Today in the learning status bar , There are a lot of problems , Record here .

To create a status bar, use :CreateStatusWindow

CreateStatusWindow Function to create a status window , Usually used to show the state of an application . The window is usually displayed at the bottom of the parent window , It contains the specified text .

HWND CreateStatusWindow(

LONG, // Status bar style

LPCTSTR, // The first string pointer to display

HWND, // Parent window handle

UINT); // The control identifier of the status window


【 style 】

The window style of the status window . This parameter must contain WS_CHILD style , And it should also include WS_VISIBLE style .


Pointer to a null terminated string that specifies the status text of the first part .


Process to parent window .


The control identifier of the status window . The window procedure uses this value to identify the message sent to the parent window .

Return value

If the function succeeds , The return value is the handle to the status window .

If the function fails , The return value is NULL.


CreateStatusWindow Function call CreateWindow Function creation window . It passes parameters to CreateWindow Without modification , And will position,width and height The parameter is set to the default value .

So you can also use CreateWindow To create , Let's talk about this later .

// This is the global status bar handle I created HWND hWndStatus
// You also need to define a status bar by yourself ID Number
#define IDC_STATUS1 10001

stay OnInitDialog() Function to add :

hWndStatus = ::CreateStatusWindow(WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | SBS_SIZEGRIP,
NULL, m_hWnd, IDC_STATUS1); // Create status bar

RECT rect;
GetClientRect(m_hWnd, &rect); // Get the size of the window
int nWith = rect.right / 6; // Divide the window into six parts

// This is the width of each grid , I don't understand why it's like this , The head is a little big , You said it was x The coordinates are not right either ,
// I'm dividing it into three squares , The first grid point 4 Share , therefore * There's a 4, Both of the latter two take a share ,
// If it's the last one to fill the remaining space, write the last one as -1, The array format is :
//int nWiths[3]={nWitch,nWitch*2,-1};

int nWiths[3] = { nWith * 4,nWith * 5,nWith * 6 }; ::SendMessage(hWndStatus, SB_SETPARTS, 3, (LPARAM)(long)nWiths);
::MoveWindow(hWndStatus, 0, 0, 0, 0, TRUE);

It's basically like this

A blank , There is nothing .

// Write to the corresponding grid in the state ,WPARAM The parameter is the index value of the format
::SendMessage(hWndStatus, SB_SETTEXT, 0, (long)TEXT(" Be ready "));
::SendMessage(hWndStatus, SB_SETTEXT, 1, (long)TEXT(" system time "));
::SendMessage(hWndStatus, SB_SETTEXT, 2, (long)TEXT(" system time 2"));

Finally, in the form WM_SIZE The notification status bar in the message adapts itself to the size of the form ,

RECT rect;
GetClientRect(m_hWnd, &rect);
int nWith = rect.right / 6;
int sWiths[3] = { nWith * 4 ,nWith * 5,nWith * 6 }; ::SendMessage(hWndStatus, SB_SETPARTS, 3, (LPARAM)(long)sWiths);
::MoveWindow(hWndStatus, 0, 0, 0, 0, TRUE);

That's about it , The rest will be studied later

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