Linux Ubuntu The system version passed Crontab Set the execution of scheduled tasks

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1 crontab A brief introduction and the use of grammar

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2 Ubuntu Use crontab

2.1 Ubuntu in crontab Simple commands for
# See if it is installed crontab
crontab -l
# Ubuntu adopt apt Command to install crontab Software
apt-get-install cron
# start-up
service cron start
# restart
service cron restart
# stop it
service cron stop
# Check status
service cron stop
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2.2 Create... That needs to be executed on a regular basis bash Script files
# Create a test The file of , Write the contents of the timing task in this file 
vim test
# establish output.txt This file is used to receive the output of the timing task in the following steps
touch output.txt
# Write the following in the created file
# It runs every minute date Command to go at the same time /home/soft/output.txt Write the output to the file
* * * * * date >> /home/soft/output.txt
2.3 Execute timing task file
# Load the written timing task file to cron in , This step is important 
crontab test
# restart crontab
service cron restart
# View the scheduled tasks under the current user
crontab -l
root@incercadi:/home/soft/# crontab -l
* * * * * date >> /home/soft/output.txt
# After a few minutes, check whether the scheduled task is successful , If the content is written in it, the timing task runs successfully
cat /home/soft/output.txt

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