I've been doing container based CI/CD, A simple idea of automatic deployment is :

  • from Git Repo play git tag, As a mirror image Tag
  • ssh Log in remotely to the deployment machine
  • Inject images into the deployment environment Tag, Pull the mirror image , Redeployment

Let's share how I stay K8s、docker-compose Image injection in TAG( Continuous deployment )?


be familiar with k8s My classmates know , K8s There is a powerful native configuration management tool :Kustomize Tools .

Kustomize Customize application configuration in a template free way , This simplifies the use of existing applications . Now? kustomize Have already used apply -k It's built in a way that kubectl.

It can be used here Kustomize Of edit Command modification is defined in Kustomization.yaml In the mirror TAG:

Here's a simple one Kustomization.yaml file :

kind: Kustomization
namespace: wd
- ../base
- name: hub.docker.com/eap/website // Original image name
newName: hub.docker.com/eap/website
newTag: v1.0.7-hotfix5 // Continuously modified Tag

When doing auto deployment , Generally by CI Import this Git Tag, As a mirror image Tag.

cd /home/wd-deploy/localdeploy/wd/overlays/
kustomize edit set image hub.docker.com/eap/website=hub.docker.com/eap/website:${TAG}
kustomize build . | kubectl apply -f -

The above deployment script : Get into Kustomization.yaml Catalog , towards Kustomization.yaml File injection new image Tag, Build and apply new configurations .


Docker Platforms don't have such good tools , Plaintext allows you to modify the image configuration .

We can use shell Script To modify the mirror configuration :

If you have a simple docker-compose.yml file :

version: '3'
image: username/app:d7s8f12
- 80:80

adopt shell The script modifies the string app: The back image Tag, Reach the goal of Tag Purpose

sed -E -i'' "s/(.*app:).*/\1$COMMIT/" 'docker-compose.yml'

Again , When doing automatic deployment , from CI Import this Git Tag, As a mirror image Tag.

cd /home/wd-deploy/app/
sed -E -i'' "s/(.*app:).*/\1$COMMIT/" 'docker-compose.yml'
docker-compose pull app && docker-compose up -d

The above deployment script : Get into docker-compose.yml Catalog , towards Compose File injection new image Tag, Pull the image and apply the new configuration .


In this paper, we record the direction of K8s, Docker-Compose Platform injection image Tag The way , Why should we focus on this ? Because of injection Tag It is a necessary process for automatic deployment .

This article is just a superficial 、 Simple injection of ideas (Devops Ecology has many components to do this ), Welcome to leave more messages , Take me on the road .

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