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One .2   Guidance and notes

Technology enthusiasts , After reading this article , You can master the following skills , You can also learn something else you don't know ,~O(∩_∩)O~:

①  How to view online and offline oracle Official documents , Especially for those who don't have Internet, offline search for official documents is the most important thing ( a key )

②  How to view other similar html Official documents , Such as OGG Official documents of

③  How to make chm Help file

④ How to streamline official documents


One .3   Why check the official documents

    For learning oracle For people who , Let's not say much about the importance of official documents , Whether it's a test  OCP It's normal maintenance , Or is oracle Installation , Official documents are just the best learning materials , Forget it , This kind of nonsense is not what wheat seedlings like to say ......., Let's get to the point ,,,,


One .4   How to view oracle Official documents

Generally speaking, it can be divided into 2 Kind of , The first is online , The second is to download the offline package and browse offline , Let's talk about it separately .

One .4.1   Browse online

Various versions of the oracle The online documents and address are as follows :



Browse address







from 11g Start , Online browsing already supports full text search , Take a look at the interface , It's more convenient for friends who have Internet :


One .4.2   Offline browsing

There are many ways to browse offline , Provided here 2 Ways of planting ,① Make chm File to see ② use plsql Check it out. ③ Direct view html Connect the following to explain .


One .4.2.1   How to use PLSQL Developer  To view official documents offline

  On how to use PLSQL Developer  To view offline oracle Please refer to the article of wheat seedling for official documents : , The simple steps are as follows :

Downloading the Oracle HTML documentation

Step 1 - Free OTN registration

If you do not yet have an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Account, you will first need to register.

Step 2 - Download the HTML documentation for your Oracle Server version.

Oracle Server version 

File size 

    Download address

Oracle 12.1 Library

958 MB

Oracle 11.2 Library

826 MB

Oracle 11.1 Library

672 MB

Oracle 10.2 Library

446 MB

Oracle 10.1 Library

257 MB

Oracle 9.2 Library

209 MB

Oracle 9.0 Library

210 MB

Step 3 - Unzip the documentation library into an appropriate directory.

Step 4 - Start PL/SQL Developer's HTML Help setup and point to this directory.



About all kinds of PLSQL Version of the download reference :  , Personal recommendations 11 edition , There are many advantages , Explore for yourself , The download path is as follows :






One .4.2.2   Make chm File to see

Make chm The document mainly adopts EasyCHM Software or quick chm Software to make , There's a lot of it online , I won't talk nonsense , Lazy people can download the finished product of wheat seedling directly , Download address reference :  , The download path is as follows :






One .4.2.3   Direct view html file

This method is suitable for oracle Official documents are already familiar with friends , You can directly click the connection to find the corresponding module , I don't want to say more .


One .5   About 11g Official documents have to say 2 A place to

One .5.1   Object does not support indexof Properties or methods


about 11g One more. extend bar , But when we make the offline browsing tool, we always report an error. The object doesn't support INDEXOF Properties or methods , This error report is very annoying , Whether it's using plsql still chm All the documents are wrong , At first I thought there was something wrong with my document download , Later I found out that all the wrong places are the same , After a multi-party search, we finally solved this problem , It turned out to be an official document doccd.js One function is missing from the file , Just add this function .


The function content is :

Array.prototype.indexOf = function(obj){ 
for(var i=0; i<this.length; i++){ 
return i; 

return -1; 




Add files documentation/dcommon/js/doccd.js The location of :





One .5.2   Streamlining official documents , Slimming down official documents


about oracle Official documents of , Anyone who has downloaded offline documents knows , It's huge , It's not convenient to carry , In fact, it can be reduced in this way , Open any one of html We can see in the upper right corner of the interface PDF · Mobi · ePub The connection of , Click to enter the corresponding interface , But if we use html Words , this 3 You can't use it , So we can open the path to the official document , Delete all three types of documents , In this way, the official documents will be slimmed down all at once , The streamlined documents are 100 many M, Less than 200M The file of .








in addition , For lazy people , Wheat seedlings also provide the download address of the simplified official documents , Download address reference :  , The download path is as follows :



One .6   The lines

Empathy , If other official documents have offline versions , Such as OGG, We can all use plsql Or will html Made into chm It's very convenient to view files .


One .7   summary

Okay , That's all for viewing official documents , If you don't understand, you can add me QQ The private chat , Or leave me a message , thank you .