Today, I recommend a very good online exam project , Use SpringBoot+Vue Separate front and rear development , Functional perfection , Interface simple , The main advantage is the development of 、 Deployment is simple and fast 、 Friendly interface design 、 The code structure is clear . At present, we support PC End and wechat applet , It can cover pc Mobile phones and other devices .

1 Main technology stack

backstage spring-boot 2.1.6.RELEASE spring-boot-security User login authentication undertow web Containers postgresql/mysql Excellent open source database redis cache , Improve system performance mybatis database middleware hikari The fastest database connection pool

The front desk Vue.js Adopt the new version , Used vue-cli3 Built system , Reduce a large number of configuration files element-ui One of the most popular vue Components , The latest version of vue-element-admin The latest version , A lot of streamlining has been done to the system , Only some styles and controls are preserved echarts Chart statistics ueditor Fill in the blanks extension

Wechat applet iView The theme style

2 Function is introduced

Student system

Sign in 、 register : You should choose the grade when you register , Filter papers from different grades , Account No :student/123456 home page : Mission Center 、 Fixed papers 、 Time paper 、 Part of the test paper that can be done Test paper Center : It contains all the papers that can be done , Filter and paginate by discipline Exam records : All test papers and test records are paginated here , You can check the test results 、 when 、 score 、 Self correcting, etc Wrong questions : All the wrong questions , You can see the result of the problem 、 fraction 、 difficulty 、 analysis 、 The right answer, etc Personal center : Personal log records news : Notice of news Examination paper answer and examination paper check : Show the basic information of the topic and the content to be filled in

Management system functions

Sign in : Account No :admin/123456 Home page : Including the test paper 、 subject 、 Do the number of papers 、 Number of questions 、 User activity statistics function , The activity and the number of questions are counted by month User management : For different roles Student 、 Administrators Add, delete, modify and check the management function of Paper management : Test paper list : The addition, deletion and modification of the examination paper , New includes selection of subjects 、 Test paper type 、 The name of the test paper 、 Examination time , The content of the test paper includes adding a headline , Then add a question to this paper , Make up a complete set of papers List of topics : Add, delete, modify, etc , At present, there are multiple-choice questions 、 Multiple choice 、 Judgment questions 、 Completion 、 Simple questions , Support pictures 、 Formula, etc . task management : Modify the task education management : Add, delete, modify and check subjects of different grades Answer sheet management : Check student grades Message center : It can send messages to multiple users Log center : The basic operations of the user are logged , Find out what users have used

Applet functions User login and logout function , Login will automatically bind wechat account , Logout will untie The home page contains the task Center 、 Fixed papers 、 Time paper , and web Keep the ends consistent Test paper module : Fixed test paper and time paper paging query , Pull down to load more 、 Pull up to refresh the current data Recording module : Pagination of test results , It contains the basic information of the test paper My module : Include changes to personal data 、 Personal news 、 Message center module

3 System display

Background management system







PC Answer questions online



4 Last

The project is a very good learning project , It can also be used for graduation design , The function of the project is perfect , A little friend in need , Official account 【Java Technology selection 】 Backstage reply key words 【 The test 】 Get source code download and project related information .