stay .NET Core Deploy to linux(CentOS) The most comprehensive solution , Routine One article , We explained in detail the traditional .NET Core Deploy to Linux Server method , Learned Linux Installation under virtual machine 、Xshell,Xftp How to use 、git stay linux Interactive use and .net core stay linux The whole process of publishing and running under . This article explains how to use Supervisor+Nginx The combination of .net core Efficient deployment of .


1.1、Supervisor Introduce

Official website :, Source location :

Supervisor Yes, it is Python A common set of process managers developed , Can turn a normal command line process into a background daemon, And monitor the process status , Automatically restarts when an exception exits .

It's through fork/exec In a way that treats these managed processes as supervisor To start , So as long as supervisor In the configuration file , Write in the path of the executable file of the process to be managed . When the subprocess is hung up , The parent process can accurately obtain the information of the child process's hanging , You can choose whether to start and alarm yourself .supervisor There is also a function , It can be for supervisord Or every subprocess , Set a non root Of user, This user You can manage its corresponding processes .

1.2、 Why use Supervisor

stay linux perhaps unix Operating system , Daemon (Daemon) Is a special process running in the background , It is independent of the control terminal and periodically performs certain tasks or waits to handle certain events . Because in linux in , The interface between each system and users is called terminal , Every process running from this terminal will be attached to this terminal , This terminal is called the control terminal of these processes , When the control terminal is turned off , The corresponding process will automatically shut down . But the daemons can break through this limitation , It's off the terminal and running in the background , And the purpose of its separation from the terminal is to prevent the information of the process in the process of running from being displayed in any terminal, and the process will not be interrupted by the terminal information generated by any terminal . It works from the moment it's executed , It doesn't exit until the whole system is shut down .

The creation daemons here , Means published on Linux On core programmatic dotnet xxx.dll The host process of the command creates a daemon . stay Linux There are many tools to manage processes on , We use Supervisor To do this .

For two reasons :

①、 It's recommended by Microsoft's official document , Reduce learning costs .

②、 It's not necessarily the best , But it must be the most well documented .

1.3、Supervisor4 Big components

  • supervisord

The main process , Responsible for managing the process server, It creates a specified number of application child processes based on the configuration file , Manage the entire lifecycle of child processes , Yes crash Process restart , Send event notification to process changes, etc . At the same time, the built-in web server and XML-RPC Interface, Easy implementation of process management .. The configuration file for the service is in /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf.

  • supervisorctl

Command line tools for clients , Provide a similar shell Operation interface of , It allows you to connect to different supervisord Processes to manage their respective subroutines , Command to pass UNIX socket perhaps TCP To communicate with the service . The user sends a message to supervisord, You can view the process status , Load profile , Start stop process , View the process standard output and error output , Remote operation, etc . The server can also require the client to provide authentication before operation .

  • Web Server

superviosr Provides web server function , It can be done by web Control process ( Need to set up [inethttpserver] Configuration item )

  • XML-R- #supervisor

One Linux/Unix Process monitoring tools on the system

One Python General process management program developed

Can manage and monitor Linux The process above

Can turn a normal command line process into a background daemon, And monitor the process status , Automatically restarts when an exception exits

But the same daemontools equally , It can't monitor daemon process

1.4、 install Supervisor

It is recommended to log in as an administrator , If you are not an administrator, please use sudo Command to install .

Linux sudo Command to execute instructions as a system manager , in other words , Through sudo The instructions executed are like root Execute in person .

1、 install EPEL The source's command is as follows :

sudo yum -y install epel-release

2、 Execute the following command to install supervisor:

sudo yum -y install supervisor

3、 Set boot up :

systemctl enable supervisord

4、 start-up supervisord

systemctl start supervisord

5、 see supervisord state

systemctl status supervisord

1.5、Supervisor Configuration and use

adopt vi Order or xftp Open modify configuration file web Interface access , As shown in the figure below , Cancel separately inet_http_server Wait for four configuration comments :

vi /etc/supervisord.conf

Execute the following command , Reload the configuration file :

supervisorctl reload

Then open it in a browser http:// Yours ip:9001, Enter the user name we set above :user1, password :123456 after , As shown in the figure :

See the interface above , It means supervisor The installation is complete .

Switch to /etc/supervisord.d Catalog , Create a directory named :core50test.ini Of ini file , The contents are as follows :

# Indicates the program name , Used in supervisor It shows that , No special significance .
# Enter the execution command , This means that the execution is dotnet Core50Test.dll
command=/bin/bash -c "dotnet Core50Test.dll"
# Application root
# Auto start or not , When supervisor Start the configuration file as soon as it is loaded
# Whether to restart automatically , After the program exits abnormally, it will restart automatically
# The configuration file outputs the size of a single log file , Default 50M
# The number of log backups
# Log level
# Specify standard output log file
# environment variable
# The user who started the service
# hold stderr Redirect to stdout, Default false

The above code contains comment information , The reference abridged version is configured as follows :

command=/bin/bash -c "dotnet Core50Test.dll"

Be careful :stdout_logfile The folder you point to must be created first , Otherwise it won't start , The contents of the above configuration file need to be modified according to the actual situation of the user , For example, my current login user is :yonghu, If you are other, you can make corresponding modification .

