Don't be infatuated with ecology any more. LETV and windstorm video have fallen under the ecological chain one after another

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don infatuated ecology more. letv

At present, many Chinese enterprises have a common problem , That's when we grow , They began to engage in the so-called diversification , Vertical development is not enough , Horizontal development is also needed , For this kind of practice, many people also call it creating an ecological chain .

Some people start to swell when they have money , I always think that any problem that money can solve is not a problem , So everything has to be done , I want to make all my money .

For these so-called ecological chains , For those group companies with strong financial strength , They can really make things happen , But for most businesses , If the money doesn't keep up , Once something goes wrong in the ecological chain , It could lead to the collapse of the whole enterprise , The experience of LETV and storm group is a good lesson .

One 、 Storm group under the ecological chain .

2020 year 9 month 21 Japan , Storm group has entered the delisting period , For storm group to come to this point today , In fact, it's very sad .

You know, at the beginning, storm group was a star enterprise , When it first came to market , stay 40 We'll get it in a few days 36 A harden , Storm's share price also increased from 7.14 All the way to Yuanyi 123.66 element , here we are 2015 year 5 At the end of the month , The storm's share price even reached 327 element , The total market value once exceeded 400 One hundred million yuan .

The stock price of windstorm video has been rising all the way , Also created a lot of rich people , Inside the storm alone was born 10 Billionaires ,31 A multimillionaire and 66 A millionaire , At its peak , Feng Xin, chairman of windstorm video, is worth more than 10 billion yuan .

After the stock price keeps soaring , Feng Xin also began to expand , In the face of rising stock prices , Feng Xin feels that time does not wait for me , We need to expand quickly , Not just vertical expansion , We need to expand horizontally , Build the so-called ecological chain , Try to push the market value of the storm to 1,000 Billion , Otherwise, how can we be worthy of those investors who are eager to support the stock price of the storm ?

So in the second year of storm group's listing 2 year , Storm group began to “ The global DT Big entertainment ” Strategic transformation , take VR、 sports 、 Television as the main direction of the future .

In this context ,2016 Storm released the CSL plan in ,CBA plan , European Cup plan , The Olympic Plan , These programs include a series of top sports content for users , Customized Events , Customized content services ; And trying to get through the storm video , Windstorm Sports , Aofei entertainment , Iqiyi and other content to get through children 、 variety 、 TV play 、 The movie 、 The documentary 、 music 、 Sports and other home audio-visual content all sectors .

Feng Xin is also a cheerful person , Act as soon as you have an idea ,2016 year 6 In June, storm technology and Everbright Securities announced that they would jointly set up 100 Billion sports industry fund to invest and incubate domestic high-quality sports industry projects , Build a global sports ecology .

Then storm group and Everbright capital spent 52 Billion invested heavily in the acquisition of European Copyright companies MPS, But just because of this acquisition, storm group began to go downhill .

 Stop being obsessed with ecology , LETV and windstorm video have fallen under the ecological chain one after another

MPS Is a global top sports media services company , There are... All over the world 20 Branches , end 2015 year 6 The monthly turnover exceeds 6 Billion dollars , MPS Our business also covers the whole world 200 Multiple countries and regions , Have 90 Property rights of multiple global events , More than 1 Ten thousand hours of play time , There are more than 30 It's an event rights and institutional partner ,200 Multiple global TV customers and 40 International team with multiple working languages .

In theory MPS Is a relatively high-quality enterprise , After the acquisition, it should be helpful to windstorm video , But when the two sides signed the contract, they did not bind their founders and executives , As a result, the founder put MPS Sell it and start a new business .

MPS A lot of events don't renew their contracts after they expire , As a result, there was a huge loss , In the storm video acquisition MPS Two years later, it was declared bankrupt ,50 100 million yuan investment will be wasted , Storm group also fell into the capital chain risk .

Under financial pressure , Storm's own performance is also declining ,2018 The net loss of storm group reached 10.9 One hundred million yuan ,2019 In the first three quarters of this year, storm revenue fell year-on-year 90.95%, A net loss 6.5 One hundred million yuan ; as for 2019 What's the total loss of the year , Because storm group didn't release the results , So there's no way to know .

 Stop being obsessed with ecology , LETV and windstorm video have fallen under the ecological chain one after another

It is also because storm group has not been able to disclose 2019 Annual financial report , The company in 2020 year 7 month 8 The listing will be suspended on May , here we are 8 month 28 Japan , Due to continued non disclosure 2019 Annual financial report , Storm group triggered delisting situation , Shenzhen Stock Exchange decided to terminate the listing of storm group , here we are 9 month 21 Japan , Storm Group officially entered the delisting period .

