Redis Cluster

Mango milk 2021-02-23 15:38:07
redis cluster


yum install -y epel-release
yum install -y redis
vi /etc/redis.conf
protected-mode yes
port 6379
tcp-backlog 65535
syslog-enabled yes
logfile /dev/null
maxclients 51200
timeout 0
tcp-keepalive 300
daemonize yes
supervised no
pidfile /var/run/
loglevel notice
databases 16
always-show-logo yes
stop-writes-on-bgsave-error yes
rdbcompression yes
rdbchecksum yes
dbfilename dump.rdb
dir /var/lib/redis
replica-serve-stale-data yes
replica-read-only yes
repl-diskless-sync no
repl-diskless-sync-delay 5
repl-disable-tcp-nodelay no
replica-priority 100
lazyfree-lazy-eviction no
lazyfree-lazy-expire no
lazyfree-lazy-server-del no
replica-lazy-flush no
appendonly no
appendfilename "appendonly.aof"
appendfsync everysec
no-appendfsync-on-rewrite no
auto-aof-rewrite-percentage 100
auto-aof-rewrite-min-size 64mb
aof-load-truncated yes
aof-use-rdb-preamble yes
lua-time-limit 5000
slowlog-log-slower-than 10000
slowlog-max-len 128
latency-monitor-threshold 0
notify-keyspace-events ""
hash-max-ziplist-entries 512
hash-max-ziplist-value 64
list-max-ziplist-size -2
list-compress-depth 0
set-max-intset-entries 512
zset-max-ziplist-entries 128
zset-max-ziplist-value 64
hll-sparse-max-bytes 3000
stream-node-max-bytes 4096
stream-node-max-entries 100
activerehashing yes
client-output-buffer-limit normal 0 0 0
client-output-buffer-limit replica 256mb 64mb 60
client-output-buffer-limit pubsub 32mb 8mb 60
hz 10
dynamic-hz yes
aof-rewrite-incremental-fsync yes
rdb-save-incremental-fsync yes
vi /etc/redis-sentinel.conf
port 26379
bind LocalhostIP
syslog-enabled yes
dir /tmp
### monitor mymaster master server , Yes 2 individual sentinel Subjectively believe that master down, I agree master Transfer
sentinel monitor mymaster MASTERIP 6379 2
### stay 3000 millisecond (3s) I can't talk to master signal communication (ping perhaps info), Think master down
sentinel down-after-milliseconds mymaster 3000
### This configuration item specifies what is happening failover How many can there be at most during the primary / standby handover slave Simultaneously on the new master To synchronize , The smaller the number , complete failover The longer it takes , But if the number is bigger
### It means the more slave because replication And is not available . You can do this by setting this value to zero 1 To make sure there's only one at a time slave In a state where command requests cannot be processed .
sentinel parallel-syncs mymaster 1
### The same sentinel To the same master two failover The time between
### When one slave From a wrong one master Where the synchronized data starts to calculate the time , until slave Corrected to be correct master Where the data is synchronized
### When you want to cancel an ongoing failover The time required .
### When doing failover when , Configure all slaves Point to the new master Maximum time required . however , Even after this timeout ,slaves It will still be correctly configured to point master, But it won't parallel-syncs Matching
### Here are the rules of the game .
sentinel failover-timeout mymaster 180000
install redis, modify redis.conf The configuration file , Point to master
Enter cluster execution
slaveof 6379
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