Then execute the following command to reload the configuration :

supervisorctl reload

After the command is executed successfully , Refresh the browser , You can see the following interface :

When the interface shows running when , It means that we have just configured .net core The application is running .

As shown in the figure below .

We can easily pass supervisor Provided web The management interface starts and stops our application , Check the log and other operations , Very convenient , It's as smooth as silk .

Check the log :

1.6、Supervisor Common commands

### see supervisorctl Supported commands 
# supervisorctl help
default commands (type help <topic>):
add exit open reload restart start tail
avail fg pid remove shutdown status update
clear maintail quit reread signal stop version ### View the list of currently running processes
# supervisorctl status

  • update Update the new configuration to supervisord( It will not restart the program that was run )

  • reload, Load all configuration files , And start with the new configuration 、 Manage all processes ( It will restart the program that was run )

  • start xxx: Start a process

  • restart xxx: Restart a process

  • stop xxx: Stop a process (xxx),xxx by [program:theprogramname] The value of the configuration in

  • stop groupworker: Restart all that belongs to the groupworker This grouping process (start,restart Empathy )

  • stop all, Stop the whole process , notes :start、restart、stop Will not load the latest configuration file

  • reread, When a service is changed from automatic startup to manual startup, it will be executed as soon as possible ok

The most common commands are :

# Start all 
supervisorctl start all # Restart all
supervisorctl restart all # To stop all
supervisorctl stop all #PS: To operate a service , hold all Change it to a service name
# View service status
supervisorctl status

2、 Use Nginx

In the previous article , We've been able to make it very convenient for web The application is deployed and managed , But there's a problem , Our application is bound by default 5000 port , If you want to specify 80 How to deal with port or configuration domain name ? Now it's time to nginx Debut .

2.1、Nginx Introduce

Nginx It's a lightweight model Web The server / Reverse proxy server and email (IMAP/POP3) proxy server , stay BSD-like Issue under agreement . It is characterized by less memory , Strong concurrency , in fact nginx The concurrency ability of is better in the same type of web server , Used in mainland China nginx Website users have : Baidu 、 JD.COM 、 Sina 、 NetEase 、 tencent 、 Taobao, etc. .

2.2、Nginx install

Please refer to :

Installation prerequisites :

 sudo yum install -y yum-utils

Set up yum The repository , First create a file of content :/etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo

name=nginx stable repo
module_hotfixes=true [nginx-mainline]
name=nginx mainline repo

By default , Stable use nginx The repository of packages . If you want to use the main line nginx package , Please run the following command :

 yum-config-manager --enable nginx-mainline

Run the following command to install nginx:

 sudo yum install -y nginx

Set boot up :

systemctl enable nginx

start-up nginx:

 systemctl start nginx

here , You can go through ip Visited :http:// Yours ip, The interface is as follows :

2.3、Nginx Deploy

nginx After installation , Switch to /etc/nginx/conf.d Catalog , modify default.conf The contents of the document , As shown below :

server {
listen 80;
server_name localhost;
location / {
error_page 500 502 503 504 /50x.html;
location = /50x.html {
root /usr/share/nginx/html;

After the save , Execute the following command , Reload configuration :

nginx -s reload

Then visit again http:// Yours ip, If everything is normal, you should see the following interface , Means our .NET Core The program is running perfectly in linux The system .

If you encounter an error like this after deployment

There is such a problem , It's possible because SeLinux The limitation of , After executing the following command , Refresh the page again :

setenforce 0

selinux(security enhanced linux) Enhanced security linux System , It's a linux The kernel module , It's also linux A security subsystem of .

selinux The main function of is to minimize the resources that can be accessed by the service process in the system ( The principle of minimum authority )

If it can't be solved after setting , You can see nginx The Journal of , The default log path is :/var/log/nginx

adopt setenforce 0 command , It's just temporary effect , Failure after restart .

It can be modified by /etc/selinux/config file , take SELINUX=enforcing Change it to SELINUX=disabled, And then restart , It will take effect permanently .

Through the introduction of the last two articles , We need to update the app , Just submit the code to git Warehouse , And then execute it in the server git pull and dotnet publish that will do .

If you are familiar with shell Words , You can write shell Command one click to execute application updates , Code example :

# !/bin/bash
cd /root/app_data/source/core50test
git pull
dotnet publish -o /root/app_data/core50test/publish
supervisorctl restart core50test

Save the above code as sh file , Upload to server , And set permissions . As shown in the figure below :

Code commit to git After warehouse , Execute the following command :


The execution result is shown in the figure below :

Update and rerun , Has been updated .

There may be a small pit for some friends here. Pay attention to it ,shell There's no problem with the script , Execution will report errors like this

$'\r':command not found

The reason for this problem is windows The following file is wrapped with \r\n, and linux The system uses \n, If in win Upload the document under to linux, It's possible to have such a problem , Just use vi open shell Script files , Then use the command :set ff=unix, Save the file .

supervisor One as a guardian thread , To maintain the life cycle of an application ,nginx Is used as a reverse proxy , To configure shell It can be deployed efficiently , Very convenient .

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