DNS of docker

Fenghua Shenshi 2021-04-08 10:36:55
dns docker

Set up Docker DNS Methods

Docker Container of DNS There are the following ways to set up , And the priority goes from high to low :

1)dockerd Built in DNS Address :

2) adopt --dns=<ip> Set up for the container DNS Address

docker run --dns=<ip> ......

3)dockerd Set up

That is, documents /etc/docker/daemon.json Settings in :

"dns": [
// The other parts are omitted 

notes :dockerd The same thing can be done with the startup parameters of , But this way and modification daemon.json Can't coexist , Specifying startup parameters and modifying the configuration file at the same time will make dockerd Boot failure .

4) The host machine DNS Address

That is to say ( The host machine ) file /etc/resolv.conf Settings in .

dockerd built-in DNS Characteristics

If the network the container uses is a user created bridge ( namely : The network is the bridge , But it's not Docker The one created by default during installation bridge), be dockerd Built in DNS Will record the container name and the container inside the bridge segment IP Correspondence of .

It is inferred from this characteristic that : User created bridges , Containers that use this bridge can visit each other through container names .

Check with the following operation :

Create a bridge

docker network create --driver=bridge my_net

Create a nginx Container and use the bridge

docker run --name=nginx-svc -d --net=my_net nginx:1.19.9

Create another container and use the bridge

docker run --name=my-app -d --net=my_net abcabc:1.0

If it can be executed in this container ping or curl, You can use the

ping nginx-svc
# perhaps 
curl http://nginx-svc

To verify that they are connected .

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