Spring 2021 chainlink virtual hacking announcement

Chainlink 2021-02-23 18:39:44
spring chainlink virtual hacking announcement

Original title :Announcing the Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon
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reference post: https://blog.chain.link/chainlink-hackathon-2020-building-universally-connected-smart-contracts/ 

We are pleased to announce ,2021 Spring of the year Chainlink Virtual hacker Registration is now open ! In order to accelerate the wave of continuous innovation in the smart contract ecosystem , Our spring hack pine will provide developers around the world with an opportunity to work with other community members , And take this opportunity to learn from top projects and engineers in the field , Use industry leading Chainlink Oracle networks build the next generation dApps, At the same time, there is a chance to surpass 8 To win a prize in a million dollar prize pool .

2021 In the spring of 2007, hackers were ready to launch new projects for these , And use the widely used Chainlink Oracle solutions connect their contracts to real world data and systems at all levels of experience for smart contract developers . You will be able to gain hands-on experience in developing smart contract applications , At the same time DeFi、NFT With the support of engineers and industry leaders in the blockchain game ecosystem , Easy to master Chainlink All kinds of Oracle functions .
Global Virtual hackers 2021 year 3 month 15 solstice 4 month 11 Saturday, , And it's free . Register now Guaranteed seats , Read on to learn more about bonuses , More details on sponsors and other hacking resources , It will help to participate in the competition that starts next month .

exceed 8 $10000 bonus for hackers

Hackers will have the opportunity to participate from more than 8 To compete for the prize in the $10000 prize pool , The prize category covers DeFi And games . Entries will be judged by celebrities in the field , These include Chainlink cofounder Sergey Nazarov,Off-Chain Labs cofounder Ed Felten,Avalanche founder Emin Gün Sirer, as well as Aave cofounder Stani Kulechov etc. .

We've been looking for the right answer Chainlink Unique integration of , So as to show and expand the applicability of smart contract and blockchain Oracle . Hackers of the past have taken Chainlink For all kinds of applications , Such as Connect Tesla vehicle API To smart contract , Marine insurance smart contract And RFID Hardware integration etc. . Many of the previous Chainlink Hackers and winners have joined the top projects in the field , Some even launched their own projects .

Prize Categories

Category of awards

  • 8,000 dollar Top prize . Use it in a unique and eye-catching way Chainlink The overall best project .
  • 3,000 dollar DeFi prize . Used in centralized financial application projects Chainlink The Champion Award of Oracle .
  • 3,000 dollar Game Awards . Use Chainlink The winner of the smart contract game project .
  • 3,000 dollar Open source Award . Use Chainlink Solutions to build open source ecological project Champion Award .
  • And then there is 14 individual 500 The second prize of US dollar

If you are new to smart contract development , You can submit your project to win Dapp University Free courses for . Besides , Every developer who submits a valid project will receive 1 LINK token economy .

Partner rewards

Use Chainlink Oracle and hackson partner technology development projects are also eligible for more than 4.5 $10000 Partner Award , So please make good use of it Chainlink Flexibility to span different platforms and environments . It's a great opportunity to win a prize and get your work ahead of the most famous projects in blockchain . The judges from the hackersson partnership project will review the work of . Partner awards include :

  • Solana - 10,000 dollar
  • Aave - 5,000 dollar
  • Polygon - 5,000 dollar
  • Synthetix - 5,000 dollar
  • The Graph - 5,000 dollar
  • Avalanche - 5,000 dollar
  • Polkadot - 5,000 dollar
  • Moonbeam - 5,000 dollar

Use Chainlink Development

Chainlink The Internet is now guarding DeFi More than 100 $100 million worth , At the same time, it provides a wide range of key Oracle functions for smart contract developers , Used to securely connect its decentralized applications to external data and API.

The most widely used Chainlink One of the solutions is growing Price prediction machine , It can be used to input tamper proof market data into smart contracts . These secure data inputs now contain top-level cryptocurrency pairs , goods , Foreign exchange rates and various other data sets . Check out our developer tutorial -- stay Solidity Get the current price of cryptocurrency in , Learn how to use Chainlink Feed the price .

If you want to call specialized from an intelligent contract API, You can use existing or build new ones Chainlink External adapter . about Chainlink For the novice , Creating a new external adapter is a great hacking project , This is also a popular method among hackers in the past .

Chainlink VRF It's a widely used blockchain based game for random numbers on the chain that need to be secure , ticket ,NFT And other use case solutions , It provides the Oracle function for generating provable fair random numbers . Many top ecological projects are taking advantage of Chainlink VRF Provide tamper proof random source on the chain , Include PoolTogether,Axie Infinity and AnRKey X.

For use Chainlink Network of a variety of solutions, planning and development of hacker pine project , Imagination is your only limiting factor . Browse Chainlink file , To learn more about Chainlink Every function of , And be prepared before hacking .

Expert support

Hackers can also use the Discord group , Direct contact with top engineers in seminars, tutorials, etc .Chainlink Of Discord It's about making connections and finding teammates ( Every team 1-5 people ) To develop projects or join other people's teams .

To help you maximize the success probability of your project ,Chainlink It will help participants find team members , Support from experienced mentors , And for learning Chainlink Oracle and educational materials that generally connect smart contracts , How to use Chainlink On site technical seminar, etc . You can join us now Discord, Meet other hackers , Start planning and development now .

Register now

Register now Take part in our 2021 Virtual hacking in spring , Able to lock seats . If you don't have a team, it's OK . You can still register , then Join us in Discord Connect with other participants .

Please be sure to check our Hackers' website View Awards , Full list of judges and sponsors and calendar of events . We also encourage you to explore our experience Chainlink Hacking resources , Include Awards , Sample code , Tutorial and other inspiration examples . As usual , We are looking forward to your work !

If you're a developer , Want to quickly connect your app to Chainlink Price reference data for , visit Developer documentation , And access Discord Technical discussion . If you want to arrange a call to have a more in-depth discussion Matic/Chainlink Integration of , Please contact here .
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