Springboot online ordering system

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springboot online ordering

Function is introduced

SpringBoot Online ordering system project . Main function description : There are two roles , Restaurant owner 、 Ordinary users

Restaurant owners can log in , register , You can set the menu in the background , Food details , Check the order , User management , Personal center, etc
Users can view the menu information on the home page , You can order after logging in , Form a shopping cart , After payment, the order details will appear

The technology stack used in this system is :springboot、spring、springmvc、mybatis、shiro、jsp、javascript、layui. Database adoption mysql As data storage , The key tables involved in the system are , User table 、 User details table 、 Commodity list 、 The order sheet 、 Commodity order association table 、 Evaluation forms and so on . The system is divided into the foreground and background , The front desk functions are : Log in to register 、 Modify personal information 、 Change receiving address 、 Check products 、 Buy more goods 、 Settlement goods , Evaluate the order 、 User message and other functions ; Backstage functions include : Sign in 、 Commodity management 、 User management 、 Order management 、 Message management and other functions . The shopping cart function design in this system 、io Read and write pictures stored locally 、 Order export 、echarts The plug-in realizes order information statistics 、 Batch operation in the background 、pagehelper The implementation of pagination and other details are worth learning .

Environmental needs

1. Running environment : It is best to java jdk 1.8, We run on this platform . Other versions can, in theory .

2.IDE Environmental Science :IDEA,Eclipse,Myeclipse Fine . recommend IDEA;
3.tomcat Environmental Science :Tomcat 7.x,8.x,9.x All versions are available
4. Hardware environment :windows 7/8/10 1G Above memory ; perhaps Mac OS;
5. whether Maven project : yes ; See if the source directory contains pom.xml; If included , Then for maven project , Otherwise, it is not maven project

6. database :MySql 5.7 edition ;

remarks : Database source code is complete to ensure operation , If you need source code, please visit the website www.shuyue.fun, Or add QQ:708846508 consulting

Technology stack

1. Back end :SpringBoot+MyBatis

2. front end :Jsp+bootstrap+jQuery


1. Use IDEA/Eclipse/MyEclipse Import the project ,Eclipse/MyEclipse Import time , if maven Item, please select maven; if maven project , After importing successfully, please execute maven clean;maven install command , Download what you need jar package ;

2. Use Navicat Or other tools , stay mysql Create a database with the corresponding name in , And import the sql file ;
3. In the project application.properties Change the database configuration in the configuration file to your own configuration , Primary user name 、 password ;
4. To configure tomcat, Then run the project , Input localhost:8087 Sign in
5. Restaurant owner's account :admin   password :admin

Ordinary user accounts :miaosheng   password :miaosheng

Run a screenshot

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