Looking forward to new product launch of Xiaomi in spring CNMO takes you to see 11 new products in advance

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looking forward new product launch

【CNMO】3 month 29 Japan , Many people in the mobile phone industry call today “ The technology Spring Festival Gala of mobile phone industry ”. This day is Xiaomi's new product launch in spring , Xiaomi, one of the domestic mobile phone giants, will launch a number of new products today . According to the founder of Xiaomi 、 The chairman and CEO Lei Jun said , After a lot of streamlining , It will still be at least four hours , Some products will be posted directly on Weibo .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

Xiaomi spring new product launch

As far as the official information is concerned , Xiaomi will launch at least 11 New products , Mobile phone coverage 、 chip 、 Smart home products 、 Smart wearable device 、 Laptops and other categories :4 New mobile phone products , Including millet 11 Pro、 millet 11 Ultra、 millet MIX Series of new machines and millet 11 Youth version ; Xiaomi's own chip ; With Muji art director yuan Yanya's joint design ; Millet Bracelet 6; Millet notebook Pro; Xiaomi router ; Xiaomi air conditioner ; Millet humidifier ; Millet sweeper robot and so on .

From the number of products Xiaomi is going to release , This spring's new product launch is full of sincerity . and , Among the mobile phone products launched this time , There are also a number of global starters , There's plenty of dry goods , It's really exciting . Tonight's conference is for the audience 、 fans 、 For the media, it can be said that it is a carnival of science and technology ”, But for all the speakers at Xiaomi , Tonight could be “ Suffering ”. Vice President of xiaomi group 、Redmi Lu Weibing, general manager of the brand, said on his microblog two days ago that , There are too many new products , Diapers need to be prepared on the day of the launch .

millet 11 Youth version

At the end of last year , Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi 11 mobile phone , It's the world's first snapdragon 888 The flagship of the mobile platform , It was very popular at the beginning of its release . however , A lot of people are looking forward to Xiaomi 11 More lines . millet 11 The youth version is the basic version to be released by Xiaomi .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

millet 11 Youth version

According to the official introduction , millet 11 The youth version will be launched in the world with snapdragon 780G The mobile platform . This is the dragon and snapdragon 888 Same process 、 Mobile platform with the same architecture , Performance and power consumption are very close to snapdragon 870 The mobile platform .

according to the understanding of , The mobile platform integrates Qualcomm Spectra570 3、 ... and ISP And the sixth generation of Qualcomm AI engine , Designed to provide users with powerful AI Performance and excellent imaging experience . meanwhile , It's also the first to support three ISP The fierce dragon of 7 Department platform , The concurrent shooting of three cameras is realized , Zoom 、 Wide angle and ultra wide angle lenses can take three different pictures at the same time . As you can imagine , Carrying Xiao dragon 780G Millet 11 Youth version of the imaging system will be far more than most of the same level of new machine existence .

Xiao dragon 780G And optimized snapdragon X53 5G Modem and RF system ,Sub-6GHz The peak download speed of the frequency band reaches 3.3Gbps. For the first time, the platform will introduce snapdragon 888 The top tier supported Wi-Fi 6 And Bluetooth audio features introduced into snapdragon 7 system , These include the recent launch of Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound technology .

In view of the current trend that users prefer thin mobile phones , millet 11 The youth version will have a very narrow border and a very small chin , The border will narrow to 1.88mm, The chin is just 2.75mm. Ultra thin mobile phones will be more popular with young users .

millet 11 Pro

millet 11 go by the name of “ High end flagship goalkeeper ”, Xiaomi to be released tonight 11 Pro They have bigger ambitions . The official introduction , millet 11 Pro Our design goal is “ An Zhuo Ji Huang ”. In order to be the emperor of Android , millet 11 Pro In addition to extending Xiaomi 11 The advantages of , It has also been upgraded in all directions .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

millet 11 Pro& millet Ultra

millet 11 Ultra

The millet 11 Ultra On , It's the first super fast silicon oxygen negative battery , Make mobile phone battery more hail and charge faster . This is the result of the application of battery technology of new energy vehicles in mobile phones , Adding nanoscale silicon through the negative electrode , bring 10 Times the theoretical capacity of graphite .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

millet 11 Ultra

Xiaomi with powerful performance configuration 11 Ultra, Heat dissipation has become the focus of attention . This phone uses all phase change cooling technology , New phase change materials , Solid liquefying after heat absorption , Thermal conductivity is improved 100%. And again VC Soaking plate coupling , formation “ Sandwich ” General solid liquid gas three state change heat dissipation system , Moving heat fast 、 export , Ensure high energy stable output .

Official expression , millet 11 Ultra The world premiered GN2, Breaking through the ceiling of mobile image , Have better shooting effect . It has a 5000 Mega pixels , Every pixel reaches 1.4μm, After fusion, it's unprecedented 2.8μm. Global launch Dual PDPro, Full pixel omnidirectional 8 Nuclear focus . This is Xiaomi image and Samsung ISOCELL, input 2 One hundred million yuan 、18 Three months of joint research and development .

