Why do java development engineers have high salaries, but many people want to change careers?

Java architecture Club 2021-02-23 17:06:38
java development engineers high salaries

The development of technology has created the position of programmer , Judging from the income level of some employees exposed by major Internet companies in recent years , The salary of programmers is relatively high , But we heard another voice on the Internet , Many programmers want to change careers , Especially older programmers , This may make many people wonder . Why do you want to change your career with such a high salary ? In fact, they are helpless , You can see from the following points .


1、 Programmers work overtime , Often stay up late

IT The industry is a very fast-paced industry , The faster the project goes to market , We can seize business opportunities faster , To speed up the project , The schedule of the project is also quite tight , So programmers often work overtime , There are other reasons for working overtime , After we design the requirements of the project , In order to meet the needs of users or customers , The detailed plan of the project we have designed has to be revised in the middle of the way , The estimated planning time is not enough , But in order to catch up with the progress of the project , The words of recruitment , It's too late to get used to work , The most convenient and fast , The most effective way is to work overtime . So programmers work overtime more , And often need to work overtime at night .


2、 Programmers are getting older , Physical strength can't keep up with

From the above we know that programmers work overtime 、 Stay up late , So it takes a lot of energy . Because often in overload working condition , With the increase of working years , The growth of age , Physical strength and energy will decline . Young people , Good health may not be a problem , But older programmers have a lot to work with , Especially programmers with families , Taking care of your family can also distract you . So a lot of people say that programmers are a young career , Although not all right , But there is also a certain reason .


3、 Repetitive actions , Fatigue at work

Due to the long time focus on the development of a field , From one project to another , A lot of work is repetitive . A technical point to do for a long time , Although will do more and more skilled , But the programmer's work is famous for its high pressure , The task is very intense , It's easy for programmers to get bored . Most programmers still like to challenge new technology , Develop creative functions . But under the heavy development task , There's no more time to learn new technology . Often many software products require maturity and stability is the key . I often hear about people in the industry . Work well , All of a sudden, I have the idea of whether I want to be a programmer or not . It's also a “ Career boredom ” The performance of the .


4、 The body is prone to health problems

Programmers often work overtime and stay up late, which makes programmers in sub-health state , Staying up late affects body function and detoxification . Often eat irregular prone to gastrointestinal diseases , Programmers often stay up late at night to work overtime , In the morning to make up a big lazy , Often rush to breakfast or simply do not eat breakfast , I often rush for work during lunch , Just solve it , Dinner is often late . Because of the lateness , I'm hungry , Then eat a big meal to make up for the energy of the day , This diet is irregular , It's easy for the stomach to get sick . Long time on the computer , The radiation of the computer is very harmful to the eyes , It's not just myopia , It can also make the eyes uncomfortable . The lumbar vertebrae will be worn out because of sitting for a long time .



Programmers are relatively well paid , More or less because of the above reasons, programmers have the idea of changing careers , It's understandable , What I want to say is , Whether a programmer changes his career or not , We should pay attention to our health at work , Mix a , With a good body , To work better . To be more efficient . We programmers should pay more attention to improving ourselves in the work , Technology updates are very fast , We should keep up with the development of science and technology . At the same time, do a good job in career planning , No matter the transfer or further development , We should all make preparations according to our own plan in advance , That's what's good for .

If you want to learn Java The following is a set of course system for programmers in our company , The content is full of the latest technical knowledge of the Internet , Make good use of every minute and second to learn and improve yourself , No more " don't have time “ To cover up my mental laziness ! young , Work hard , Give future self an account !

One : Common patterns and tools

Study Java Technical system , Design patterns , Popular frameworks and components are essential :



Two : Engineering and tools

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first , Whether it's Xiaobai , Or senior development , play Java Technical system , Choose a good tool , Improve development efficiency and team cooperation efficiency , Is essential :



3、 ... and : Distributed architecture

High concurrency , High availability , Huge amounts of data , Without the knowledge of distributed architecture, we can't play around :



Four : Microservice architecture

Business is getting more and more complex , Service layering , Microservice architecture is the only way to upgrade the architecture ,Java Technical system , What are the technologies related to microservices ?



5、 ... and : Foundation construction

Anything out of detail ppt Architects are all hooligans , Up can strategize , Downward can solve a linear energy problem ,Java Technical system , Need to know :



6、 ... and :B2C Shopping Mall

That goes without saying , As an architect , How can we not have actual combat experience ?



Here, I have prepared the learning materials related to mapping for you , And interview materials and programming books .( Suitable for all Java Engineering )

Data acquisition method

Click on the portal It's free obtain !

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