httponly: If you give someone cookie Set up httpOnly attribute , They can't get through JS Script Read the cookie Information about , But Application Manual modification in cookie, So it can only prevent XSS attack , It's not absolutely safe

Although set httponly After that, I can't get cookie, But it still exists xss Cross site statement , It's just the acquisition that's blocked cookie

 You can take the account number and password directly ,cookie Sign in .
The browser did not save the read password : need xss Generated from the login address , Hijacking with forms
The browser saves the account face : Produced in the background XSS, For example, storage type XSS

By hand xss Cross site loopholes :

The first level :

The second level :

 escaped , View the source code .

 There is htmlsecialchars() function :

 Converting symbols into physical labels ,xss Frequent filtering 

The second level :

 Close the front double quotes ,"><script>alert(1)</script>

The third level :

 Or right <> It's escaped , Use the form's mouse click Properties .

The fourth level :

The fifth level :

 In keywords onclick Filter ,on_click
With the help of a herf attribute , Create your own javascript Code
"><a href="javascript:alert(1)">

The sixth level :

 Continue with the code for level five , Find out herf Filtered , View the source code .

 Keywords are filtered , Use uppercase instead of 
"><a hRef="javaScript:alert(1)">

The seventh level :

 and upload-labs equally , There's no loop filtering in the code , So you can double write around 

The eighth level :

 Case write , Neither writing nor writing , Replace with unicode code 

The Ninth level :

 This level is almost difficult to complete without looking at the code , The code detects the presence of http://

The tenth level :


 View the source code , The discovery attribute is hidden, It's hidden .

The eleventh level :

 http referer head , Source of detection .
The browser detects this JS Whether the code comes from
CSRF Cross site request script , Source of detection . The administrator is in the login state , The login triggers a string of passwords for adding administrator accounts , An administrator is added . Source of detection , That's the same origin strategy of the browser , See if it's from the same domain , Not the same domain name is not accepted
token Verification will solve this problem This level is referer Head input &t_sort="type="="type="text"onclick="alert(1)"

Pass 12 :

 testing user-agent aizhan There are also cross sites in the Internet
The following levels are also various hidden attributes , It's basically similar , No more records .

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