One 、 preface

Excel、PDF Export of 、 Import is a common problem in our work , Just today, the company's business encountered this problem , By the way, take a note in case you're stuck with the same problem next time .

The company has two needs :

Need one 、 Given a form , Let's assemble the found data into a form and provide PDF Format download function .

Demand two 、 Look up the data to Excel Download it in the form of a form .

Two 、Java Realization PDF Data generation and data dynamic insertion 、 Export function

1、 First step :PDF Making templates

because PDF Common software does not support editing , Let's start with WPS With Word In the form of editing, making the same style as the customer needs , And then save it as .pdf The form is shown in the figure below :

a.Word Make templates inside

b. Change the name to .pdf form

c. We need to use one called :Adobe Acrobat DC Software for ( You can go whoring for nothing 7 God ^_^), The specific operation is as follows :

use Adobe Acrobat DC Open the one we just renamed PDF file , Click on the “ More tools ” Button

Go to the page below and click “ Prepare the form ” Button

d. Next, you need to configure your data source in detail

The data source is : The corresponding data in the entity class in your code ( Note that the fields must correspond one by one ), After configuration, you can save it and write the following code .

2、 Code writing ( Let's assume that we've written all our entity classes 、 The data is passed in from the front end 、 The template is located in E The name in the packing directory is : Vehicle maintenance approval form .pdf)
Import jar package :
<!-- PDF export -->
<!-- -->
Implementation generation PDF、 Insert data into 、 export
 @RegisterToSMP(serviceDisplay = " Preview page PDF download ")
@RequestMapping(value = "/DM/gwclwxsq/qygl/exportPDF$m=query.service",method =RequestMethod.POST)
public String exportPdf(@RequestBody GwclwxsqBean gwclwxsqBean , HttpServletResponse response) throws UnsupportedEncodingException {
// 1. Specify the parser
String filename=" Vehicle maintenance approval form .pdf";
String path="e:/";
response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;fileName="
+ URLEncoder.encode(filename, "UTF-8"));
OutputStream os = null;
PdfStamper ps = null;
PdfReader reader = null;
try {
os = response.getOutputStream();
// 2 Read in pdf Forms
reader = new PdfReader(path+ "/"+filename);
// 3 Generate a new pdf
ps = new PdfStamper(reader, os);
// 4 obtain pdf Forms
AcroFields form = ps.getAcroFields();
// 5 Add Chinese fonts to the form System fonts are used here . If it is not set , Chinese may not display
BaseFont bf = BaseFont.createFont("C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/SIMSUN.TTC,1",
// 6 Query data ================================================
Map<String, String> data = new HashMap<String, String>();
data.put("commitTime", gwclwxsqBean.getCommitTime());
data.put("driver", gwclwxsqBean.getDriver());
data.put("carId", gwclwxsqBean.getCarId());
data.put("carType", gwclwxsqBean.getCarType());
data.put("repairAddress", gwclwxsqBean.getRepairAddress());
data.put("project", gwclwxsqBean.getProject());
data.put("fwbzzxfzrYj", gwclwxsqBean.getFwbzzxfzrYj());
data.put("fgldspYj", gwclwxsqBean.getFgldspYj());
data.put("remarks", gwclwxsqBean.getRemarks());
// 7 Traverse data to pdf Form table assignment
for (String key : data.keySet()) {
ps.setFormFlattening(true);"*******************PDF Export succeeded ***********************");
} catch (Exception e) {
log.error("*******************PDF Export failed ***********************");
} finally {
try {
} catch (Exception e) {
return null;
3. test

Two 、Java Realization Excel Generation and data insertion 、 export

This is simpler , Go straight to the code ( Suppose your entity class 、 All the queries have been written ) Be careful : One entity class is your own data entity class, and the other is the corresponding entity class in the table when you export

Let's take a real company business as an example ( A statistical epidemic registration personnel information Excel Export function )

