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Through performance monitoring ,Sentry Can track your software performance , Measure throughput and latency , And show the impact of errors between multiple systems .


Install the tracking package :


# Using yarn
yarn add @sentry/tracing # Using npm
npm install @sentry/tracing


Note that `bundle.tracing.min.js` contains both `@sentry/browser` AND
`@sentry/tracing`, and should therefore be used in place of
`@sentry/browser`'s bundle rather than in addition to it.

To configure

Enable performance monitoring in your application in two ways :

  1. Use SDK The configuration of the tracesSampleRate The options will be all transactions The unified sampling rate of is set to 0 To 1 Number between .( for example , To send 20% Of transactions, Please put tracesSampleRate Set to 0.2.)
  2. By providing tracesSampler Configuration options provide functionality , be based on transaction Itself and its captured context dynamically control the sampling rate .


// If you're using one of our integration packages, like `@sentry/react` or
// `@sentry/angular`, substitute its name for `@sentry/browser` here
import * as Sentry from "@sentry/browser"; // If taking advantage of automatic instrumentation (highly recommended)
import { Integrations as TracingIntegrations } from "@sentry/tracing";
// Or, if only manually tracing
// import * as _ from "@sentry/tracing"
// Note: You MUST import the package in some way for tracing to work Sentry.init({
dsn: "", // This enables automatic instrumentation (highly recommended), but is not
// necessary for purely manual usage
integrations: [new TracingIntegrations.BrowserTracing()], // To set a uniform sample rate
tracesSampleRate: 0.2 // Alternatively, to control sampling dynamically
tracesSampler: samplingContext => { ... }


dsn: "", // This enables automatic instrumentation (highly recommended), but is not
// necessary for purely manual usage
integrations: [new Sentry.Integrations.BrowserTracing()], // To set a uniform sample rate
tracesSampleRate: 0.2 // Alternatively, to control sampling dynamically
tracesSampler: samplingContext => { ... }

If one of these options is set , Tracing will be enabled in your application . Although these options are mutually exclusive , But if you set both options ,tracesSampler Will have priority . You can go to Sampling Transactions Learn more about how they work in .


When tracing is first enabled , By way of tracesSampleRate Set to 1.0 To verify that it's working properly , Because this ensures that every transaction is sent to Sentry.

Once the test is complete , We suggest reducing this value in production , The way is to lower your tracesSampleRate value , Or switch to using tracesSampler To dynamically sample and filter your transaction.

Without sampling , Our automatic detection will be sent when any user loads any page or navigates anywhere in the application transaction. That's a lot transactions! Sampling can achieve representative data , Without occupying the system or Sentry transaction The quota .

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