Mybatis (3) map and fuzzy query expansion

iLisa 2021-04-08 11:14:37
mybatis map fuzzy query expansion

One : Omnipotent Map

hypothesis , Our entity classes , Or a table in a database , Too many fields or parameters , We should consider using Map!

Why does it show up Map?


  When we change the password , Just one id And the password , At this time, it's a little too big for us to pass on an entity ( In the case of entities, we need to assign values to all the attributes of the entities ) So let's pass on a map If we gather, we only need to pass one id And the password . as follows :(Map If we do, we'll be at the bottom userid You can do it again map I'll call you any name I want ( It refers to us key value ), When we're in user Entity class is not allowed. It must have the same attribute name as our entity )


test :



 Map Pass parameters , Directly in sql Remove from key that will do ! 【parameterType="map"}】

Object passing parameters , Directly in sql Just take the attribute of the object from ! 【parameterType="Object】

With only one basic type parameter , Can be directly in sql Remove from !( such as int)

Multiple parameters with Map, Or annotation !

Two : Fuzzy query

How to write fuzzy query ? When the code executes , Pass wildcard % %


 2. stay sql Using wildcards in stitching !

( prevent sql The way of Injection , Is to put our ? It's written here to prevent 1or1=1 Such code injection )


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