IntelliJ idea can also draw mind maps. It's really the strongest ide!

Java technology stack 2021-02-23 16:57:46
intellij idea draw mind maps.

Recently, the stack leader found that IntelliJ IDEA Even drawing mind maps , It's awesome !

Of course, it depends on IDEA Of UML plug-in unit , Because it's also a UML chart , So this article starts with UML The picture is torn open , see IDEA How to draw mind map , By the way, I'll show you what is UML chart .

What is? UML?

UML Full name :Unified Modeling Language, Unified modeling language , from OMG organization (Object Management Group Object management organization ) On 1997 Released in .

UML It's a modeling tool for object-oriented design , Is independent of any specific programming language ,UML Graphics can be defined in a simple and intuitive language .

If you don't know what it is UML chart , Let's give you an example , For example, we often encounter design patterns must use class diagrams , And the sequence diagram used in the business process , These classic UML The picture has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

Actually ,UML The picture is much more than that ,UML The diagram also includes sequence diagrams 、 Use case diagram 、 Class diagram 、 Activity diagrams 、 Collaboration map 、 Component diagram 、 Object graph 、 State diagram 、 Interaction diagram 、 Deployment diagram, etc .

Online painting UML

We can go through PlantUML Website online painting UML chart ,PlantUML It's an open source project , Support fast rendering of various UML chart .

PlantUML website :

As long as you are familiar with UML Grammar of language , You can easily draw this kind of map .

IDE Plug in painting UML

PlantUML It also provides Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA plug-in unit , This article takes IDEA For example , Can be in IDEA Plugins Search inside "PlantUML" Can be installed , more IDEA Plugins and tutorials focus on official account Java Technology stack reply "IDEA" obtain .

After installation , Through the menu New > PlantUML File To create a UML chart :

After clicking on the menu , Will let you type in UML Graphic file name , And choice UML Picture type .

You can see everything you can create from here UML Picture type , There's an organization chart below 、 Prototype map , And now the more popular mind map , But these paintings are very abrupt , Not really recommended , Now I'll show you .

For example, we create a classic class diagram (Class):

On the left is the default generation UML Class diagram source code , On the right is UML Graphic generation area , But it's wrong , Say we can't find it Graphviz This dependence , It needs to be installed .

Graphviz Download address :

The installation mode of each operating system is provided above , Restart after the installation is complete IntelliJ IDEA that will do .

After reboot , You can see the classic UML Class diagram :

PlantUML Plug ins can also generate the following UML chart , And with default template .

Sequence diagram :

Use case diagram :

Activity diagrams :

State diagram :

Mind mapping :

It 's bullshit , A dozen lines of code generate a mind map , But this mind map looks classic , Suitable for some simple mind maps , For other more complex mind maps, it is more convenient to use other professional tools .

Organization chart :

Prototype map :

You can see that some graphs are not very suitable for use UML To draw ,UML They all use code to generate graphics , There is a certain learning cost , in addition , Compared with other drawing tools on the market , Whether it's beautiful 、 Or efficiency , There is still a gap . Of course , If you don't want to be beautiful , The graphics are simple ,UML I can still satisfy you .

This article only introduces how to use web page and IDEA Plug in to draw UML chart ,UML Grammar and design are not the focus of this article , Interested can search online learning , Official account Java Technology stack , Reply keywords in the background "PlantUML" You can also get a full version of the Chinese tutorial .

IDEA Fragrance is fragrance , You might say that there is a charge for using it , In fact, it also has an open source community version , Charging professional version is also easy to apply for the activation code , Official account Java Technology stack , reply :IDEA, You can read what I've shared to get the original IDEA Activation code tutorial , A lot of fans said that they got it easily , Anyone interested can apply for , It can't be too easy .

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You can use it in your work UML Picture ? Welcome to share ~

Copyright notice : The official account is No. "Java Technology stack " original , It's not easy to be original , Reprint 、 Please indicate the source of this article , No plagiarism 、 Manuscript preparation , Please take care of yourself , Respect other people's labor achievements and intellectual property rights .

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