About Nacos Spring Cloud Please refer to :Nacos Config and Nacos Discovery.

adopt Nacos Server and spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-config Realize the dynamic change of configuration .

adopt Nacos Server and spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-discovery Implement service registration and discovery .

First, download and install a nacos server, Then start nacos server. Download and install process view https://www.cnblogs.com/ying-z/p/14630738.html
The new configuration
There are two ways to create a new configuration .
Mode one : visit Nacos Server The page is created manually .
Log in first Nacos Server, The address is generally
Then go to the configuration list , Click the new configuration button , Enter the new configuration page .

Be careful :

Here I create Data Id by nacos-config.properties Configuration file for , among Group Is the default DEFAULT_GROUP, The format of the configuration file is also selected accordingly Properties, Add configuration to configuration content nacos.config=hello_nacos, As shown in the figure .

Mode two : By calling Nacos Open API towards Nacos Server Release configuration :dataId by nacos-config.properties, The content is nacos.config=hello_nacos

curl -X POST ""

Create service applications

(1) Use SpringBoot, Create a file called nacos-config The sub project of .

(2)pom.xml Add the following dependencies to the file .

<relativePath/> <!-- lookup parent from repository -->
<!-- Statement Spring cloud The version is Hoxton.SR3-->
<!-- Statement Spring cloud alibaba Version is 2.1.0.RELEASE -->
<!-- Statement nacos-discovery rely on -->
<!-- Statement nacos-config rely on -->

remarks : If you don't need to register the service , It can also be removed nacos-discovery rely on .

Be careful : edition 2.1.x.RELEASE  The corresponding is Spring Boot 2.1.x edition . edition  2.0.x.RELEASE  The corresponding is Spring Boot 2.0.x edition , edition  1.5.x.RELEASE  The corresponding is Spring Boot 1.5.x edition .

Refer to for more version correspondence : Version Description Wiki

(3) modify application.properties Add related configuration


(4) create profile , The file named bootstrap.properties. And in bootstrap.properties Middle configuration Nacos server Address and application name of .

Be careful : The file name is bootstrap.xxx, instead of application Or other . because Nacos Same as Spring Cloud Config equally , At project initialization , Make sure to pull the configuration from the configuration center first , After pulling the configuration , To ensure the normal start of the project .SpringBoot There is a priority order for the loading of configuration files in ,bootstrap Priority over application.

The profile type here can be selected according to personal habits , When I use it here properties type , The configuration is as follows :

# The service name 
# Specify the address of the registry . If you don't need to sign up for the service , You can also remove this , And delete discovery rely on .
# Specify the address of the configuration center .
# Specify the format of the configuration file in the configuration center .

Why configuration is needed spring.application.name, It's because it's made up of Nacos Configuration Management dataId Part of the field .

stay Nacos-Server Configuration Management , among Data ID It's defined by : 

prefix: The default is spring.application.name Value , You can also configure items through spring.cloud.nacos.config.prefix To configure the .

spring.profile.active: That is, the current environment corresponds to profile, For details, please refer to  Spring Boot file . You can use the configuration item spring.profile.active To configure the . When spring.profile.active It's empty time , Corresponding connector - There will be no ,dataId The splicing format of becomes ${prefix}.${file-extension}.

file-exetension: To configure the data format of the content , You can use the configuration item spring.cloud.nacos.config.file-extension To configure the . Currently only supported properties and yaml type .

(5) Create external interfaces ConfigController, from nacos Middle read configuration .

public class ConfigController {
private String configValue; @RequestMapping("/config/get")
public String get() {
return configValue;

@RefreshScope:Spring Cloud The original annotation of , The configuration under the current class can support dynamic update .

@Value: adopt @Value annotation , Read out key by nacos.config The value of the configuration , And pass /config/get Interface to return .

The work for this code part has been completed .

Start the service for testing

(1) Guarantee Nacos-Server Has been launched .

(2) Check Nacos-Server Whether the corresponding configuration file has been added to the configuration list in .

(3) start-up nacos-config project .

(4) After the successful startup, in Nacos You can see our registered services in the console .

(5) Call the interface to test, You can see the return result .

This indicates that the configuration has been read successfully .

(6) Below I will Nacos-Server The configuration on is modified to hello_lars, See if you can dynamically update . modify Nacos-Server After configuration on , Refresh page , The result is updated to a new configuration .

You can see me through Nacos-server The console for configuration changes , Client services nacos-config Heat update accordingly .

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