After being cheated by java training institutions, I found my confidence here

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cheated java training institutions confidence

 By Java After training institutions cheat , I found my confidence here

15 year 7 month , Zhang Qi graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology in electronic information engineering , Just graduated, no plan for the future , I went to work in a communication company in Shaanxi , The work is also complicated , Where to move , Although I can get it in a month 7k Pay around , But as the saying goes “ There are specialized skills ”, There are too many miscellaneous jobs in this company , It doesn't highlight a skill , After much consideration , Zhang Qi decided to change careers . After investigating the actual situation of various industries , Zhang Qi found that the prospect and salary of the Internet industry are better than other industries , So I put my eyes on IT industry , come to know Java Development in IT There is a big demand in the industry , Zhang Qi decided to study Java Development .

When the direction is set , Zhang Qi began to inspect training institutions , There are too many training institutions in Xi'an , After a few field trips , He chose to study in a relatively large local institution in Xi'an , This organization is headquartered in Beijing , Xi'an is a sub campus , It's more reassuring to think about big institutions , After paying the tuition, I went to school . There's nothing unusual about learning at first , Class time and schedule are normal , But after learning for a while , The organization changed the time of classes , From Monday to Saturday, classes have become the last day off , This mode makes Zhang Qi flustered , The course that used to be completed in three months has now become more than four months .

What makes Zhang Qi even more unbelievable is , Two months later , The institution went out of business ! This makes Zhang Qi, who has attended countless English physical training classes, completely confused , Having attended so many training courses since childhood, I have never encountered such a situation , Call the headmaster and head teacher and send wechat without answering the message , In the end, the principal said it had been two months , Tuition fees are not refundable , Even if he goes to sue, he won't win , The tuition fees have gone by the wayside , I didn't learn all the skills , Zhang Qi was depressed for a long time .

Zhang Qi was on lunch break this day , Got a call from a woodpecker college teacher , After learning about him , The teacher told him that there were courses for software testing and development , It's very suitable for his students with development foundation to study , Just a brief description of the future of software testing industry and salary , Because the teacher has not finished , Zhang Qi hung up the phone . His previous experience frustrated him with the training institutions , I think it's all black heart organizations that cheat money . A few days later , Zhang Qi received another call from woodpecker college , In order to let Zhang Qi down , The teacher invited him to visit the college , Learn more about , Zhang Qi went to .

But the reality is , No matter how you communicate , Zhang Qi always can't put down her guard and trust the teacher , Later, the teacher gave him free audition , And if you study, you can have a class first , Pay the tuition fee after successful employment , If you don't succeed in employment, you'll get no tuition . In the institutions big and small that Zhang Qi knew before , No institution has dared to do so yet , Final , Zhang Qi decided to learn . He had a development foundation before , The teacher made a learning cycle of one and a half months for him . The learning atmosphere here is different from that before him , The class schedule is very tight , Monday through Saturday are packed , It's the norm every night , Everyone is working very hard , So he can't relax .

Final , Zhang Qi, with her own efforts and the help of woodpecker College Teachers , The award for the 3 Of enterprises offer, It's all for him 9.5k above , The highest 10k, He finally went 10k This company of mine . From being cheated by institutions to starting a new career with high salary , It took him two months , Successful entry IT industry . After successful employment , Zhang Qi is very grateful to woodpecker college , Also sent the banner for the College . The most gratifying thing for us is that students can find satisfactory jobs , I also hope that Zhang Qi can go further in her present job .

 By Java After training institutions cheat , I found my confidence here

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 By Java After training institutions cheat , I found my confidence here


This student is just an example of the failure of woodpecker College's career transformation and development , In fact, among the students we met , There are still a lot of people who fail to change careers , They went to other institutions JAVA After the development of , Few interviews 、 Employment is difficult 、 The situation of low salary , In addition to regret the previous training direction choice , It's a waste of money and time . And they're all with the help of woodpecker College , Successfully transferred to software testing and development industry , In actual employment, the monthly salary exceeds 9000 element ! We not only quickly taught them skills with more market prospects , And helped them find access again IT The confidence of the industry to get a high salary !

Based on the fact that we've helped many JAVA Develop students' experience of successful transformation , In line with the absolute confidence in their own teaching quality and the employment needs of the test and development industry , The woodpecker academy has tailored “60 Days of development to test employment sprint class ” Course , Zero for admission 、 The salary agreement guarantees 10000 element , In order to help more development training failure 、 Students with employment difficulties have a rapid transformation again 、 High salary into IT The opportunity of . Because it's a sprint class , So this class only enrolls students with development foundation , We promise that there will be no charge for the whole learning process , No agreement with any third party lending institution , Reduce the learning risk of students . The two-month learning cycle condenses the content of key courses , Tailored for students with a development foundation .

Woodpecker College “60 Days of development to test employment sprint class ” Job security commitment :

1、 Sign employment security agreement , Provide lifelong free employment recommendation service and on-the-job promotion learning courses ;

2、 Within three months after graduation , Sign a formal labor contract with the employer , Monthly salary for regular employment 10000 Yuan of above ;

3、 Reach the agreement of employment salary and then charge tuition fees , Can not achieve the above employment results , Even if it's one yuan short ( For example, students only get 9999 Yuan salary offer), We don't charge a cent !

We always insist on practical teaching 、 Conscience education 、 It's very strict , Dream for thousands of students , Provide more elite talents for enterprises , Woodpecker College “60 Days of development to test employment sprint class ” It's hot to sign up , Give us a chance , And give yourself a chance , Easy to get into the business IT, Getting a high salary is not a dream .

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