Some time ago, I was working on a large screen project , A lot of use echarts Chart , Large screen has high requirements for design specifications , And the big screen project , Often for business reasons 、 Or because of data changes UI Design , The code of all charts is also changed in three days 、 A big change in five days

therefore , There is a unified... In the project echarts Chart configuration , Can unify all chart styles , Easy to modify , If there is a need for special settings , Re instantiate echarts You can just override the general configuration or expand the configuration by yourself

General configuration

encapsulation EchartUtil Tool class , Easy access to general configuration , And some related methods

General configuration mainly includes :
A unified grid size ;
A unified title Heading styles ;
A unified series of color;
A unified legend Location , style ;
A unified x Axis 、y Axis 、tooltip Of formatter Method ;
A unified series style ( for example bar、line etc. );
Unified text font 、 size 、 Color settings ;

formatter in , Have used to rich Rich text , In order to show the effect , At present, it is textStyle, The color is red , font size 10, When formatting , Traversal string , If the current character is a number , Change the style to blue , font size 12


Here's a simple chart :

0、 Preparation :

1、vue Project introduction echarts

2、 Create... Of specified width and height DOM Containers

1、 Introduce tool classes

import echartUtil from "@/utils/echartUtil"
import "@/assets/js/china.js"

2、 initialization echart

let echart = this.$echarts.init(document.getElementById('echart1'));

3、 Read general configuration

let option = echartUtil.getEchartOption();

4、 get data

let serieData = [];
let xAxisData = [' Monday ', ' Tuesday ', ' Wednesday ', ' Thursday ', ' Friday ', ' Saturday ', ' Sunday '];
let legendData = [
" clothes ",
" The trousers "
let metaDate = [

5、 Handle 、 Processing data

for (let i = 0; i < legendData.length; i++) {
let serie = echartUtil.getEchartOption().series;
if(i % 2 === 0){
serie.type = "bar";
serie.type = "line";
} = legendData[i]; = metaDate[i];

6、 Personalized configuration

option.tooltip.formatter = function (params) {
params["units"] = [" Pieces of "," strip "];
return echartUtil.getEchartOption().tooltip.formatter(params);
}; = " Company : Number "; = xAxisData; = legendData;
option.series = serieData;

7、 Charts use configuration


8、 Bind click event 、 And set up automatic carousel

echart.on("click", function (param) {
}); echartUtil.autoHover(echart);

The first chart below shows the effect of this simple example


Simple implementation of a common chart


echarts Chart , It's a common function in development , A good memory is better than a bad pen , I wish to record , So that we can draw later echarts There is a place to refer to the chart

Open source code

notes :admin The back-end database files are in admin Back end projects resources/sql Below directory

The code is open source 、 Trust to my GitHub、 Code cloud :


Code cloud :

PS: The code for this article is at the front end portal In the project

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