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Basic usage

Sentry Of SDK Hook into your runtime environment , And automatically report errors (errors)、 abnormal (exceptions) And refuse to (rejections).

Key terms :

  • event Is to Sentry An example of sending data . Usually , The data is an error (error) Or abnormal (exception).
  • issue It's a set of similar events .
  • The report of the incident is called capturing. After capturing the event , It will be sent to Sentry.

The most common form of capture is capture errors (capture errors). The errors that can be caught vary from platform to platform . Usually , If you have something that looks like an exception (exception) Things that are , It can be captured . For certain SDK, You can also omit capture_exception Parameters of ,Sentry Will attempt to catch the current exception . To Sentry It's also useful to report errors or messages manually .

When capturing Events , You can also record the crumbs that caused the event (breadcrumbs). Breadcrumbs are different from events : They won't be Sentry Create events in , But it will be buffered before sending the next event . In our Breadcrumbs documentation Learn more about crumbs in .

Capture the error

stay JavaScript in , You can pass the error object to captureException(), To capture it as an event . You can throw a string as an error , In this case, backtracking cannot be recorded .

try {
} catch (err) {

Capture naked messages

Another common operation is to capture naked messages (bare message). The message should be sent to Sentry The text message of . Usually , The message won't go out , But they can be useful for some teams .

Sentry.captureMessage("Something went wrong");

Set the event level

level — Similar to log level — It's usually based on Integration (integration) Default added . You can also override it in an event .

To be in scope External settings level, You can call captureMessage() Every event :

Sentry.captureMessage("this is a debug message", "debug");

To be in scope (scope) Set levels in , You can call setLevel()

Sentry.configureScope(function(scope) {

Or every event :

Sentry.withScope(function(scope) {

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Sentry(v20.12.1) K8S Cloud native architecture exploration , SENTRY FOR JAVASCRIPT More about the basic use of manually capturing Events

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