In helping you solve code problems remotely , Found that many students have a common code problem : Code writing format is not standardized . Although the code writing specification does not affect the performance and operation of the program , But it affects people's first impression of your programming habits or abilities , At the same time, it will bring readers a different impression .

When I first came into programming , The format of code development is also arbitrary , Add a space here , Add a space there . Later, I was reminded by my friends , I started to follow < Alibaba Java Development Manual > To be strict with your . In the work also gradually discovered that , You're more likely to read code that's written in someone else's standard format . Let's start with a demo Contrast .

Code for getting started :

 int[] a={1,2,3,4,5};
int sum=0;
for(int i=0;i<a.length;i++){

Now write the code :

 int[] a = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};
int sum = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
sum += a[i];

Maybe based on the few lines of code above , You may think that there is no difference between the two code formats . But in the project , Often a Java There are hundreds of lines of code in the source file . If you write it in the first way , The code will look compact , It's very tiring to read , So in practice , It's basically written in the second way .

Next, take a look at the most basic code writing format specification .

Code format


1.if/for/while/switch/do Spaces must be added between reserved words and brackets

2. Any assignment operator =、 Logical operators &&、 Add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc 、 The left and right sides of the trinary operator should be filled with spaces

3.else And before and after the braces with spaces

4. Brackets ( There is no space between and the right adjacent character ; ) There are no spaces between the left and the adjacent characters ; And the left brace { You need a space before

5. There is only one space between the double slash of the comment and the comment content

6. Method parameters are defined and passed in , Multiple argument commas must be followed by spaces

The above comprehensive examples :

// abc Three parameter commas followed by spaces , Method ) and { There's a space between 
public static void test(int a, int b, int c) {
c = 0;
if (true) {
a = b + c;
} else {
a = a == 1 ? a : 1;

7. use 4 Space indent , No use tab character

If you use tab Indent , You have to set 1 individual tab by 4 A space .IDEA Set up tab by 4 When spaces , Do not tick Use tab character

8. In case of type cast , There is no space between the closing bracket and the cast value

 long first = 1000000000000L;
int second = (int)first + 2;

Line break

1. The number of characters in a single line is limited to 120 individual , Line break required for exceeding

2. Empty in braces , I'll just write it tersely {} that will do , There are no newlines and spaces between the braces

formula : Don't wrap before the left brace , Wrap after left brace ; Wrap before right brace , Right brace followed by else Wait for the code to wrap ; The closing brace representing the termination must be followed by a line break

3. Different logic 、 Different semantics 、 Insert a blank line between different business codes to improve readability

Naming specification

1. Names in the code cannot start and end with underscores or dollar symbols

2. Method name 、 Parameter name 、 Member variables 、 Local variables are used uniformly lowerCamelCase style .

3. It is forbidden to use mixed Chinese and English or Chinese Pinyin in any naming

4. stay long perhaps Long assignment , Use uppercase after value L, Can't be lowercase

Error model :

// 1 Should be name, You can use _ and $
int _name = 1;
int name$ = 2;
// 2 The right one is countSumAll
int countsumall = 0;
// 3 Pinyin should not be used , Should use the price To express the price
int jiage = 10;


Above are some of the most common code writing specifications . Include Java Other aspects, such as set operations, etc , All of these are here < Ali Java Development Manual > There's a trail to follow . So it's suggested that the buddies , At the beginning of learning Java When programming , Just ask yourself according to the specifications in the manual , Develop good coding habits .

Last , I hope you and I can encourage each other .

It's all about personal practice in daily work , From one's own point of view 0 writes 1, Make sure that you can really understand .

The article will be in the official account. [ The road from entry to giving up ] First episode , Looking forward to your attention .

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