Three steps to integrate activator monitoring function into your springboot

Yugong wants to move mountains 2021-01-21 12:18:50
steps integrate activator monitoring function


Sometimes we want to monitor the running status of our applications in real time , For example, display some index data in real time , Look at the traffic that's being visited all the time , Or the access status of our database and so on . It's time to Actuator 了 .

Use Actuator Are the benefits of , We can use this production level tool directly , You don't have to do it yourself .Actuator It can automatically help us expose this information , Use HTTP Or is it JMX beans The way to achieve . The main thing is that we are directly in properties Configuration in the file .

Let's see how to achieve :

Code implementation

Create a springboot project , I'm using Springboot2.4 Version of .

First step : Add dependency

<!-- Monitoring dependency -->

Dependence is so simple .

The second step : To configure

# Change the port of the application
#1、actuator The default is only on info and health Two endpoints
# The following configuration enables all endpoints :
management.endpoints.web.exposure.include= *
#2、 Turn on health monitoring data
#3、 Enable httptrace Endpoint
#4、 Every time you add actuator Prefixes are too cumbersome , Change the endpoint prefix path
management.endpoints.web.base-path= /

So a few configurations are added .

Now we can visit it directly .

The third step : Direct access

Because we configured our own base-path. So there's no need to add actuator The prefix of . Now access :


We'll see this picture when we visit , It looks a little ugly , But with this information , You can also format the display , At present, there are many open source projects that can be implemented automatically .

Other ports are as follows : The address above can be mappings Just change it .

EndPoints describe
auditevents Expose audit event information for the current application .
beans Show all of the Spring bean A complete list of .
caches Expose available cache .
conditions Shows the conditions evaluated on the configuration and autoconfiguration classes and why they match or do not match .
configprops Show a list of all the collations @ConfigurationProperties, View configuration properties , Include default configuration
env Reveal Spring Various environment variables for the properties of , Follow me /{name} See the specific values
flyway Show any... That has been applied Flyway Database migration .
health Display app health information ,2.0 In the future, it needs to be in the configuration show-details open k switch
httptrace Show HTTP Tracking information ,2.0 You need to open it manually in the future
info Display any application information , It's defined in the configuration file
integrationgraph Show Spring Integration chart .
loggers Display and modify the configuration of the recorder in the application .
liquibase Show any... That has been applied Liquibase Database migration .
metrics Display indicator information , Such as memory usage and HTTP Request count , You can follow /{name} See the specific values
mappings Show all @RequestMapping A list of paths .
scheduledtasks Show scheduled tasks in the application .
sessions Allow from Spring Session Retrieve and delete user sessions from supported session stores .
shutdown Allow the application to shut down normally .
threaddump Execute thread dump .

OK. It's basically like this .

by Actuator Add security validation

Like our Actuator I don't want to be seen by anyone else , So you can configure Spring security Add login . The way is as follows :

First step : Add dependency


The second step : stay properties Add the configuration to the file

#5、 Port information is seen by others how to do , You can add security fdd 123456 ADMIN

The user interface set here is fdd, password 123456, The role is ADMIN.

The third step : Re access the port address above

Re access the relevant port address , Will be redirected to the login page . Log in with the configured user name and password .

OK, This is simpler .

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