Exception in Java (1) - basic concept

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exception java basic concept

1. JAVA Definition of exception in

abnormal (Exception) : It refers to the error in the running of the program , for example : In Division , If the divisor is 0, Then run JAVA It will automatically throw arithmetic exception .
JAVA abnormal : It is also represented by an object , An exception thrown by a program at run time , It's actually an exception object , This object not only encapsulates the error information , There are also some ways to deal with it .

2. Abnormal system

Abnormal root class :
stay Java in , All anomalies and errors are born of java.lang.Throwable This class . Only if the object is an instance of this class and its subclasses , Can pass Java Virtual machine or Java throw Statement throw . Similarly , Only this class or one of its subclasses can be catch Parameter type in clause .
java.lang.Throwable There are two subclasses :java.lang.Error( error ) And java.lang.Exception( abnormal ), The usual term "abnormal" refers to java.lang.Exception.

Throwable -- Error
|_ Exception -- ClassNotFoundException
|_ IoException -- FileNotFoundException
|_ RuntimeException -- ArithmeticException
|_ ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
|_ ClassCastException
|_ NullPointerException
|_ ......

The difference between an exception and a mistake is :
Exceptions can be handled by the program itself , The mistake is that you can't handle .

Throwable yes Java Superclass of all errors or exceptions in a language . Contains a snapshot of the thread execution stack when its thread is created , It provides printStackTrace() And other interfaces are used to obtain stack trace data and other information .
Throwable Commonly used API:

public void printStackTrace() // Print exception details . Contains the type of exception , The cause of the abnormality , It also includes the location of the exception .
public void printStackTrace(PrintStream s): This method is usually used to output the exception content to the log file , In order to see , Similar to redirection .
public String getMessage() // Get the cause of the exception , Return string .
public String toString() // Get exception type and exception description information , Return string .

3. List of common exception classes

Exception class name Meaning of exception class
ArithmeticException Arithmetic exception class
ArraylndexOutOfBoundsException Array subscript out of bounds exception
ArrayStoreException Exception thrown when assigning values incompatible with array types to array elements
ClassCastException Type cast exception
ClassNotFoundException No corresponding exception class found
EOFException End of file exception
FileNotFoundException File found no exception
illegalAccessException Exception thrown when access to a class is denied
IndexOutOfBounchsException An exception is thrown when the index of an object is out of range
InstantiationException Try to pass new Instance() Method to create an instance of an abstract class or interface
IOException I / O is abnormal
NegativeArraySizeException Array negative subscript exception
NoSuchFileException Exception not found for field
NoSuchMethodException Method found no exception
NullPointException Null pointer exception
NumberFormatException String to number exception
OutOfMemoryException The memory allocated to the new object is too small
ProtocolException There is an error in the network protocol
SecurityException Applet An attempt was made to perform an action not allowed by the browser's security settings
StringIndexOutBounchsException The program attempted to access a character position in a string where the character does not exist
SockedException Can't complete normally Socked operation
SQLException Operation database exception

Be careful : If you don't know what kind of exception code throws , You can specify their parent class Throwable and Exception.

4. Exception handling mechanism

  • Throw an exception

  • Capture exception

JVM Default exception handling : Print error messages on the console , And terminate the program

5. Exception handling process :

  • If there is an exception in the program , Then it will be automatically controlled by JVM Depending on the type of exception , Instantiate an object that specifies the exception class ;
  • If there is no exception handling operation in the program at this time , Then the instantiated object of this exception class will be given to JVM To deal with , and JVM The default processing method is to output exception information , Then interrupt the program execution
  • If there is exception handling in the program , It will be try Statement to capture the resulting exception class object
  • And try Every one after catch Match , If the match is successful , Then use the specified catch To deal with , If no match succeeds , And then to the back catch Continue matching , If there is nothing catch The match is successful , At this time, it will be handed over to JVM Perform default processing
  • It will be executed whether there is an exception or not finally Program , If there is no exception at this time , After execution finally, Will continue to execute other code in the program , If there is an exception at this time, it can not be handled ( None of them catch You can meet ), Then it will be carried out as well finally, But after the execution finally after , Give the default to JVM Output abnormal information , And the program interrupts

5. Exception handling in development :

  • try....catch(finally): Capture , Do it yourself

  • throws: Throw out , Leave it to the caller

  • Custom exception classes

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