What is the relationship between spring transactions, asynchrony, and circular dependencies?

Programmer Xiaohang 2021-02-23 16:46:36
relationship spring transactions asynchrony circular


There is a kind of circular dependency in circular dependency , It's self injection : Depend on yourself .

Self injection of transactions

stay Spring Self calling transaction failure , How did you solve it ? Some small partners suggest that they can inject themselves to solve the transaction failure .

The specific usage is as follows :

public class OrderBizServiceImpl implements OrderBizService {
// Inject yourself
private OrderBizService orderBizService;
public void callBack() throws Exception {
// A series of logic
// Transaction operation is needed to update order and user amount
@Transactional(rollbackFor = Exception.class)
public void updateOrderStatusAndUserBalance() throws Exception {
// Inside is transaction logic

Did you find something amazing , The transaction is in effect .

In fact, I put myself in here , It's actually a proxy object injected , Mediation , It is also the transaction of the proxy object of the call , So the transaction takes effect .

Spring Transaction failure reason : Transactions can only be applied to public It works in a way ; Transactions need to be called from outside ,Spring Self calls will fail ; Suggested transaction notes @Transactional It is usually added to the implementation class .

Asynchronous self injection

Find out @Transactional Annotations can be self injected to solve the problem of transaction invalidation , In some development , It's natural to think of @Async Can asynchrony also self inject to solve the problem of loop dependence .

NO, NO, NO……

The facts tell us that it's impossible !

Start with mistakes :

Throw the exception part doCreateBean

Start pushing up exposedObject == bean There's something wrong with this one .

That is to say, when it's asynchronous , Again, the data obtained from the L2 cache is not the same as the initial one .

Object earlySingletonReference = getSingleton(beanName, false);

Get it again from the L2 cache Bean

This time, we found that it was different, so we reported an error .

Let's start. Debug, According to the logic of circular dependency , Execute to populateBean when , Attribute assignment , Find yourself dependent , At this point, you create yourself .

perform singleton.getObject Method



And at this point getEarlyBeanReference First judge InfrastructureAdvisorAutoProxyCreator true call wrapIfNecessary Determine whether to generate a proxy object , There is no proxy object generated here .

And then start performing asynchronous AsyncAnnotationBeanPostProcessor Judgment for false. So there is no asynchronous generation of proxy object logic .

So keep looking down

It's normal at this point

Enter into initializeBean The logic of , There's a part called applyBeanPostProcessorsAfterInitialization

Aspect partner search , So post the code keywords .IDEA Use ⌘ + Shift + F Search for .


Loop execution post processor :

It's found that the execution is complete AsyncAnnotationBeanPostProcessor This PostProcessor after , The object has been changed . This results in the second level cache and the current Bean Different .

That's why @Async Self calling cannot , Because the proxy modifies the object in the later initialization phase .

@Transactional Why can we ?



First judge InfrastructureAdvisorAutoProxyCreator true Generate a proxy object .

Generate proxy objects

The processor of the transaction PersistenceExceptionTranslationPostProcessor It's not implemented .

continue Debug Focus on applyBeanPostProcessorsAfterInitialization

end of execution , Find out Bean No change .


  • @Transactional: The proxy object is generated when the circular dependency is upgraded from the second level cache to the third level cache .
  • @Async: It's in the initialization phase (initializeBean) To generate proxy objects . then @Async It leads to the following judgment exposedObject == bean by false , To throw an exception .

Self injection

As you can see, there are two places in the diagram where BeanPostProcessor :

  1. stay singletonFactory.getObject when , If it is SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor Subclasses of execute getEarlyBeanReference Method .
  2. stay initializeBean Of applyBeanPostProcessorsAfterInitialization Will perform all BeanPostProcessor Of postProcessAfterInitialization Methods .

There are other places where the post processor is executing , such as applyBeanPostProcessorsBeforeInitialization , It's just that we focus on these two things .

In both cases, it is possible to generate proxy objects , @Transactional Is in getEarlyBeanReference Proxy object generated at , So I'll judge later Bean Whether it is changed or not true, and @Async The proxy object is generated asynchronously later , So the judgment doesn't pass .

thus , Analysis complete , The error of , Welcome to correct

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