Spring can still play like this! Ali's new spring product has successfully overturned my understanding of spring!

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For everyone Java For developers , mention Spring It must be no stranger , In fact the Spring Since the birth of the framework , It's very popular with developers , Basically, today's Internet companies have to use Spring frame .


The details are as follows :




  • Spring  With  Bean( object )  Centered , Provide IOC、AOP And so on .

  • Spring Boot  With  Application( application )  Centered , Provide automatic configuration 、 Monitoring and other functions .

  • Spring Cloud  With  Service( service )  Centered , Registration and discovery of services provided 、 Service call and load balancing .


Let's have a look first Spring Cloud Official brief introduction to myself :


FROM https://github.com/spring-cloud

Tools for building common patterns in distributed systems with Spring


  • be based on Spring Building distributed systems Toolset , abbreviation “Spring Family bucket ”.


In fact for Spring Use , As a leader in the industry , Alibaba developers have the most say , What we want to share today is the most popular one inside Alibaba “Spring Growth notes ”, It's not just a family barrel , Introduction to actual combat , Look at it and call : It's so complete !



This note includes : Introduction to microservice 、 Microframets Spring Boot、 Service registration and discovery 、 Service providers and consumers 、 template engine 、 Avalanche and fusing of services 、 Distributed configuration center 、API gateway 、Cloud Foundry、 Message driven 、 Single sign on 、Activity workflow 、ElasticSearch、ELK Stack、 Multithreading 、Redis Cache technology 、 Microservice monitoring 、API file 、 Continuous integration and Canary deployment , Finally SpringCloud Actual combat cases to further drill Spring Cloud Microservice solutions for .


Due to the length of the article, I'll show you some screenshots , I'd like to learn to read it completely PDF Version of the friends can like to follow after adding a small assistant vx:bjmsb2020 Free access



This book consists of 21 Chapter , First, from the micro service infrastructure Spring Boot Speak up ; Secondly, it focuses on Spring Cloud The core component of ; Finally, the related technologies of microservice are introduced .








Excellent content presentation

This document uses a lot of code and case analysis , The writing is in simple language 、 illustrated , Use the dull theoretical knowledge with humor 、 Simple and straightforward spoken language .












At the end

This book puts aside profound theoretical Provisions , In addition to the introduction of necessary basic theoretical knowledge , Never be greedy for perfection , Special emphasis on practical operation 、 Quick start , It's not limited to gestures and demonstrations , Pay more attention to actual combat display —— From how to create Spring Boot、 How to register a service , To call a service 、 Service failure 、 case analysis . With the introduction of this book , Your Spring Cloud The journey of learning is bound to be an unforgettable experience . Add a little assistant after you like it vx:bjmsb2020 Free access


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