Spring Festival can't get off-line social gatherings, so come online "together X" to share experience

Zego 2021-01-21 10:41:18
spring festival off-line line social

Quotation :

Shared experience is perhaps the most remarkable symbol of the age of Quanzhen Internet .

 How fun is cloud social ,“ Together X” Patterns are becoming a new trend


In a year profoundly changed by the epidemic , Great changes are taking place in people's social relationships and activities .


One side , From offline to online , We can connect more people through the Internet , Participate in all kinds of social activities , Extend your social network further ;


On the other hand , The online and offline gap caused by the interaction between screens will make people have a bigger gap . The more lively the online interaction is , After returning to offline isolation, the more likely it is to have a sense of emptiness .


therefore ,2020 The social platform of the year of the fire , It's all video oriented 、 More real time development , And how to improve the user's “ Experience together ” As the main power point , Through faster connections and more vivid interactions , Further smooth the gap between the line and the line .


One 、 Experience together , Create a more realistic online social interaction

So-called “ Experience together ”, It means that the user uses words 、 voice 、 Video and so on , Let users simulate reality or even create reality when they interact online , Make the interaction more real and profound .


Take a chestnut , Before we watched sports online , It can be done through comments 、 bullet chat 、 Leave a message and interact with other users , Join in “ Experience together ” after , You can watch the game , While listening to the cheers of other users in real time , See their faces when they watch the game , So as to produce the same effect as watching on the spot with other people offline .


If all kinds of social platforms allow us to connect with more people , that “ Experience together ” Let the interaction go a step further ,“ See what you see , Listen to what you hear ”, More real-time and realistic .


therefore ,2020 The new social model that emerged in : Together X, It has become a new way for major social platforms at home and abroad to try .


Two 、 All kinds of “ Together X” Pattern , Realize rich shared social experience


Whether it's online chat 、 Playing games or K song 、 See a movie , You can join “ Together X” How to play , Sharing experience with multiple users .


Listen to

Listening to music online is a very familiar leisure and entertainment mode , Recently, Netease cloud music 、QQ When the platform goes online “ Listen to ” New ways to play , Let music and social interaction perfectly combine . Take Netease cloud music for example , The user can choose to open it on the player page “ Listen to ” function , After opening, you can choose to listen with your friends or strangers . When two strangers pair up and “ Listen to ” Use longer than 4 Minutes later , You can also unlock background effects 、 Unveiling 、 Real time voice and more interactive play , Let music and social interaction organically combine .

 How fun is cloud social ,“ Together X” Patterns are becoming a new trend


Talk together

Social voice has been booming in the past two years , Strong interaction 、 More private 、 There are many ways to play , More and more young people favor voice social interaction . This year, Clubhouse It can be said that it's in the field of voice and social communication “ Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper ”, In the internal test stage, we estimate the value 1 Billion dollars . This is called the voice version “Twitter” Products , Podcasts 、 Making friends online 、Party Group chat and other forms of language chat , Users can find all kinds of theme chat rooms on it , Enter the room you're interested in or join them in the discussion . Small circles with enough vertical subdivision , Let users be able to ClubHouse Quickly find friends on the Internet and interact with others efficiently


See it together

Going to the movies with friends on weekends is a popular way for many people to enjoy their leisure and social life , When you go online , It's easy to watch a movie alone , Watch movies with friends + Real time interaction is difficult . As a result, a number of social platforms launched “ See it together ” function , Meet many people to watch movies together + The need for real-time interaction . You can create a room , Invite your friends to join , Everyone is watching the same movie , On the one hand, we communicate the plot through words , Or through real-time voice to interact with mac , Online can also create the same viewing experience as offline cinema .


Or join the room where you want to see the movie , Watch with strangers , Enjoy watching with the users on the other side of the screen 、 comment 、 Make complaints , Explore more common topics in communication , You can also add friends later 、 The private chat 、 Share videos 、 Share reviews and more social interactions .


Sing together

Go to KTV sing K It's an indispensable part of the year-end party , At present, many platforms , Like cool dog 、 All the people K Song, etc , Can be online K song . Previous online K How to play songs , With “ The anchor sings and the audience listens ” or “ The anchor invited the audience to sing ” Mainly . And in the “ Sing together ” How to play , All users in the room can simulate offline KTV“ choose a song - Sing a song ” The real scene of , First, the system will pop up “ choose a song ” Tips , Select and confirm to join the song queue . When it comes to “ I ” When singing , Will prompt 321 count down , The singing begins .

 How fun is cloud social ,“ Together X” Patterns are becoming a new trend


therefore , You can sing with offline K equally , Create a K Song room , Invite friends to , choose a song 、 Take turns singing . When friends sing on the wheat , Other people in the room can communicate and comment through words . When singing tired , You can also exit K Song mode , Play other games instead , For example, if you draw, I guess , Truth, adventure, etc , Put it off the line K The real experience of the song moves to the cloud . Or join someone else as a stranger K Song room , A singing voice , And strangers K Song competition singing , Get the love of big fans .


hang out together

More and more young people , I'm used to making friends at leisure , Team up and play together , Social games have also become a popular way of online interaction . among , Audio and video technology services provided by instant technology TT Voice is the industry leader , stay TT Phonetically , It not only supports the latest and hottest mobile game voice, but also has fun in black , There are also games to play with 、 Talk and make friends, etc , Let's play and talk 、 The perfect combination of social interaction .


Team building together

It's the end of the year , Many companies will plan some League building activities , To deepen the communication between team members . So can we get out of the gym 、 park 、 Scenic spots and other real environment , Moving tuanjian online ? The answer is yes . Technology companies from San Francisco in the United States took the lead in building an online group building platform Reason, Team members control the progress of the game through video conference , Using the virtual robot assistant 、 Holographic projection 、3D Future technologies like printing , Achieve online space version of the chamber of Secrets escape .

 How fun is cloud social ,“ Together X” Patterns are becoming a new trend


Currently, there are Moonshot、Lola、Lola2 Three scenarios , They correspond to each other “ Saving astronauts trapped on the moon 、 Rescue Lola trapped on the international space station and clean up the Mars mining base destroyed by sandstorms ” Three tasks , Support 5-100 The size of a team of people , The duration of each task is 1 In hours or so , Set games 、 Teamwork 、 Online communication in one , At present, a number of technology companies have experienced the team and given praise .


Whether we're familiar with watching movies together 、 Chat together 、 Together KTV Or a team full of science and technology and brain holes 、 A concert together 、 Together …… These innovative play methods maximize the restoration of offline real social and interpersonal interaction , Let social networking not stop at connecting with more people , It's more about sharing your real experience with others .


From offline to online , What's changed is the way we socialize , What remains is our desire for intimacy ; From mobile Internet to Quanzhen Internet , What's changed is the way you play , What remains unchanged is the platform's ultimate pursuit of user experience . That is to say, the construction continues to promote the deep integration of real-time audio and video technology and more social pan entertainment methods , With high-quality technology and services to help more social pan entertainment products more real-time 、 interactive quality 、 Authenticity .


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