JavaScript performance optimization [inline cache] V8 engine features

Yang Zhoulong 2021-02-23 15:07:49
javascript performance optimization inline cache

javascript A single thread 、 Dynamic type language , So how do we code for the best performance ? I'll talk about V8 Inline optimization of the engine . With inline caching, we can write better code .

What is inline caching

Quoting the official description : inline caching (Inline caching) It is the optimization technology adopted by the runtime system of some programming languages , The earliest is Smalltalk Development . The goal of inline caching is through Remember to go directly to the call point before To speed up method binding at run time by using the results of method queries . Inline caching is particularly useful for dynamically typed languages , Most of them ( If not all ) Method binding occurs at run time , So virtual method tables are usually not available .

  • We can understand it as javascript Every time the stack is executed, an external function is called 、 Object to generate address cache records , When the next execution reaches this location, the corresponding record will be directly retrieved from the cache , Save the process of rediscovering, from speeding up program execution .

Convert to code

Analog computing logic ( Pseudo code )
In order to better present the optimization of inline cache , We make the logic of all methods of the object consistent .
 let value = 0
const Calculator = {
add1(val) {
value += val
add2(val) {
value += val
add3(val) {
value += val
add4(val) {
value += val
add5(val) {
value += val
add6(val) {
value += val
add7(val) {
value += val
add8(val) {
value += val
add9(val) {
value += val
add10(val) {
value += val
Code that doesn't use inline optimization strategies
 function notOptimization(val, type) {
Calculator[type](val) // Dynamically executing functions , The address cannot be determined at the current point
const CalculatorKey = Object.keys(Calculator)
for(let i = 0; i < 1000000; i ++) {
const key = CalculatorKey[Math.floor(Math.random() * CalculatorKey.length)]
notOptimization(1, key)

The above code uses hash to quickly find the corresponding function , But abandon the inline caching policy . Code 5 The first execution result , Average is 80ms about
 Insert picture description here

Use inline cache policy code
 function optimization(val, type) {
if (type === 'add1')
else if (type === 'add2')
else if (type === 'add3')
else if (type === 'add4')
else if (type === 'add5')
else if (type === 'add6')
else if (type === 'add7')
else if (type === 'add8')
else if (type === 'add9')
const CalculatorKey = Object.keys(Calculator)
for(let i = 0; i < 1000000; i ++) {
const key = CalculatorKey[Math.floor(Math.random() * CalculatorKey.length)]
optimization(1, key)

This code uses multiple layers if else Make function calls ( In order to optimize the inline cache policy , It should be used correctly switch Or array lookup ), Let's look at execution 5 Secondary results , Speed is 55~50ms
 Insert picture description here

summary , So in the coding process, we try to use less dynamic call operations , But relative object property values get hashes 、 The way arrays work is much faster than if、switch Of
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