1. summary

In this article, we will focus on Spring in @Valid and @Validated The difference between annotations  .

Verifying that user input is correct is a common feature in our applications .Spring Provides @Valid and @Validated Two annotations to implement the verification function , Let's talk about them in detail .

2. @Valid and @Validate annotation

stay Spring in , We use @Valid Annotation for method level validation , It can also be used to mark member properties for validation .

however , This annotation does not support group validation .@Validated Group verification is supported .

3. Example

Let's consider a way to use Spring Boot Development of a simple user registry . First , We only have name and password attribute :

public class UserAccount {
@Size(min = 4, max = 15)
private String password; @NotBlank
private String name; // standard constructors / setters / getters / toString }

Next , Let's take a look at the controller . ad locum , We are going to use with @Valid endorsed saveBasicInfo Method to verify user input :

@RequestMapping(value = "/saveBasicInfo", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String saveBasicInfo(
@Valid @ModelAttribute("useraccount") UserAccount useraccount,
BindingResult result,
ModelMap model) {
if (result.hasErrors()) {
return "error";
return "success";

Now let's test this method :

public void givenSaveBasicInfo_whenCorrectInput`thenSuccess() throws Exception {
.param("name", "test123")
.param("password", "pass"))

After confirming that the test runs successfully , Now let's expand the functionality . The next logical step is to convert it into a multi-step registration form , Like most guides . First step , name and password remain unchanged . In the second step , We're going to get other information , for example age  and  phone. therefore , We will update the domain object with the following additional fields :

public class UserAccount {
@Size(min = 4, max = 15)
private String password; @NotBlank
private String name; @Min(value = 18, message = "Age should not be less than 18")
private int age; @NotBlank
private String phone; // standard constructors / setters / getters / toString }

however , This time, , We'll notice that previous tests failed . It's because we didn't deliver Age and Telephone Field .

To support this behavior , Let's introduce @Validated Comments .

Group verification , It's just grouping fields , Verify separately , For example, we divide user information into two groups :BasicInfo and AdvanceInfo

You can set up two empty interfaces :

public interface BasicInfo {
public interface AdvanceInfo {

The first step will have BasicInfo Interface , The second step   Will have AdvanceInfo  . Besides , We will update UserAccount Class to use these tag interfaces , As shown below :

public class UserAccount {
@NotNull(groups = BasicInfo.class)
@Size(min = 4, max = 15, groups = BasicInfo.class)
private String password; @NotBlank(groups = BasicInfo.class)
private String name; @Min(value = 18, message = "Age should not be less than 18", groups = AdvanceInfo.class)
private int age; @NotBlank(groups = AdvanceInfo.class)
private String phone; // standard constructors / setters / getters / toString }

in addition , We will now update the controller to use @Validated Comment instead of @Valid

@RequestMapping(value = "/saveBasicInfoStep1", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String saveBasicInfoStep1(
@ModelAttribute("useraccount") UserAccount useraccount,
BindingResult result, ModelMap model) {
if (result.hasErrors()) {
return "error";
return "success";

After the update , Run the test again , Now it can run successfully . Now? , We have to test this new method :

public void givenSaveBasicInfoStep1`whenCorrectInput`thenSuccess() throws Exception {
.param("name", "test123")
.param("password", "pass"))

And it worked !

Next , Let's see @Valid It is essential to trigger nested property validation .

4. Use @Valid Annotations mark nested objects

@Valid Can be used to nest objects . for example , In our current scenario , Let's create a  UserAddress  object :

public class UserAddress {
private String countryCode; // standard constructors / setters / getters / toString

To ensure that this nested object is verified , We will use @Valid Annotation decoration properties :

public class UserAccount {
@NotNull(groups = AdvanceInfo.class)
private UserAddress useraddress; // standard constructors / setters / getters / toString

5. summary

@Valid The verification of the whole object is guaranteed , But it's about validating the entire object , Problems arise when only partial validation is required . Now , have access to @Validated  Group verification .

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