Affirming : This tutorial IntelliJ IDEA Patches of 、 Activation codes are collected on the network , Please do not use it commercially , For personal study only , If there is any infringement , Please contact the author for deletion

Recently, many students have reflected that IDEA Batch failure , So I brought a new activation file .2021 year 4 month 8 The Japanese test is effective ( Continuous updating ). Successfully activated to 2089 year .

If you do not have a local installation idea, You can download and install it through the link below

Installation tutorial

Official website download address :

Lazy version download address ( All historical versions ):

Extraction code :1024

Activate tutorial

1、 Once the download is complete , double-click ideaIU-2020.2.4exe

PS: Make sure that the computer is not installed with older software , If so, please uninstall .


2、 Installation directory selection ;


3、 Check according to your computer configuration :


4、 Click on next, Wait for the installation to complete :


5、 After installation , Check Run IntelliJ IDEA, Click on finish Running software :


6、 A registration box will pop up first , Check Evaluate for free, Click on Evaluate:


7、 Drag the active file into the IDEA


Activate the file extraction method :

Activate the file extraction method 《2021 IDEA Activate tutorial ( Long term renewal )》

8、 The box will pop up after the patch is dragged in , Click on restart restart idea:


9、 The configuration assistant prompts you , Which activation method do you need to use , Here we choose the default Activation Code, Activation by registration code , Click as IDEA install :


Click on yes



Get into IDEA In the interface , stay Help - > Register View in


You can see the successful activation to 2089 Years. !