One 、 System environment planning

Server name

Project name


operating system

CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)

Docker edition



Two 、Docker brief introduction

Docker A container can be simply understood as a lightweight virtual machine , Containers are isolated from each other . There is isolation on the operating system between virtual machines and virtual machines , And between containers is process isolation .

Use Docker It can bring us great convenience , such as : You can create multiple containers on a single host , Use as multiple nodes ; Install multiple... On one machine MySQL example , Their ports are 3306; We can package our applications and so on .

Docker Official homepage :

Docker Official documents :

Docker Hub:


3、 ... and 、Docker Installation

Docker Running on the CentOS 7 On , The system is required to be 64 position 、 The kernel version of the system is 3.10 above .Docker Running on the CentOS-6.5 Or later CentOS On , The system is required to be 64 position 、 The kernel version of the system is 2.6.32-431 Or higher CentOS 7 In general, the kernel of is 3.10 Of , and CentOS 6.X In general, the kernel of is 2.6, stay 2.6 Under the core of ,Docker Running will be more card , So you usually choose to upgrade to 3.10 edition .


3.1、 Uninstall the old version of the system docker

yum remove -y docker docker-client docker-client-latest docker-common \

docker-latest docker-latest-logrotate docker-logrotate \

docker-selinux docker-engine-selinux docker-engine

3.2、 Install related dependency packages :

install docker You may report errors, missing packages, or low version of dependent packages , Install or upgrade dependent packages as appropriate .

yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2

3.3、 To configure docker Source

yum-config-manager --add-repo

3.4、 install docker

Before installation, we can check which ones are available docker edition

yum list docker-ce --showduplicates | sort -r

install docker: So here's what we installed 17.03.2 edition .

yum install -y --setopt=obsoletes=0 docker-ce-17.03.2.ce-1.el7.centos.x86_64 \


3.5、 We can also use the official script to install docker

curl -fsSL -o


Four 、 see Docker Version and related information

4.1、 installation is complete , see docker Version information

4.2、 start-up docker

installed docker The service is not started , Service start required .

systemctl enable docker

systemctl start docker

To start over , see docker Service status :

4.3、docker info see docker Related information

5、 ... and 、 Pull the image to create the container

Image( Mirror image ) and Container( Containers ) yes Docker Two basic concepts in .

Here Image It can be understood as the operating system image needed to create a virtual machine , in other words Image It's the image needed to create the container .

We need to pull images from the Internet : This is a centos 7.6 Mirror image

docker pull centos:7.6.1810

Pull over , View downloaded images :

With the image, we can use the image to create the container .

Of course, images of other versions can also be downloaded

download 7.8 Mirror image

[root@docker ~]# docker pull centos:7.8.2003

7.8.2003: Pulling from library/centos

9b4ebb48de8d: Pull complete

Digest: sha256:8540a199ad51c6b7b51492fa9fee27549fd11b3bb913e888ab2ccf77cbb72cc1

Status: Downloaded newer image for centos:7.8.2003

6、 ... and 、 Create a container

6.1、 We use docker ps perhaps docker ps -a Command to view all the container information , as follows , There are currently no containers , So let's create one .

docker run -d --name centos7_6_01 -h container_01 \

-p 220:22 \

--privileged=true \

centos:7.6.1810 /usr/sbin/init

Parameter interpretation :

--name centos7_6_01   Name the container :centos7_6_01

-h container_01 For containers hostname:container_01

-p 220:22    For will 22 Port maps to 220, That is to say, you can use 220 The port connects directly to this container

centos:7.6.1810 Choose which image to use to create the container

Creation completed ,docker ps Check out the current container :

Here we see a NAMES by centos7_6_01 The container .

There are two ways to get into a container , as follows :

docker exec -it  <NAMES>  bash

docker exec -it  <CONTAINER ID>  bash

That is, you can directly use the container name or container ID To enter

docker exec -it centos7_6_01 bash

docker exec -it ed20ee9b8226 bash

6.2、 Each container has its own IP Of ,IP You can specify... At creation time , It can also automatically generate .

6.3、 Modify container time :

After the container is created , The internal time is inconsistent with the host operating system , Need modification .

On the host operating system :

docker cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai centos7_6_01:/etc/localtime

After modification, enter the container again :

7、 ... and 、 Submit a container as an image template

Docker You can submit a container as a image, In other words, we can use a container as a template to create or copy a container , This can provide us with great convenience , Save more time .

such as : We are centos7_6_01 It's installed in the container MySQL Database and related configuration , We also need to create a container with the same environment and configuration centos7_6_02, So we're going to create an empty container first , Then go and install MySQL Database and other configuration information , Or just put centos7_6_01 As a template, copy a container directly ? Of course, it's faster and more efficient to copy one directly .

View the current container and image information as follows , We put name by centos7_6_01 The container is submitted as a template for our subsequent use , It can also be said that centos7_6_01 Replication to achieve an automated deployment function .

We put the container centos7_6_01 Submitted as centos7_6  Version is 2.0 A mirror image of :

docker commit centos7_6_01 centos7_6:2.0

Let's create a container with the newly created image : Create a file called mysql_01, The host name is mysql_01, Port is 221 The container of :

docker run -d --name mysql_01 -h mysql_01 \

-p 221:22  \

--privileged=true \

centos7_6:2.0 /usr/sbin/init

At this point we created mysql_01  The container is just like centos7_6_01 The containers are exactly the same .

Containers mysql_01  Have an independent ip Address .

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