This mobile phone is the first support of Xiaomi IP68 The mobile phone .IP68 It is the highest dustproof and waterproof grade of electrical equipment , stay 1.5 Soaking in a water depth of 200 meters 30 minute , All right . First high permeability relief valve , It's airtight , The unit air permeability is the same as that of waterproof mobile phones at present 2 Twice as many .

millet MIX A series of new

Xiaomi has always had a dream to rush to high-end mobile phones . At the forum, Zeng said that , My original intention to enter the manufacturing industry is to solve the problem of domestic products being looked down upon 、 Poor quality 、 The problem of poor design . however , Ten years after Xiaomi was founded , We still think that Xiaomi is a low-end mobile phone , This depressed him .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

A new generation of millet MIX

In a few days ago , In Xu Zhiyuan's conversation , Lei Jun , Xiaomi is going to be a high-end mobile phone product , The price is ten thousand yuan . At that time, mobile china speculated that , Xiaomi may launch a new series of folding screens .

In tonight's press conference , Xiaomi will launch a new generation of Xiaomi MIX The mobile phone , The warm-up Poster Released by Xiaomi shows :“MIX coming back. About millet MIX, Let's start talking .” It has to be doubted , The new generation of Xiaomi MIX It's the 10000 yuan high-end folding screen mobile phone that Lei Jun said .

Official expression , A new generation of millet MIX Mobile phones will be the first liquid lens in the world , This lens is a telephoto lens , It's also a macro lens . A fluid is wrapped in a film , Instead of traditional optical lenses , The change of focal length and focus is realized . Xiaomi said , It's a fantastic innovation .

The new generation of Xiaomi MIX The liquid lens on a mobile phone has two advantages . It's smaller , The focus can be quickly determined by the fine surface change of the liquid lens after being forced , This can greatly reduce the thickness of the long focus macro function module ; It focuses faster , Because of the bionic principle of human eyes , The deformation speed of liquid lens is much faster than the mechanical control of traditional optical lens , Therefore, the focusing speed can be greatly improved .

The new generation of Xiaomi air conditioner

It is said that “ It's not healthy to blow air conditioner ”, But Xiaomi said “ That's a description of traditional air conditioning ”. Official expression , According to the demand of rice noodles , The MI family launched a new generation of air conditioners , The next generation of air conditioning will be redefined tonight . What will the next generation of air conditioning look like ?

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

Xiaomi new air conditioner

According to the official information of the rice family , The new generation of Xiaomi air conditioner will integrate air purifier 、 Fresh air fan 、 The functions of the three major air conditioning products , Create a healthy home environment for users ,“ health ” Will be the core word of the new generation of air conditioning . After the outbreak of the new crown , People pay great attention to the health of air environment , An air conditioner with sterilization function is really what users need .

In addition to having multiple functions , The screen of Xiaomi's new generation air conditioner is also great . It's made of mobile phone technology screens , Be able to transfer indoor information 、 Air conditioning status and other information are accurately displayed on this screen . A new generation of air conditioning with a new screen , I'm also very good at beauty .

Millet notebook Pro

2017 year 9 month 11 Japan , Xiaomi released Xiaomi notebook Pro, It caused the rice noodles to marvel . Time interval 1282 God , New Xiaomi notebook Pro Come back again , What's more, the rice noodles are looking forward to it .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

New Xiaomi notebook Pro

This time Xiaomi notebook Pro The point is the screen . In addition to having high resolution , New Xiaomi notebook Pro There is also a master screen with six new breakthroughs . Official name , Each master screen has been adjusted one by one , With a unique number . In addition to the excellent master screen , New Xiaomi notebook Pro Also has a full screen , A very narrow border , Let's take this notebook to the next level .

Millet Bracelet 6

Besides mobile phone products , Xiaomi has been working on smart wearable devices for several years . Tonight? , Xiaomi will release a brand new Xiaomi Bracelet 6. Zeng Xuezhong, vice president of Xiaomi group, said ,“6” This number means a lot to Xiaomi , A generation of classic Xiaomi mobile phones 6 It's called by rice noodles “ Nail house ” mobile phone . In his opinion , Millet Bracelet 6 It's more like a smart bracelet “ Graduation fund ”. that , The upcoming Xiaomi Bracelet 6 What's the bright spot ?

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

Millet Bracelet 6

From the poster picture released by Xiaomi , Millet Bracelet 6 Will achieve full screen , Larger screen , Higher proportion of screen . Xiaomi bracelet with bigger screen 6 Nature is able to hold more information .

As a “ Graduation Bracelet ”, Millet Bracelet 6 In addition to having the versatility of the previous generation NFC、 Little love students 、 More health and exercise functions , It may also implement real-time blood oxygen detection . In sports , Millet Bracelet 6 Or will support more sports records , Like table tennis 、 Basketball 、 Boxing 、 Skateboard, etc .

Xiaomi router

Router is a necessary product for every family , Our internet life is inseparable from it . Tonight, Xiaomi will launch a new Xiaomi high-end router . According to the official , The router deeply optimizes the gaming experience , It's an unprecedented era of gaming .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

New Xiaomi router

Millet humidifier

At tonight's Xiaomi new product launch , Xiaomi also has a new generation of humidifier to release . Xiaomi official said , The new generation of humidifier has many skills to add to the body , Sincere product design .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

New millet humidifier

Millet sweeper robot

In smart home products , Sweeping robot is always loved by users . Xiaomi will release a new generation of sweeping robot , Strong and smart in one .

 Xiaomi's new product launch in spring CNMO I'll show you in advance 11 New product

New millet sweeper robot


At 7:30 tonight, Xiaomi's new product launch may be the largest ever , It covers mobile phones 、 laptop 、 Smart wearable device 、 Smart home products and other fields . Judging from the official introduction , Many products have broken the existing design pattern , It's still worth looking forward to .

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