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k8s-cronjob cronjob



cron job -> (0-2)job -> pod
One CronJob Object similar to crontab (cron table) A line in a document . It periodically runs a Job
Cron Job During each scheduling run time Probably Will create a Job object . The reason why we say Probably , It's because in a particular environment, you might create two Job, Or a Job None of them were created . We're trying to reduce that , But it can't be completely avoided . therefore , establish Job The operation should be _ idempotent _.
Job Based on what it creates Pod Parallelism of , Responsible for creating Pod, And decided on this group Pod Success or failure of . Cron Job I'm not going to check at all Pod
-- see cronjob
kubectl get cronjob -n niuniu
kubectl get cronjob -n niuniu --watch
apiVersion: batch/v1beta1
kind: CronJob
namespace: niuniu
name: autocheckout
app: cron
schedule: "*/1 * * * *"
concurrencyPolicy: Allow
startingDeadlineSeconds: 300
successfulJobsHistoryLimit: 1
failedJobsHistoryLimit: 1
.spec.startingDeadlineSeconds Fields are optional . It means start Job Time limit of ( Second level ), If the scheduled time is missed for any reason , So what's missing execution time Job Will be considered a failure . If not specified , There is no deadline
Concurrency strategy
.spec.concurrencyPolicy Fields are also optional . It specifies how to deal with being Cron Job Created Job Concurrent execution of . Only one of the following policies is allowed to be specified :
Allow( Default ): Allow concurrent runs Job
Forbid: Prohibit concurrent running , If the previous one hasn't been completed yet , Then skip the next one
Replace: Cancel the currently running Job, Replace... With a new one
Be careful , The current policy can only be applied to the same Cron Job Created Job. If there are multiple Cron Job, They were created Job Always allow concurrent runs between .
Hang up
.spec.suspend Fields are also optional . If set to true, All subsequent execution will be suspended . It's about what's already being done Job It doesn't work . The default value is false.
Job Historical limitations
.spec.successfulJobsHistoryLimit and .spec.failedJobsHistoryLimit
They specify that completion and failure can be retained Job The limit of quantity .
There are no restrictions by default , All the success and failure Job Will be preserved . However , When running a Cron Job when , It's going to pile up a lot soon Job, It is recommended to set the values of these two fields . Set the limit value to 0, Related types of Job It will not be retained after completion .
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