Opening: free and open source zookeeper tutorial (serial)

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opening free open source zookeeper

The author of this article :HelloGitHub- Lao Xun

One 、 cause

A good start , It's half the battle .

I'm the author Lao Xun , An ordinary programmer , No, 985 and 211 The background of , I've never worked in a big factory . Just like to study technology , I've always wanted to do a complete series of explaining technology . And then I joined HelloGitHub Open source organization , With your encouragement and help , I started a series of lectures .

After discussion with the egg , Finally, the theme of this series is top open source project ZooKeeper hereinafter referred to as ZK.

ZooKeeper yes Apache A software project of the software foundation , It provides open source distributed configuration services for large-scale distributed computing 、 Synchronization services and name registration . ZooKeeper Used to be Hadoop A subproject of , Now it's a top independent open source project .

The reasons for choosing it are as follows :

  • ZK I used to be around last year , I've studied it for a while , It's just that I didn't make too many records at that time , Just look around for yourself , But it didn't sort it out , There is always a trace of regret in my heart

  • I am Java The programmer , So in terms of reading comprehension , Let's see Java The most intimate code , Most comfortable , And I've developed a certain degree of naked eye DEBUG Ability , You don't have to run the program to deduce the whole process in your head

  • ZK Itself is a basic coordination framework , And other programming languages also have corresponding clients , So the audience is quite wide , also ZK The architecture itself is distributed , It has a certain complexity , It's worth learning

  • ZK There are few books on the market ( Compare with MySQL or Redis) And it's based on ZK The old version of ( Not the latest version ), I want to do my best to contribute to the open source community

Two 、 Introduce

The series is based on the current ZK The latest version :3.6.2

This series is a continuation of HelloGitHub Of Hello The universe , The name for 「HelloZooKeeper」. The article is divided into several parts :

  • Basic introduction ( Installation and use )
  • Business process flow
  • Data memory model
  • The election
  • session management
  • Persistence & agreement
  • Interview questions
  • Configuration Daquan and other ZK Hidden features of

That's about it , Again because ZK The topic itself is quite big , On the other hand, limited by my level , There's no way to do everything 、 ing , So if there is a supplement later, I will make a single article , Add in .

3、 ... and 、 Content

Short step , A thousand miles .

Don't product the little stream , Beyond into the sea .

The explanation of principles will inevitably be linked with boredom , Egg and I are also communicating about what kind of form is easier for everyone to accept , And our goal is to hope that everyone can gain something from our article , So this time :

  • Basically do not explain the source of the way to explain ZK Principle

  • In the process of explanation, I will be empty (chui) structure (niu) A vivid story to help you understand

  • Try to use popular 、 Humorous language makes the complicated knowledge points clear 、 Make it clear

  • Focus on pictures , Words as a supplement , Try to reduce the reading burden of readers

  • From time to time in the article interspersed with some I think very funny network stem 、 emoticon , Further improve the readers' interest in reading

Before the start , There are two sentences I want to say in the front :

The opinions in the article are not necessarily objective facts , But it's all the result of my source code , At least in me Subjective cognition is correct conclusion , Do your best to be responsible to the readers . therefore , If you have any questions, please point out and discuss them , Don't leave a word :“ The garbage ” And went away . It's irresponsible !

When I started writing this series ZK The latest version is 3.6.2, If in the process of writing ZK Ushering in a major upgrade , I'm afraid it's not playing with me ? The version number will not change , For new features that are necessary , It will be introduced separately in the following single article . For fun and depth , Some of the examples cited in this article may not be accurate , It can only be said that we will try our best to get close to the facts and omit some unimportant processes at the same time , So as to reduce the reading burden of readers .

Four 、 expectation

HelloGitHub Wonderful because of you

Since it is HelloGitHub The series of products , How can it be less and GitHub The dream linkage of ?

We will provide a warehouse for articles , I hope you can put some suggestions about the article or about ZK Related discussion , stay issue Zone message :

I will try my best to reply to every reader , At the same time, if there are many people who have doubts about knowledge , It will also be collected through a single article , Arrangement issue After the unified answer .

Please don't be stingy with your message , Your message is likely to help other people with the same confusion , Let's put together HelloZooKeeper Build better ~

Friends at all stages , Can be added to The compilation and proofreading of the course in . welcome :

  • Novice : Participate in correcting the wrong words in the text 、 A sick sentence 、 spell 、 Typesetting and so on
  • Users : Participate in content discussion and problem solving 、 Things that help other people
  • old hand : Participate in the writing of the article , Make your name appear in the author column
  • I don't know how to program : Order one Star Support what we're doing !

Project address :

Notice : The next one is installation and getting started , Take you into ZooKeeper The world of . See you next week !

5、 ... and 、 Last

I am a HelloGitHub The marinated eggs :

Brother Xun is us HelloGitHub Java The leader of the technology group , He's a senior Java The programmer , Not only is the technology good 、 I love open source, and I'm humorous and humble . He often answers people's questions patiently in the group , I said that he made life by himself Java Group , He said :“ Don't say that , It's all the brothers in the group who support me !”

Written by Xun Ge'er HelloZooKeeper series , From planning to final release 2 months , In order to make boring words interesting , I drew 50 Multiple maps + And insert all kinds of interesting pictures , I believe you will like it . And to keep the series going , He finished 9 I just decided to start publishing , During the period, the quality of the article was constantly polished . With regard to my proposed amendment , He will seriously consider and adopt it while maintaining his own style of writing . The tutorial is also written in an open source and open way , Convenient for everyone to contribute and run , There will be sample projects to help understand later .

The serial articles explaining technology often have no good reading numbers , but HG I'll take this series (10+ piece ) From beginning to end ! Remain true to our original aspiration , I sincerely hope that readers can learn from 《 Explain open source projects 》 Learn something , Find fun and love open source .

HelloGitHub Thank you !

Focus on HelloGitHub official account Receive the first update .

There are more open source projects and treasure projects waiting for you to explore .

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