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Source code analysis

stay springboot There is an exception handler interface by default in ErrorContorller, This interface provides getErrorPath() Method , The BasicErrorController The implementation class implements getErrorPath() Method , as follows :

* AbstractErrorController yes ErrorContoller Implementation class of
public class BasicErrorController extends AbstractErrorController { private final ErrorProperties errorProperties; ...
public String getErrorPath() {
return this.errorProperties.getPath();
} @RequestMapping(produces = MediaType.TEXT_HTML_VALUE)
public ModelAndView errorHtml(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {
HttpStatus status = getStatus(request);
Map<String, Object> model = Collections
.unmodifiableMap(getErrorAttributes(request, isIncludeStackTrace(request, MediaType.TEXT_HTML)));
ModelAndView modelAndView = resolveErrorView(request, response, status, model);
return (modelAndView != null) ? modelAndView : new ModelAndView("error", model);
} @RequestMapping
public ResponseEntity<Map<String, Object>> error(HttpServletRequest request) {
HttpStatus status = getStatus(request);
if (status == HttpStatus.NO_CONTENT) {
return new ResponseEntity<>(status);
Map<String, Object> body = getErrorAttributes(request, isIncludeStackTrace(request, MediaType.ALL));
return new ResponseEntity<>(body, status);

errorProperties Class is defined as follows :

public class ErrorProperties {
* Path of the error controller.
private String path = "/error";

thus it can be seen ,springboot There is a process by default in /error Mapped controllers , Yes error and errorHtml The existence of two methods , It can handle pages from browsers and clients from machines (app application ) Request .

When a user requests something that doesn't exist url when ,dispatcherServlet It's up to ResourceHttpRequestHandler Map the processor to handle the request , And in handlerRequest In the method , Redirect to /error mapping , The code is as follows :

public void handleRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
throws ServletException, IOException { // For very general mappings (e.g. "/") we need to check 404 first
Resource resource = getResource(request);
if (resource == null) {
logger.debug("Resource not found");
response.sendError(HttpServletResponse.SC_NOT_FOUND); // 404

getResource(request) Would call this.resolverChain.resolveResource(request, path, getLocations()) Method ,getLocations() Method returns the following :

And then the program goes to getResource(pathToUse, location) The method is as follows :

protected Resource getResource(String resourcePath, Resource location) throws IOException {
// Create a new one resource object ,url by location + resourcePath, Judge this object ( file ) Whether there is
Resource resource = location.createRelative(resourcePath);
if (resource.isReadable()) {
if (checkResource(resource, location)) {
return resource;
else if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) {
Resource[] allowedLocations = getAllowedLocations();
logger.warn("Resource path \"" + resourcePath + "\" was successfully resolved " +
"but resource \"" + resource.getURL() + "\" is neither under the " +
"current location \"" + location.getURL() + "\" nor under any of the " +
"allowed locations " + (allowedLocations != null ? Arrays.asList(allowedLocations) : "[]"));
return null;

stay resource.isReadable() in , The program will in locations Look for path Files under directory , Because there is no , return null.

Eventually, the program will be redirected to /error mapping , If it's a request from a browser , And it will return /template/error/404.html page , So for 404 request , Only need template New under the directory error Catalog , Put in 404 page .

Use caution

  1. stay springboot4.x We can customize ControllerAdvice annotation + ExceptionHandler Annotation to handle exceptions of different error types , But in springboot in 404 Exception and interceptor exception are caused by spring Do it yourself .

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