A lot of stuff on the Internet spring boot International articles are the normal way to use them

If you use it like I do Spring Security So when you are multilingual, you may encounter an abyss

Spring Security The exception itself is multilingual , But only through Accept-Language To switch the language of the error message

And we need to customize exception information , And with url Parameters lang=en_US perhaps lang=cn_ZH To control the language, this method on the Internet will not work

public class I18nConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer {
public LocaleResolver localeResolver() {
CookieLocaleResolver slr = new CookieLocaleResolver();
// Default language
return slr;
} @Bean
public LocaleChangeInterceptor localeChangeInterceptor() {
LocaleChangeInterceptor lci = new LocaleChangeInterceptor();
// Parameter name It is used to distinguish the types of languages used
return lci;
} @Override
public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {

The key is coming.

as a result of Spring Security Before DispatcherServlet,Spring Security When the exception exits, the above code has not been executed , So there was no successful modification locale.

And I set it manually in the result process locale Also met a pit

I'm printing the journal Filter Added LocaleContextHolder.setLocale(StringUtils.parseLocale(newLocale)); And then the language is still wrong when printing .

This problem is because of my filter Of ordered It's too early , So the back is RequestContextFilter Set it back .


The solution is RequestContextFilter Set it later locale That's right .

String newLocale = request.getParameter("lang");
if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(newLocale)) {

This code needs to be RequestContextFilter After performing .

Here's a screenshot of the document

If it helps you, please comment , Like to let me know , thank you !

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