Think of it as a piece of software , In this software , You can also install other software , You can also add the environmental dependencies that the software needs , In this way, developers' programs can flow in different environments , Avoid the program “ The water ” The state of

Docker Structure diagram

It can be seen from the picture that :  operation Docker It can be divided into :  install Docker >> operation Docker service object >> Operating the mirror >> Container operation >> export

One .linux Install in Docker:

# 1、yum The package is updated to the latest 
yum update
# 2、 Install the required packages , yum-util Provide yum-config-manager function , The other two are devicemapper driving-dependent
yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2
# 3、 Set up yum Source
yum-config-manager --add-repo
# 4、 install docker, When the input interface appears, press y
yum install -y docker-ce
# 5、 see docker edition , Verify that the verification is successful
docker -v Two

e. operation Docker service object , Can be divided into 5 An instruction

1. View service status   systemctl status docker

2. Start the service   systemctl start docker

3. Out of Service   systemctl stop docker

4. Restart the service   systemctl resstart docker

5. Start up the service   systemctl enable docker

3、 ... and . Operating the mirror

1. View local image   : docker images

2. Search mirroring ( From the central warehouse ) Such as : docker search mysql

3. docker pull mysql 5.6( If not followed by the version number, download the official default version )

4.docker rmi + Mirror image ID

Four . Container operation

1. Create a container : docker run -it/id/create   --name=xxx( Omit not to write ) mysql:5.6( Mirror name : Version number )  /bin/bash  //-it: The open container is in interactive mode : After the command is executed, it goes directly into the container   -id: Guardian mode , The command does not enter the container after execution , But the container service starts create: To create a container , After the order is executed , The state of the container is waiting to be opened

2. Start the container :docker start xxx( Container name )

3. Into the container :docker exec xxx( Container name ) The container must be started to execute successfully

4. Exit the container :exit ( If the container is in interactive mode , The state of the container will change to the stop state after push out , If the container is in guard mode, exit is just exit window , The container doesn't stop ).

5. View started container docker ps  View all containers docker ps -a

6. View the container details : docker inspect

5、 ... and . export

1. Export a container as a mirror :docker commit  Containers id    Image name : Version number

2. Make a mirror image into j Compressed package ::docker save -o xxxx.jar( Package name ) Image name : Version number

3. Export a compressed package as a mirror :docker load -i xxxx.jar( Package name )

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