Spring cloud + Nacos to implement service registry (Hoxton version)

Platanus acerifolia 2021-04-08 09:58:38
spring cloud nacos implement service

First, download and install a nacos server, Then start nacos server.Nacos Of Download and install process view https://www.cnblogs.com/ying-z/p/14630738.html
Register a service to nacos
(1) use SpringBoot Create a new service , The service name is nacos-discovery-server.
(2) stay pom Add the necessary dependencies to  
<relativePath/> <!-- lookup parent from repository -->
<!-- Statement Spring cloud The version is Hoxton.SR3-->
<!-- Statement Spring cloud alibaba Version is 2.1.0.RELEASE -->
<!-- Statement nacos rely on -->

Be careful : edition  2.1.x.RELEASE  The corresponding is Spring Boot 2.1.x edition . edition  2.0.x.RELEASE  The corresponding is Spring Boot 2.0.x edition , edition  1.5.x.RELEASE  The corresponding is Spring Boot 1.5.x edition .

Refer to for more version correspondence : Version Description Wiki

(3) stay application.properties Configure the service name and nacos Address

(4) Create a new one Controller, Provide an interface

//SpringBoot The main entrance 
public class NacosDiscoveryServerApplication {
public static void main(String[] args) {
SpringApplication.run(NacosDiscoveryServerApplication.class, args);
// Interface 
public class NacosDiscoveryController {
public String hello(@RequestParam String name) {
return "hello, nacos discovery! " + name;

(5) Start the service , The console prints the following , It means that the registration is successful . 

2020-04-28 14:49:42.749 INFO 9864 --- [main] c.a.c.n.registry.NacosServiceRegistry:nacos registry, DEFAULT_GROUP nacos-discovery-server register finished

(6) open nacos Console , We can find our services in the list of services .


  matters needing attention :

(1) Why didn't we add @EnableDiscoveryClient annotation , But the service has been registered to nacos Yes ?
 stay SpringCloud E At version time , Optimized service registration , I'm depending on you spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-discovery after , By default, the service will be registered with the registry .
(2) I'm already dependent on you spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-discovery Under the circumstances , If we don't want our services registered to nacos What to do ?
 Add the following dependency to the configuration file :
Consumption of services ( call )
We have set up a service registry , At the same time, I also registered the service with the service registry . Then we can discover and consume Services . The discovery of this service was made by nacos Realization , And the consumption of services can be controlled by Ribbon perhaps Feign Such as implementation , That is to say, the invocation of service needs nacos and Feign(Ribbon) Only by combining the two can .Feign We will use it later .....
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