 Stop being obsessed with ecology , LETV and windstorm video have fallen under the ecological chain one after another

Two 、 Storm video just follow the footsteps of LETV .

Storm group fell under the ecological chain , And before storm group , In fact, an enterprise has fallen down because of the ecological chain , That's LETV .

LETV was created by Jia Yueting in Beijing 2004 Founded in , At the beginning, the main business was video business , At that time, many film and television copyrights were cheaper , Then LETV bought a large number of legitimate films and TV series , Open to users for free , So in the short term accumulated a large number of users .

here we are 2011 In, LETV began to set up , LETV also started from its previous cooperation with film and television companies , To make your own content , stay 2016 At the press conference, new year LETV also announced that it would invest in 150 Billion to build 53 A TV play .

here we are 2012 year , LETV is back in sports video , LETV sports has been set up , Football for users , Basketball , Tennis , Live broadcast of golf events 、 on demand 、 Information and video services .

With the advent of film and television 、 After the sports content , Jia Yueting began to think , Since there is such quality content , Then why don't I sell my own TV ? By selling your own TV , Selling LETV color TV sets at ultra-low prices , In this way, we can expand a large number of users ? And then by collecting membership fees , In this way, the film content and sports will make money ? As a result, because of the ultra-low price , LETV has been losing money for many years .

Apart from TV , With the continuous development of mobile Internet , Jia Yueting focuses on mobile phone business again ,2015 LETV mobile phone was officially launched in San Francisco, USA , And after the release of LETV mobile , Warmly welcomed by the market , At its peak, it even sold tens of millions of units .

But that's not enough , Jia Yueting still thinks , Now that you're sitting at home, you can see the content in the office , I wonder if I can read the content while sitting in the car ? As a result, we have to extend our business to the automobile industry .

here we are 2016 year 1 month , LETV officially released Faraday in the United States 1 A concept car , To build a Ferrari , It is said that Jia Yueting is going to invest 200 Billion , It's even possible to reach 500 Billion .

After a lot of investment , LETV has basically set up LETV + Music Video + Music as sports + Leeco TV + LETV mobile phone + LETV set top box + Electric smart cars + The complete software and hardware ecosystem of easy access vehicles .

 Stop being obsessed with ecology , LETV and windstorm video have fallen under the ecological chain one after another

But this ecosystem needs to invest a lot of money in everything , Moreover, the market competition is quite fierce , For example, the video content comes from Tencent video 、 Iqiyi and other aspects of competition ; Mobile phone business faces Huawei 、 millet 、OPPO 、vivo competition ; The TV business is facing Xiaomi 、 skyworth 、TCL Equal competition ; The auto industry is facing the challenge from BYD 、 tesla 、 Weilai and other enterprises are competing .

It turns out that the energy is too scattered , There's going to be a problem with the money , To 2016 year , LETV's capital chain is in crisis , end 2016 end of the year , LETV has owed billions of yuan to suppliers , Although sun Hongbin later invested in 150 Billion postponed the financial crisis of LETV , But it didn't help in the end .

Affected by the rupture of capital chain , LETV's performance has also declined rapidly ,2019 LETV's loss reached 112.8 One hundred million yuan , The accumulated losses in the past three years are as high as 290 One hundred million yuan , end 2019 end of the year , The net assets of LETV are -143.3 element , Finally came to the embarrassment of delisting .

 Stop being obsessed with ecology , LETV and windstorm video have fallen under the ecological chain one after another

Stop being obsessed with the ecological chain , Focus on what you're good at , To develop healthily .

In fact, in addition to LETV and storm group , At present, many Chinese companies are infatuated with the so-called ecological chain , When you have money, you diversify , A lot of people pursue big one sidedly , But the bigger an enterprise is, the stronger it is .

In fact, many Chinese enterprises are in the situation of being big but not strong , Although many enterprises have a lot of revenue , But it has less influence in the industry , Lack of core technology and core competitiveness .

On the contrary, we see Germany, Japan and other countries , Although their business scale is not very large , But they are very competitive , These enterprises only focus on one product for decades or even hundreds of years , Even if the business is more profitable , And they didn't want to do anything else , It's generations focused on something , Take this thing to the extreme , To be the best in the world , This is what Chinese enterprises need to learn .

There is only one spirit of craftsmanship , A spirit of concentration , China's competitiveness in major industries will be improved , Only then can we break through all kinds of Western technology blockades , Otherwise, no matter how big the enterprise is , In the end, we can't escape the fate of being limited by others .

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