • Get the project
// Cloning project 
git clone

After cloning the project You'll see the following project structure

Let's open the... In the project win32_build.bat Open in Notepad

These three are the dependent third-party libraries We can Copy These three addresses are used manually by themselves git Cloned

  • Ready to build dependent third party libraries

    Create a new folder under the root of the project to store the source code of the third-party library

    Get into thirdparty Folder Ready to clone Third party libraries needed
    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
    git clone

    boost The library is bigger So it will take a long time Just wait patiently for a while

    • download Openssl library install

      You need to use
    • install vs2015 Compile environment

  • compile boost library

Use vs2019 x86 tools Command line tools Get into boost_1_58_0 Catalog

Start compilation Build and compile tools


Start compilation boost library

debug Compile command

bjam.exe address-model=32 --with-serialization --with-atomic --with-log --with-locale --with-iostreams --with-system --with-regex --with-thread --with-date_time --with-chrono --with-filesystem link=static threading=multi variant=debug runtime-link=static

release Compile command

bjam.exe address-model=32 --with-serialization --with-atomic --with-log --with-locale --with-iostreams --with-system --with-regex --with-thread --with-date_time --with-chrono --with-filesystem link=static threading=multi variant=release runtime-link=static

Compile the complete

  • jsoncpp-0.10.6 structure

    Use vs2019 open jsoncpp_lib_static.vcxproj

    Point determination Upgrade to v142

    Modify the runtime Multithreaded debugging (/MTd)

  • libevent-release-2.0.22 structure

    Use vs2019 open libevent.vcxproj

    Point determination Upgrade to v142

    Modify the runtime Multithreaded debugging (/MTd)

  • compile rocketmq-client-cpp

    Get into In the root directory of the project Win32 Under the table of contents Use vs2019 open rocketmq-client-cpp.sln

    Just like the Library above Upgrade to v142 Modify the runtime Multithreaded debugging (/MTd)

    Compile the generated Select the static library lib The default is dynamic library

    Add... To the preprocessing WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN Post compilation

    Find out A pile of mistakes Don't panic, let's solve it step by step

    First, we can't find openssl The problem with the header file Contains previously installed openssl The header file path of

    as well as Library file path

    Unable to open source file : “..\src\common\MQClient.cpp”: No such file or directory

    Exclude this file from the project source code To add ..\src\common\DefaultMQClient.cpp To project

    Add additional header file

    Recompile... Again

    Continue to report mistakes According to the view error, the reason is that boost::weak_ptr The solution is to introduce

    #include <boost/smart_ptr/weak_ptr.hpp>

    Compile again Then continue to report errors

    The reason for this is void* Can't convert bit const char* modify (const char*)

    After compiling again Finally, it's right

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