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reasons fall love java

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Java and JVM It's been around for a long time , Based on this fact , Some programmers are beginning to take a lot of things for granted . Let's talk about it today “Java The reason why it can be and will continue to be a leading platform for software projects ” Ten reasons for .

1. High performance JVM

Java Original development purpose “ Write once and run everywhere ”, And the virtual machine provides the running platform . Click on here see JVM Memory model details . No, JVM,Java You have to follow Ruby and Python The pace of —— Further improve its portability in pain . With the advent of the Internet of things , A powerful virtual machine is becoming more and more important .

2. The core API

What people like most is Java The core API—— Since its birth, it has been fully backward compatible , So we can start writing more Java application . Although there are countless additional libraries and JVM Language can provide a concise language level , To get a variety of cores API function , But most of it actually depends on Java The core API The domination of . Although other languages have followed suit , But it's rarely like Java So stable .

3. compiler

There's a lot to appreciate Java compiler —— Convert your source code to bytecode , And then it becomes an executable —— Due to the more JIT Appearance , Compare other literal translation programs to dust . And naturally simple Java Compilers allow developers to focus only on code , No need to focus on Compiler Architecture .

4. Bytecode

Just like the compiler , stay Java In bytecode , Simplicity is the king . It can greatly reduce the chance of writing potential error code . And there's no need for third-party bytecode manipulation tools .

5. Memory model

By means of JVM Provides a hardware independent memory model ,Java There is no need to unload the external library . This makes the language 、 The core API、 Compilers can work together , Together to provide a stable foundation and shared state for parallel operations . Click on here see JVM Memory model details .

6. Open source

When it comes to open source ,Java No exception . About Java What's special about it is that it actually OSS Ideas are pervasive in its ecosystem —— Whether it's mobile form or enterprise or even some decisive systems in the world . And the only other thing that can compete with it is Linux.

7. Intelligent integrated development environment

With 2015 year IntelliJ IDEA、NetBeans and Eclipse The trinity of , When it comes to finding a free open source development environment , Developers have more luxury options —— Its plug-in suite and services are really on the next level .

8. Analysis tools

as everyone knows , Assumption is always depressing , Now we need analysis tools . Developers can use a variety of tools that have been packaged as JDK To solve these problems “ hypothesis ” problem .

9. Backward compatibility

When it comes to compatibility ,Java Remarkable achievements . Based on its backward compatibility , bring Java Communities can stand on each other's shoulders and build together Java The brilliance of language in the past 20 years —— Of course, another major factor is , The longevity of language .

10. Maturity and innovation

It is said that , The waves behind push the waves ahead 、 A new generation for an old one , It's the same with technology . A lot of people think Java Already very old , No longer suitable for entry-level languages . however , A knife never dies Java Still not only has excellent reliability , And it's very stable . Teams can also easily use it to create products , At the same time, avoid stepping on anyone's shortcomings .

In short ,Python Is too weak ! You fall in love with me Java Why ? Welcome to leave a message !

“ Intelligent integrated development environment 、 Backward compatible platforms 、 Large scale core API、 A vibrant open source community 、 Readable and encapsulated language , bring Java Become a perfect bridge for teamwork .”

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