1. The header corresponds to the entity class
import lombok.Data;
* description:
* @author: zhouhong
* @version: V1.0.0
* @date: 2021 year 1 month 14 Japan Afternoon 3:05:54
public class ExportYqfkdj {
* Serial number
private Integer xuhao;
* full name
private String xingming;
* ID number
private String zjhm;
* contact number
private String lxdh;
* Applicant's work unit
private String sqrGzdw;
* Have you ever been in contact with a suspected case
private String sfjcgysbl;
* Whether to live with the isolated people at home at present
private String sfyjjglrytz;
* current state
private String dqzt;
* The current state of health
private String dqjkzt; /**
* Current body temperature
private String dqtw;
* Current address
private String dqszdz;
* Current residential address
private String dqjzdz;
* Submission time
* */
private String tjsj;
b.Service layer
* export
* @param yqfkdjBean
* @author zhouhong
* @return
* @throws Exception
@Transactional(rollbackFor = { Exception.class })
public DataResult exporYqfkdj(YqfkdjBean yqfkdjBean) throws Exception {
DataResult result = new DataResult();
List<ExportYqfkdj> list = new ArrayList<ExportYqfkdj>();
try {
/* Query export information */
result = getYqfkMhCXQuery(yqfkdjBean);
SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddhhmmssSSS");
for (int i = 0; i < result.getTotalcount(); i++) {
ExportYqfkdj dmKhfwdcDtjlZxDto = new ExportYqfkdj();
dmKhfwdcDtjlZxDto = ObjectUtil.parsePojo(result.getResults().get(i), ExportYqfkdj.class);
dmKhfwdcDtjlZxDto.setXuhao(i + 1);
String filepath = "D:/ Epidemic prevention and control information " + df.format(new Date()) + ".xlsx";
if (System.getProperty(YqfkdjUtils.Wjdz.NAME).toLowerCase().startsWith(YqfkdjUtils.Wjdz.LI)
|| System.getProperty(YqfkdjUtils.Wjdz.NAME).toLowerCase().startsWith(YqfkdjUtils.Wjdz.LIN)) {
filepath = "/home/Tomcat/temp/" + df.format(new Date()) + ".xlsx";
EasyExcel.write(filepath, ExportYqfkdj.class).head(head()).sheet().doWrite(list);
} catch (Exception e) {
throw e;
return result;
* Epidemic prevention and control information export header
* @author zhouhong
* @return List<List<String>>
private List<List<String>> head() {
List<List<String>> list = new ArrayList<List<String>>();
List<String> head0 = new ArrayList<String>();
head0.add(" Serial number ");
List<String> head1 = new ArrayList<String>();
head1.add(" full name ");
List<String> head2 = new ArrayList<String>();
head2.add(" ID number ");
List<String> head3 = new ArrayList<String>();
head3.add(" contact number ");
List<String> head4 = new ArrayList<String>();
head4.add(" Work unit ");
List<String> head5 = new ArrayList<String>();
head5.add(" Contact with suspected cases ");
List<String> head6 = new ArrayList<String>();
head6.add(" Whether to live with quarantine personnel ");
List<String> head7 = new ArrayList<String>();
head7.add(" current state ");
List<String> head8 = new ArrayList<String>();
head8.add(" The current state of health ");
List<String> head9 = new ArrayList<String>();
head9.add(" Temperature (°C)");
List<String> head10 = new ArrayList<String>();
head10.add(" Current address ");
List<String> head11 = new ArrayList<String>();
head11.add(" Current residential address ");
List<String> head12 = new ArrayList<String>();
head12.add(" Submission time ");
return list;
c.Controller layer
 @RegisterToSMP(serviceDisplay = " Epidemic prevention and control query export ")
@RequestMapping(value = "/DM/yqfkdj/gr/yqfkdjdc$m=export.service", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public void exportKhfxxx(@RequestBody YqfkdjBean yqfkdjBean, HttpServletResponse resp) throws Exception {
DataResult result = new DataResult();
try {
SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddhhmmssSSS");
result = yqfkdjService.exporYqfkdj(yqfkdjBean);
String filepath = result.getMsg().replace("\"", "");
File file = new File(filepath);
String filename = " Epidemic prevention and control information " + df.format(new Date()) + ".xlsx";
InputStream fis = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(filepath));
byte[] buffer = new byte[fis.available()];;
"attachment;filename=" + new String(filename.replaceAll(" ", "").getBytes("gbk")));
resp.setHeader("Content-Length", "" + file.length());
OutputStream os = new BufferedOutputStream(resp.getOutputStream());
// The output file
} catch (Exception e) {
throw e;
d. test

It's all done PDF and Excel Generation 、 Insert 、 Export function .

Reference link :

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