SpringMVC Static resource access

Let's talk about access to static resources

First , We need to web.xml Inside DispatcherServlet Set it up

<!-- Central scheduler -->
<!--tomcat Once started, the central scheduler can be loaded , As long as the number is greater than 0 that will do -->
url-pattern Set to :"/", When you use "/", He'll take the place Tomcat Medium default,
Cause all the resources to DispatcherServlet Handle , By default DispatcherServlet
No ability to handle static resources , No controller object can handle access to static resources , So it leads to static resources
Access failures are 404, The dynamic proxy can access it normally . If not set url-pattern Set to :"/",
There is no static resource that cannot be accessed

Due to the url-pattern by :"/", Next we need to set up springmvc Configuration file for , Make static resources accessible to . There are two ways

  1. The first way
<!-- Add the tag -->
<mvc:default-servlet-handler />
principle :
Add a processor object to the program memory :DefaultServletHttpRquestHandler.
Let the object forward the received request to Tomcat Of default This servlet.
But this label is related to @RequestMapping There is a conflict in this annotation , So we need to add annotation driven :<mvc:annotation-driven />
<mvc:annotation-driven />
  1. The second way
Use... In the frame :<mvc:resource mapping="" location=""/> label ,
After the tag is added, the framework will create itself ResourceHttpRequestHandler This processor object .
Let this object handle access to static resources , Don't depend on Tomcat The server . The label is associated with @RequestMapping
There are conflicting annotations , Need to annotate drive :<mvc:annotation-driven />
Parameters :
location: The location of static resources in your project
mapping: Access to static resources URI Address , Use wildcards ** , It stands for any
All static resources in parameters can be accessed
<mvc:resources location="/img/" mapping="/img/**"/>

All right. , That's what it's like to be a rookie right now springmvc Mastery of static resource access . Welcome to leave a message

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